Chapter 1650: Source of Calamity

"Auston..." Qin Lie frowned slightly.

With Grom, the Yellow Springs Devil Monarch, as an example, he did not have any good feelings towards the Devil Monarchs of the Eight Purgatories.

Grom killed his bloodline descendants in order to comprehend the dead souls truth. When he learned the God Race was invading, he arranged for his subordinates to kill his descendants.

In the end, even Lawton had been consumed because of his naive trust.

He disliked a Devil Monarch that was so selfish and only interested in becoming strong.

He worried that Auston would also be like that.

If that was the case, he wouldn’t be helpful to Ling Yushi, the Horned Demon Race and Dark Shadow Race of Nether City.

Also, there were many Spirit Realm’s human race experts present in Nether City at the moment.

“Will Auston accept these outsiders?"

"With your and my power, it is not realistic to think we can break through the spatial barrier that Tian Qi has created." Ling Yushi saw his worry and said, "Do not worry, he... is not bad. His primary enemy is the Spirit Race."

"I hope so," Qin Lie said helplessly.

Just now, he had tried. Even his Dark Soul Beast avatar, with the rank ten Soul Race soulline, could not easily break through that spatial barrier.

Unless... he abandoned the Soul Beast body and passed through the barrier in pure soul form.

In pure soul form, even if he passed the barrier, he could not use his full power and would not be of effect in the battle of Nether City.

At this time, he suddenly regretted sending Dawson and the other Great Lords of the Abyss to a peaceful area far from Nether City.

If Dawson and the other Abyss Devils were present, he might be able to persuade Dawson to convince the Abyss Devils from other levels to treat the Spirit Race around Nether City as the enemy.


"Give me some time," Ling Yushi said softly.

Purple clouds surrounded her, resembling a Soul Altar.

Qin Lie noticed mysterious marks coming out of her eyes.

They seemed to pass information through her bloodline as she breathed.

Soon, a suffocating presence formed in the sky above him.

He looked up abruptly.

A blurry figure seemed to gather and take form.


That Abyss Devil figure suddenly fell down, becoming the size of a human, and stopping next to Ling Yushi.

The blurry figure quickly became clear as it fell.

As he looked closely, the Abyss Devil shadow turned into an illusory high rank Abyss Devil.

This high rank Abyss Devil was about two meters tall. He had shoulder-length deep purple hair, a handsome face, and his eyes were full of Abyss Devil power.

He immediately realized that this shadow was a soul formed by the Nine Hells Monarch, Auston. His main body had not come.


Seeing the shadow form, Ling Yushi immediately bowed respectfully and her attitude appeared very sincere.

Qin Lie found nothing fake in her actions. Her feelings were authentic, she truly came to view Auston as her relative and elder in the short time she had been in Nine Hells.

"He is?"

Auston, who had come in soul form, looked curiously at Qin Lie. Rays of dark purple light seemed to wrap around Qin Lie's body.

In this moment, Qin Lie suddenly felt as though he had become transparent.

"Rank ten soulline. However... just a subsoul." Auston's deep eyes flashed with shock. "Who are you? Your subsoul has such rank, your main soul must be even stronger!"

Auston immediately became wary.

"Father, he, he's... Qin Lie. I told you about him," Ling Yushi hurriedly said.

"Qin Lie?" Auston frowned. "The person who stole the Origin World and turned it into the Flaming Sun Abyss?"

"That's him." Ling Yushi smiled.

Auston became even more shocked. "Isn't that person the successful experiment product of the God Race's Perfect Blood project? Since he possesses the God Race's Perfect Blood, and has merged the bloodline of the Abyss Devils, why does he have the rank ten subsoul of the Soul Race? How many secrets does he have?"

As the Devil Monarch of a purgatory, Auston knew about the most shocking news that occurred in the universe.

He paid close attention to Qin Lie, who possessed Perfect Blood and also the Abyss Devil Race bloodline. The Abyss Creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

He knew that Qin Lie and his recently-acknowledged daughter Ling Yushi had a connection...

This meant that he had deliberately investigated Qin Lie's history. He knew much about Qin Lie and the Flaming Sun Abyss.

However, he still did not know that Qin Lie had a Soul Race subsoul.

"Lord Auston, did you know that, not long ago, Abyss Devils of other levels have entered Nine Hells?" Qin Lie asked.

"I know." Auston nodded. "I was going to contact them and ask because they did not come through the abyss passageway."

"I sent them in," Qin Lie said.

"You?" Auston was shocked.

"More accurately... my main body. I used the Galaxy Mirror of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race and sent them into Nine Hells. I hope that they can help the Abyss Devils of Nine Hells against the invading Spirit Race clansmen." Qin Lie grimaced and awkwardly said, "However, the opening and closing of Nine Hells Purgatory abyss passageway was also because of me. Tian Qi had the Satorius Family members take over Nether City, and threatened me with my friends in Nether City. I could only give in..."

"Castor's avatar has awakened from the Nether Rivers of Yellow Springs and Nine Hells because of the reformation of the Galaxy Mirror."

"Over in Yellow Springs Purgatory, Grom is dead, and Yellow Springs Purgatory is in a state of destruction..."

"I believe that Castor's other avatar is presently in Nine Hells and recovering his power through eating powerful Abyss Devils."

"When his avatar accumulates enough power, he will come find you."


Qin Lie narrated all he knew about what happened in Nine Hells and Yellow Springs.

For some reason, he instinctively felt that Auston and Grom were different. He also knew that Auston would view Castor's avatar as his great enemy.

Similarly, Auston would think of the Spirit Race as enemies.

This meant that he and Auston had two mutual enemies in the short term. He felt the two of them could work together.

"What?!" Ling Yushi paled. "You obtained Castor's knowledge of dead souls? Your Flaming Sun Abyss has replaced Yellow Springs Purgatory?" You, you... are about to become the new Devil Monarch?"

She was shocked into a daze by Qin Lie's words. She had not expected Qin Lie to be behind the astounding changes in the Abyss.

It could be said all the changes occurred because Qin Lie entered Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie could be said to be the source of calamity!

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