Chapter 1649: Exposed

Qin Lie panicked slightly the moment he learned of Tian Qi’s intentions from Indigo’s mouth.

Moreover, he had gotten too close to Dark Blood Canyon in order to decipher the contents of Indigo and Ling Yushi’s soul message, so when he lost control over his own emotions, his soul activity had also become clearer.

“Who is it?!”

Beside Ling Yushi, a very well-dressed high rank Abyss Devil suddenly looked up at the clouds.

He stared straight at the sky as lightning ran inside his deep purple pupils.

“Who’s up there?”

Several Abyss Devils and Spirit Race warriors had noticed his mistake as well.

Knowing that he had made a huge mistake, Qin Lie hid his presence once more and flew straight toward Nether City.


However, he was...

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