Chapter 1642: The Snake Devours the Elephant!

“Castor is even more powerful than I imagined.”

Lieyan Ge looked deeply worried for Qin Lie’s future.

“His bloodline has transcended rank ten, and he had entered the ultimate realm. Back then, even the combined power of the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time and the eight great Devil Monarchs could only seal him away instead of killing him permanently. This alone shows just how scary he is.”

An Hao, patriarch of the Darkness Family, inhaled deeply. “Grom and that rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss had been consumed by him completely. Not only that, he seems to be digesting Grom’s bloodline ability…”

A pause later, he continued, “We need to evacuate from this crumbling purgatory before he finishes consuming Grom’s body.”

“You’re right,” Lieyan Ge agreed.

The two Bloodthirst Family experts who had wanted to kill Grom before he recovered had returned to their...

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