Chapter 1644: Send Off

Diga couldn’t stop himself from shouting in surprise when Qin Lie suddenly appeared in front of him.

He thought that Qin Lie had left a long time ago.

Up until now, Diga still wasn’t too sure what had happened to Yellow Springs Purgatory.

He had slipped far away when the God Race clansmen had launched an attack against the abyss passageway. He was hoping to leave Yellow Springs Purgatory after the abyss passageway opened a few months later.

He didn’t know that Qin Lie had obtained the Galaxy Mirror, opened the abyss passageway, and then sealed it again later.

He didn’t even know what had happened to Qin Lie.

He didn’t dare head to the abyss passageway or meet up with too many Abyss Devils...

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