Chapter 1645: Revelation

It was impossible to hide the fact that the Flaming Sun Abyss was replacing Yellow Springs Purgatory for too long.

In fact, Qin Lie knew full well that the Great Lords of the Abyss before him would be among the first to receive the news.

They would probably learn of the giant change in Yellow Springs Purgatory in just a few days.

In that case, he might as well confess this part of the truth and give Dawson no chance to doubt him.

Moreover, the oldest laws of the Abyss would automatically forbid these Great Lords of the Abyss from entering the Flaming Sun Abyss during the transformation process.

Therefore, he didn’t need to worry about them intercepting or damaging his good fortune.

Moreover, his Dark Soul Beast avatar currently had rank ten soulline. As long as the Galaxy Mirror...

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