Chapter 1649: Exposed

Qin Lie panicked slightly the moment he learned of Tian Qi’s intentions from Indigo’s mouth.

Moreover, he had gotten too close to Dark Blood Canyon in order to decipher the contents of Indigo and Ling Yushi’s soul message, so when he lost control over his own emotions, his soul activity had also become clearer.

“Who is it?!”

Beside Ling Yushi, a very well-dressed high rank Abyss Devil suddenly looked up at the clouds.

He stared straight at the sky as lightning ran inside his deep purple pupils.

“Who’s up there?”

Several Abyss Devils and Spirit Race warriors had noticed his mistake as well.

Knowing that he had made a huge mistake, Qin Lie hid his presence once more and flew straight toward Nether City.


However, he was stopped short by an invisible spatial barrier, and the impact even broke his concealment spell.

Ling Yushi and Indigo were looking at the sky as well. They were clearly caught off guard when he reappeared into full view.

“Barrier! A spatial barrier!”

Qin Lie finally noticed that there was a barrier blocking off the sky of Nether City after he steadied himself.

A moment later, he realized that Great Sage Tian Qi or the bloodline warriors who were experts in the power of space must’ve sealed off the sky around Nether City.

He also realized why Ling Yushi and her warriors had chosen to pass through Dark Blood Canyon on foot instead of flying across it directly.

It was because the sky had been sealed off by the enemy already.

“This aura…” The high rank Abyss Devil who noticed Qin Lie’s presence first before anyone else stared coldly at him. “A Soul Beast! He’s a Soul Race clansman!”

“The Soul Race? Why would a Soul Race clansman be here?” another Abyss Devil cried out.

“Did they invade Nine Hells Purgatory too?” Even more Abyss Devils exclaimed in panic.

“No! We hadn’t come here with the Soul Race!” a Spirit Race warrior yelled in response.

“They didn’t?” Surprised, the high rank Abyss Devil suddenly yelled, “Let’s capture that guy first!”

Even the Spirit Race warriors were hostile towards Qin Lie because he appeared to them as a Soul Race clansman. “Capture him! We need to know what he’s trying to do and figure out how he entered Nine Hells Purgatory!”

Qin Lie’s lack of caution had resulted in him becoming the target of both sides.

Both the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race warriors had switched their attentions to him fully.

“Wait a second!”


Ling Yushi and Indigo cried out in succession and stopped the Abyss Devils and Spirit Race warriors from acting. 

“What’s wrong, sister?” The high rank Abyss Devil who noticed Qin Lie first before everyone asked in puzzlement.

His name was Aaron. He was the second son of Nine Hells Monarch Auston, and his bloodline was at rank nine. He was a powerful Lord of the Abyss.

Nine Hells Monarch Auston was different from Yellow Springs Monarch Grom. Unlike Grom, he only had seven sons and three daughters, and he acknowledged Ling Yushi as his fourth daughter only after she had proven the strength of her bloodline.

Grom’s children were at war with each other since the moment they were born. They all hoped to be acknowledged as their father’s successor such as Daley, Lawton, and Afra.

The reason his children turned out the way they did was because Grom had never cared for them.

He never even passed down his most important ability and bloodline latent ability to his children. Instead, he chose to pass down Castor’s dead soul power.

Nine Hells Monarch Auston was different from him.

He cared deeply for all of his descendants, and he gave his all to raise them to power. He strictly forbad his children from fighting each other as well.

Thanks to his teaching, all ten of his children shared a deep and amiable kinship with each other.

At first, Ling Yushi wasn’t accepted by Auston’s children after he had acknowledged her and brought her into Nine Hells Purgatory. It was because they thought that her bloodline was impure.

However, Ling Yushi slowly won over their acknowledgement with her recent battle performance and good character.

Auston’s second son, Aaron, was the first among the ten siblings to express good will towards Ling Yushi and treat her as his younger sister. 

“I know him.” Ling Yushi hesitated for a moment before saying, “Please leave this to me. I’ll talk with him.”

Aaron looked at her in surprise and asked, “How do you know a Soul Race clansman?”

“It’ll take too much time to explain everything to you,” Ling Yushi said urgently.

Aaron shot her a deep look before nodding. “Everyone, stay put.”

Ling Yushi’s subordinates were all local Abyss Devils. Therefore, Aaron actually had more power over them than her.

Thanks to his order, the Abyss Devils who had wanted to fly into the air and attack Qin Lie immediately stopped themselves.

“Be careful. He… gives off a very dangerous feeling.” Aaron inhaled slightly before continuing, “I have a feeling that he’s at least rank nine. He could even be a…”

Aaron had very good senses. Although Qin Lie had purposely concealed his presence with his Dark Soul ability, something about him still worried Aaron.

He knew that this Soul Race clansman was no easy foe.

“I know, but don’t worry. He won’t hurt me,” Ling Yushi said.

After that, she conjured a purple soul cloud beneath her feet and flew up into the air.

“Young Mistress, do you know who that person in?” One of the Spirit Race bloodline warrior asked Indigo curiously.

But Indigo didn’t give him an answer. She made a gesture for silence before staring intently at Qin Lie.

A well-concealed soul energy spread out from her ice blue pupils and moved towards Qin Lie.

“He noticed that you brought some Abyss Devils from other Abyss levels into Nine Hells Purgatory. That is why he wanted to attack Nether City in retaliation. I, I am a Spirit Race clansman, so…”

Qin Lie noticed Indigo’s soul energy and looked down at her. He asked in his soul voice, “How is Nether City doing right now?”

“Most of our powerful bloodline warriors are rushing towards Nether City right now,” Indigo answered, causing a change in Qin Lie’s expression.

Ling Yushi reached him at this moment.


Purple lightning flew out of Ling Yushi’s soul cloud and isolated them from the scenery beneath their feet.

Suddenly, no one could see Ling Yushi or Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s communication with Indigo had been severed as well.

“Don’t trust her. She’s the Spirit Seed of the Spirit Race, and she’ll become patriarch of the Spirit Race in the future,” Ling Yushi said.

“The sky had been sealed off by Tian Qi and the experts of the Spirit Race,” Qin Lie said darkly. “My father, grandfather, and many Spirit Realm experts are all at Nether City right now. Tian Qi killed Ling Feng and Luz not long ago, and in order to turn the tides in our favor I tried bringing some Great Lords of the Abyss into Nine Hells. But I never thought that…”

Qin Lie rushed through his explanation as quickly as he could. He didn’t forget to mention that Castor’s avatar had awakened from Nether River as well.

“So that’s why all this is happening!” Ling Yushi looked extremely shocked by the news Qin Lie brought. “I’ll explain everything to him immediately and make him send over a couple of rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss!”


“I mean Auston, my father-in-name and the Nine Hells Monarch.”

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