Chapter 1642: The Snake Devours the Elephant!

“Castor is even more powerful than I imagined.”

Lieyan Ge looked deeply worried for Qin Lie’s future.

“His bloodline has transcended rank ten, and he had entered the ultimate realm. Back then, even the combined power of the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time and the eight great Devil Monarchs could only seal him away instead of killing him permanently. This alone shows just how scary he is.”

An Hao, patriarch of the Darkness Family, inhaled deeply. “Grom and that rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss had been consumed by him completely. Not only that, he seems to be digesting Grom’s bloodline ability…”

A pause later, he continued, “We need to evacuate from this crumbling purgatory before he finishes consuming Grom’s body.”

“You’re right,” Lieyan Ge agreed.

The two Bloodthirst Family experts who had wanted to kill Grom before he recovered had returned to their positions, knowing that there was no way they could kill Castor.

Meanwhile, Kuang Jue, Han Che, and Yu Xi were staring coldly at the entrance of the abyss passageway.

The barrier blocking the abyss passageway entrance had disappeared some time ago, so a couple of Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory had entered Yellow Springs Purgatory.

They all noticed what was going on with Yellow Springs Purgatory the moment they came through the abyss passageway.

“Yellow Springs Purgatory is falling apart!”

“We’re too late!”

The Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory exclaimed in shock as the world crumbled all around them.

“Grom is dead! He was killed by the awakened Castor!”

The remaining Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory hurriedly warned their new allies. They had all seen Castor consuming both Grom and Lawton.


“Castor has awakened?!”


The Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory immediately panicked when they heard that Grom was killed by Castor.

“This is bad! If even one of his avatar awakes, the rest of his avatars will eventually awake too!”

“We can’t stay here! We need to head back and secure our own Nether River!”

“Yellow Springs Purgatory is done for. It’ll be foolish to perish with it!”

The Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory actually turned back towards the abyss passageway after a swift discussion.

Meanwhile, the Great Flesh Grinder created by the five Flesh Filling Tombstones was still consuming the nearby Abyss Devils.

That was the end of Yellow Springs Purgatory’s resistance. No one wanted to fight any longer after their reinforcements from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory had withdrawn without even a fight.

The few remaining rank nine and rank ten Abyss Devils started escaping through the abyss passageway.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

The huge Abyss Devils vanished into the abyss passageway in just the blink of an eye.


Suddenly, an alluring figure appeared out of nowhere and charged towards the abyss passageway as well.

Kuang Jue yelled in a hurry when he saw that all the powerful Abyss Devils were leaving. “Metcina! That’s Metcina!”

A shudder later, Qin Lie immediately noticed that the fleeing person really was the female Great Lord of the Abyss he had encountered by the Nether River, the sixth strongest Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory, Metcina.

“I had a deal with the Blood Emperor Li Xin. I’m the reason Lieyan Yuan was able to send him to Yellow Springs Purgatory!”

Metcina had kept to her high rank Abyss Devil form to avoid standing out until this point. She had to cry out in plea when she saw Kuang Jue was going to attack her.

“Li Xin…”

Qin Lie’s expression changed at her words. Suddenly, he realized that Lieyan Yuan was probably the reason behind Metcina’s sudden attack the other day.

Lieyan Yuan must have told Metcina to attack him so that the Blood Emperor, Li Xin, would have a chance to save him from his predicament. It was all to convince Qin Lie that Lieyan Yuan didn’t hold any ill will toward him.

He was growing more and more certain that Lieyan Yuan was trying to control him through the Ancient Life Tree.

“Lieyan Yuan…”

Kuang Jue, An Hao, and the others hesitated for a second after hearing Metcina’s cry.

It was all the time Metcina needed to escape through the abyss passageway and leave Yellow Springs Purgatory.

She was the last Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory. The rest of the Abyss Devils were weaker and couldn’t escape the devouring of the Great Flesh Grinder.


The ball of flesh and blood, Castor, let out a low, chilly chuckle as he continued to digest Grom and Lawton.

When Qin Lie concentrated on the ball again, he discovered that it had reached a suffocating level of power.

Even the Magnetic Storm Grom had created with the origin power of Yellow Springs Purgatory had fallen under Castor’s control. The energy ring was currently orbiting around Castor.

The giant spatial rift standing between Castor and the God Race continued to grow larger and larger.

The spatial rift was also parting the sky of Yellow Springs Purgatory. Countless rays of corrosive light were flowing out of it.

“Qin Lie, is it? I’m destined the return to the peak of my bloodline through your flesh! But before that happens, I need you to grow stronger so that your body is worthy of my true self!”

“I need time to digest Grom’s flesh and blood completely. I also need my avatars to awaken and return to their full strength.”

“Of course, you too must grow stronger for my sake!”

Castor declared arrogantly from inside the meat ball.

“Yellow Springs Purgatory has fallen, and you happen to be a fresh Abyss Creator. Since ancient times, the Abyss has a special rule where the new must take over the old. Heh, there must be Eight Purgatories, so one Abyss level must come down to replace Yellow Springs Purgatory! You are my chosen one, and I need you to be stronger than you are now, so I’m not going to give up this chance to the other Abyss Devils.”

“Now, accept my gift!”

The ring of light surrounding the meat ball suddenly broke through the spatial rift and flew toward Qin Lie.

The “Magnetic Storm” containing the origin power of a purgatory looked like a purple amalgamation of light, shadow, and special power. They kept flashing and shrinking in an incomprehensible manner.

At first glance, the energy ring looked like it was made of countless bits of the laws of the Abyss.

Qin Lie instinctively rejected Castor’s unexpected offer.

“Don’t! Accept it! Try to accept it!” Lieyan Ge suddenly screamed.

“Absorb it, Qin Lie!” Kuang Jue and An Hao were screaming at him as well.

Their warning caused Qin Lie to hesitate. He wasn’t sure what was the best course of action.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to harm you before my eight avatars had returned to full strength.” Castor laughed sinisterly.


When the energy ring had shrunk to about a billion times smaller than it originally was, the palm-sized “Magnetic Storm” suddenly slipped into his brain through the corner of his eyes. The condensed power looked like a tiny cloud of laws.

His head flashed with pain for a second, and a tiny energy ring suddenly appeared inside his Soul Altar.

The energy ring smoothly became fused with his Soul Altar.

In that instant, he felt like a million secret patterns and truths had burst out of the energy ring and filled his vision.

A shudder later, millions of threads flew out of his soul and became connected with the ring of light.

A most profound feeling entered his heart.

Miraculously, he felt like a bridge was formed between him and the Flaming Sun Abyss. It was as if his Abyss had traversed countless space to appear right next to him.

“That’s!” Lieyan Ge screamed.

Shocked, Qin Lie followed Lieyan Ge’s gaze and looked at the giant spatial rift that parted Yellow Springs Purgatory’s sky.

His mouth suddenly turned into an O-shape, and the look on his face was weird to say the least. He almost thought he was dreaming.

A gigantic continent surrounded by purple abyss devil energy was slowly but surely crawling out of the spatial rift.

Somehow, someway, a power that could twist time and space and reverse even the stars was pushing the gigantic continent out of the spatial rift and into the crumbling Yellow Springs Purgatory.

It was none other than the Flaming Sun Abyss Qin Lie had created not long ago!

Flaming Sun Abyss should be at the sixtieth level of the Abyss, but a miraculous power had brought it all the way here.

Every time an Abyss Purgatory collapsed, a new Abyss level must replace it and become the new purgatory.

When Yellow Springs Purgatory was at the brink of destruction, the oldest laws of the Abyss had pulled his Flaming Sun Abyss from the sixtieth level all the way to the bottom Eight Purgatories!

“The snake is devouring the elephant!”

“What an amazing fortune! Qin Lie is actually going to replace Grom as the new Devil Monarch!”


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