Chapter 1646: Fated Destiny?

“Change the Abyss?”

Qin Lie stared blankly at Dawson for a moment before shaking his head, an odd smile creeping onto his face.

But Dawson looked completely serious. He said without the trace of a smile on his face, “Rumor says that the ancient laws of the Abyss normally change… when a new Abyss Master is about to be born.”

“You’re saying that the laws are changing to accommodate the new master?” Qin Lie exclaimed in surprise.

Dawson nodded slightly in response.

Belle and the many Great Lords of the Abyss who had made up their minds to travel to Nine Hells Purgatory also wore serious looks on their faces.

“What are you guys trying to say?” Qin Lie asked curiously.

Belle stayed silent for a moment before answering, “The one hundred and eight Abyss levels aren’t always ruled by an Abyss Master. Sometimes, there can be no Abyss Master for several million years straight.”

“After all, it’s incredibly rare for an Abyss Devil to transcend rank ten bloodline and enter the ultimate realm.”

“However, it is true that the unchanging laws of the Abyss would experience a slight change every time a new Abyss Master is about to be born.”

“Castor is an example of this. The Abyss had changed many laws because of him before he has ascended to rank ten.”

“He’s no exception either. The Abyss Masters before him had had similar experiences as well.”

“The fact is, the laws of the Abyss are changing after your appearance. This probably means that…”

At this point, Belle was staring at Qin Lie with shock and disbelief.

“It might still be because of Castor,” Russell interrupted before forcing a smile onto his face. He said, “Castor isn’t dead after all. He’s just temporarily sealed for now. It’s not unthinkable that the laws of the Abyss would change because of him, right?”

“That’s not it.” Dawson shook his head and sighed. He said, “The one who changed the laws of the Abyss is definitely Qin Lie, not Castor.”

“What do you mean?” Russell asked in puzzlement.

“When Qin Lie was at rank eight bloodline, the Origin World had transformed into the Flaming Sun Abyss. Now that he’s at rank nine bloodline, Flaming Sun Abyss is transforming into Flaming Sun Purgatory. It’s clear that the laws are changing because of Qin Lie, not Castor.” Dawson sucked in a deep breath before continuing, “Back then, Castor was one of those very rare Abyss Devils who caused the ancient laws of the Abyss to warp around him. And according to our bloodline revelations, only those who cause changes to the laws of the Abyss can become the new Abyss Master!”

Russell was completely speechless after that. His face was clearly etched with disbelief.

“Could an Abyss Devil with impure blood really evolve… into the Abyss Master?” a Great Lord of another Abyss level muttered.

Shaking, Qin Lie said, “Once Castor’s avatars have all regained their full strength, he will be reborn through my flesh and become as strong as he was before prior to his sealing! He would have enough power to rule over all Abyss Devils and become the true Abyss Master after that! Assuming the revelation you’re saying is true, does it work in the case where he is reborn through my flesh into the new Abyss Master?”

“Are you saying that Castor is planning to use you as his stepping stone to become the new Abyss Master?” Belle asked in shock.

“That is his plan, yes,” Qin Lie said.

“I… I suppose it also works in that case,” Belle said.

“No wonder you said it may not necessarily be a good thing for the Flaming Sun Abyss to transform into a purgatory,” said Dawson with a bitter smile. In fact, a bit of pity had entered his eyes.

He knew better than anyone here just how powerful Castor was. He knew that Qin Lie was no match for Castor if his eight avatars were allowed to return to their full strength

Even if Qin Lie broke through to rank ten right now, he still wouldn’t be able to fight eight peak rank ten Castors at once.

Suddenly, Dawson felt like everything Qin Lie had worked for was all going to become part of Castor’s power.

He obviously didn’t think well of Qin Lie’s future.

“Castor will need some time to restore all eight of his avatars to peak strength.” Dawson sighed and tried to console Qin Lie, “This blank period will be… very important to you.”

He didn’t say anything else after that, but Qin Lie could guess what he was thinking from his expression alone. Dawson clearly thought that he was a dead man walking.

The rest of the Great Lords of the Abyss seemed to think the same after hearing Dawson and Belle’s explanation.

Now that they all realized that Qin Lie was destined to be replaced by Castor, they no longer envied his good “fortune”.

It was as if everything good that had happened to Qin Lie was all part of Castor’s preparations.

Everything was so that Qin Lie could survive until the day Castor replaced him.

“Get ready. I’ll send you all to Nine Hells Purgatory in a moment.”

Feeling a little down, Qin Lie stopped chatting with the Great Lords of the Abyss and fell completely silent.

Not far away, Enos was staring quietly at Qin Lie with pity as well. She had come along with Dawson.

He was such a talented and extraordinary martial practitioner. Anyone would be depressed to learn that their fates couldn’t be changed no matter what.

“Such a shame…” Enos sighed quietly to herself.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie’s real self had teleported most of the low rank Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory to the Frost Desolation Abyss.

He was about to head to Nine Hells Purgatory and use himself as a “door” to open a portal for Dawson and the others when he suddenly sensed something.

He sensed a soul whose power was fluctuating erratically between two opposite ends. The soul felt incredibly familiar.

With a single thought, he moved himself to a piece of land at the edge of the Flaming Sun Abyss.

The land was only ten thousand meters wide. It was an incredibly small fraction of the entire Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Right now, this piece of land was being absorbed into the Flaming Sun Abyss. It wouldn’t be long before it was fully absorbed and made part of the ever-expanding Flaming Sun Abyss.

Flashes of bloody light could be seen occasionally from an unassuming corner of the land. The tang of blood lingered in the air and kept distorting and shrinking over time.

Inside the bloody light, a thin figure could be seen seated on top of a eight-level blood jade Soul Altar with a distorted expression on his face. His pupils were also blood red in color.

“Li Xin!”

Qin Lie frowned and landed right in front of the source of the bloody light. He then stared at the Blood Emperor inside it.

The self-titled Blood Emperor was continuously urging out the power of blood and pouring it into the bloody light around him.

However, the ancient laws of the Abyss were pressing ever so silently onto the protection he had enacted.

The power squeezed against the bloody light ruthlessly, distorting it and threatening to destroy it at any moment.

It looked like Li Xin would die the moment the bloody light surrounding his body crumbles.

Earlier, the patriarchs of the God Race had mentioned that the ancient and lawful power of the Abyss would automatically gather in this place as the Flaming Sun Abyss was gradually consuming broken pieces of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

The power of the laws was said to be so powerful that they needed all five Flesh Filling Tombstones to withstand it.

It showed just how powerful the laws of the Abyss were.

Although Li Xin was quite powerful in his own right, he was slightly inferior to any of the five patriarchs of the God Race.

He looked like he was on the verge of running out of blood spirit energy.

If Qin Lie hadn’t found him in time, he and his bloody light would probably be crushed into bits by the ancient laws of the Abyss in at most fifteen minutes’ time.

“Qin Lie!”

Inside the bloody light, Li Xin was trembling non-stop as he bled all over the place.

The blood droplets looked as shiny as bloody gemstones. They entered the bloody light and empowered it immediately after they fell on the ground.

However, the more blood droplets he lost, the thinner Li Xin became.

At first glance, Li Xin looked like a skeleton covered in nothing but a layer of skin. He looked extremely scary to say the least.

“H-how are you fine? How are the laws of the Abyss not affecting you?” Li Xin exclaimed.

“It’s because these laws exist to protect me in the first place. As the creator of the Flaming Sun Abyss and the new Devil Monarch—well, after transformation is complete—I am obviously immune to its effects,” Qin Lie explained with a smile. 

“Ah!” Li Xin’s eyes popped out a little as he exclaimed in surprise. His appearance was growing more and more terrifying by the second.

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