Chapter 1648: Eavesdrop

The canyon below him was called “Dark Blood”. It wasn’t far away from Nether City.

Not long ago, the Abyss Devils of Nether City had actually fought Betty and Daniels Family here.

Originally, Ling Yushi was supposed to fight against Indigo’s army here.

But after sensing familiar presence, Indigo moved away, allowing Betty to replace her instead.

As for Ling Yushi, she had been summoned by the Nine Hells Monarch before the Spirit Race woman showed up.

After that, Betty and her Daniels Family members had dominated Dark Blood Canyon and invaded Nether City.

Evidently, they had been pushed out of Nether City already.

Naturally, the Abyss Devils and Spirit Race clansmen fighting here right now weren’t the Abyss Devils of Nether City or the Daniels Family of the Spirit Race.

It was a group of local...

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