Chapter 1648: Eavesdrop

The canyon below him was called “Dark Blood”. It wasn’t far away from Nether City.

Not long ago, the Abyss Devils of Nether City had actually fought Betty and Daniels Family here.

Originally, Ling Yushi was supposed to fight against Indigo’s army here.

But after sensing familiar presence, Indigo moved away, allowing Betty to replace her instead.

As for Ling Yushi, she had been summoned by the Nine Hells Monarch before the Spirit Race woman showed up.

After that, Betty and her Daniels Family members had dominated Dark Blood Canyon and invaded Nether City.

Evidently, they had been pushed out of Nether City already.

Naturally, the Abyss Devils and Spirit Race clansmen fighting here right now weren’t the Abyss Devils of Nether City or the Daniels Family of the Spirit Race.

It was a group of local Abyss Devils and a group of Spirit Race clansmen led by Indigo.

Moreover, Qin Lie had sensed Ling Yushi’s presence among the Abyss Devils…

Qin Lie was currently hiding inside the gray clouds while assuming his main body’s appearance.

He also used “Dark Soul”, a unique bloodline ability to cover up his indiscernible soul presence.

He observed the canyon below him quietly from above.

He noticed that Ling Yushi wasn’t participating in the battle. She was standing side by side with a couple of high rank Abyss Devils in magnificent clothing.

Their soul activity felt a little similar to Ling Yushi’s. They were probably the Nine Hells Monarch’s bloodline descendants.

Although Indigo was the Spirit Seed, she wasn’t actually fighting the battle herself. She left the job of blocking the exit to her powerful subordinates and interfered with the course of the battlefield with her unusual bloodline abilities from time to time.

Qin Lie noticed that Indigo and Ling Yushi were communicating with each other through the soul despite being several kilometers apart.

However, he couldn’t identify the message that was being exchanged because he was high above the ground and concealing his soul.

He was incredibly intrigued by their conversation.

“Why are you stopping me from returning to Nether City?”

At Dark Blood Canyon, Ling Yushi shot a soul message at Indigo with a frown.

Her bloodline ability was very special, and she was one of the few Abyss Devils who had deep knowledge of the soul.

Indigo’s bloodline was equally extraordinary, and she was well-versed in the secret arts of the soul too.

Ling Yushi was certain that her soul message would reach Indigo because they had had an exchange between souls before.

The Abyss Devils beside Ling Yushi had been gathered from from the abyss passageway. They were hoping to check how Nether City was going.

At the beginning, the Nine Hells Monarch thought that the abyss passageway had become unsealed. That was why he had waited optimistically at the abyss passageway for his reinforcements to pour in from other Eight Purgatories.

To ensure that reinforcements would be able to make it safely into Nine Hells Purgatory, he had gathered every powerful Abyss Devil around the abyss passageway to prevent the Spirit Race from escaping.

A terrible battle had broken out between the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race at the abyss passageway entrance as a result.

Both the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race clansmen had suffered massive casualties during this battle.

However, the Spirit Race clansmen had suddenly retreated like tidewater before the battle had even reached the halfway point.

The Abyss Devils were confused by their reaction, but they soon realized that the reinforcements they had been waiting for hadn’t shown up yet for some reason.

After the Spirit Race had left, they inspected the abyss passageway and discovered that a mysterious barrier of unknown origin made of star power had sealed it off again.

They finally understood why the Spirit Race had retreated so suddenly.

The Spirit Race must’ve learned about this beforehand and known that they wouldn’t be able to leave Nine Hells Purgatory even if they managed to break through their defense line and enter the abyss passageway. That was why they had given up on the assault.

Moreover, it also meant that the reinforcements the Abyss Devils of Nine Hells Purgatory were waiting wouldn’t be arriving.

The Spirit Race was in an even less hurry to leave after that. Their plan had changed to conquering the lands of Nine Hells Purgatory little by little.

Ling Yushi was worried that Nether City would be in danger after the great change had reached her ears. She had immediately gathered some Nine Hells Purgatory Abyss Devils with her and travelled back to Nether City to check on things.

However, Indigo had suddenly appeared right after they reached Dark Blood Canyon and stopped them in their tracks.

It was obvious that Indigo was obstructing their return to Nether City.

When Ling Yushi first received her summon from the Nine Hells Monarch, she was the one who had been encamped at Dark Blood Canyon to prevent any Spirit Race troops from entering Nether City.

She had sensed Indigo at the time. She had thought that Indigo would surely clash against her.

But Indigo had chosen to lead her people away from Dark Blood Canyon and avoided direct conflict.

“You have your responsibility, and I have my position to consider,” Indigo replied using the same soul secret arts.

“Nether City is one of your targets?” Ling Yushi’s expression changed as her eyes suddenly flashed with emotion.

After she had been summoned by the Nine Hells Monarch, she had lost contact with Nether City. She didn’t know what had happened to Nether City while she was away.

She didn’t know that Ling Feng, Luz, and a couple more Nether City Abyss Devils had been killed.

She didn’t know that Nether City had actually succumbed once to the enemy either.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie was descending from the clouds rapidly, curious to learn about their conversation.

His rank ten soulline Dark Soul Beast avatar executed a secret art to perceive the minute soul activities inside Dark Blood Canyon in secret.

He was trying to identify the contents of the soul activities.

“I got it!”

A while later, his eyes lit up as the content of the soul activities became accessible to him.

This meant that he could “listen” in on Indigo and Ling Yushi’s conversation now.

The Soul Race’s knowledge of the soul was obviously the best of all races, and his Dark Soul Beast avatar was far stronger than either Indigo or Ling Yushi. Therefore, it wasn’t impossible to eavesdrop on them.

It was at this moment he heard something from Indigo.

“Please return to where you came from. There’s nothing you can change even if you head to Nether City right now.” Indigo looked surprisingly calm despite her childish appearance. She stared at Ling Yushi from a distance and said, “A couple of uninvited outsiders had appeared in Nether City, and he… hadn’t fulfilled his promise completely. The Great Sage had noticed him bring a dozen or so Abyss Devils into Nine Hells Purgatory immediately, so he’s gearing up to teach him a lesson. There’s nothing you and your subordinates can do even if you head to Nether City right now.”

“You will die for sure if you head there now. I’m actually saving your life by stopping you here.”

Indigo told Ling Yushi her intentions clearly in hopes that Ling Yushi would make a wise retreat.

Ling Yushi looked a little confused. She didn’t fully understand the latter half of Indigo’s explanation.

She did understand that something big had happened to Nether City, however.

On the other hand, Qin Lie had understood Indigo completely. His expression changed drastically when Indigo’s words hit him.

He didn’t think that Tian Qi would notice his attempt to turn the tides of Nine Hells Purgatory’s battlefield so quickly. The Great Sage had apparently noticed him sneaking a dozen or so rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss into Nine Hells Purgatory immediately.

Because he had partially broken his promise, Tian Qi was going to kill his friends and family in Nether City as punishment!

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