Chapter 1641: Revival

There was saying “a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs”. But this clearly didn’t apply to Grom.

All his descendants were doomed to be devoured by him from the day they were born.

He had passed down the truth fragments of dead souls into his descendants’ bloodlines.

He encouraged them to kill and refine one another’s power. When he discovered that the God Race was invading, he sent out a merciless order to withdraw all their bloodline.

Almost all of his descendants were killed.

Lawton had known his cruelty and mercilessness since a long time ago. If this was in the past, Lawton would never have fallen for it.

However, Yellow Springs Purgatory was about to be destroyed, and Grom’s efforts had clearly ended in failure. Lawton had thought that his father would grow a shred of goodness right before his death.

That was why he chose to believe him this once.

However, his decision had led him to being attacked and bound firmly by his father’s tail.

“Glug glug!”

Lawton’s purple blood flowed into Grom’s body through the spikes.

Lawton’s blood rejuvenated Grom, causing his shrunken body to grow in size and height again.

On the other hand, Lawton grew weaker and weaker.

“Don’t blame me for this! I had no other choice!” Grom said without a shred of regret in his eyes. “This purgatory is about to collapse. I will never be able to forgive myself if I allow myself to die like this! If I must die, I will at least take these God Race invaders with me!”

His roar was filled with anger!

Before this, he didn’t have the strength to pull the “Magnetic Storm” out of the spatial rift that had cut the sky in half.

But now that he was rejuvenated by Lawton’s flesh and blood energy, the apocalyptic ring was slowly but surely being pulled out of the spatial rift.

His fighting will reignited, Grom started consuming his son’s flesh and blood energy even faster than before.

Since he was the source of Lawton’s bloodline, there wasn’t much Lawton could do to resist him.

Not only was he familiar with all of Lawton’s fighting skills, Lawton was his direct descendant. There was practically no resistance when Grom absorbed Lawton’s blood into himself.

Just like he said, Lawton shared the same blood as him, and he was a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss. He was quite literally the best rejuvenating “potion” for Grom.

“Qin Lie, save me, save me this once…”

Lawton gathered his soul thoughts and shoot Qin Lie a message before his consciousness started to grow blurry.


Surrounded by rank ten bloodline warriors, Qin Lie abruptly looked up to the clouds after hearing Lawton’s cry for help.

He was staring at the Great Flesh Grinder created by the five Flesh Filling Tombstones. He was watching the Abyss Devils being devoured one by one.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone was filling him up with spurts of rich flesh and blood energy since he was its master.

Bit by bit, all the flesh and blood energy he had spent to create the Great Flesh Grinder was being restored. His fatigue went away as a tremendous amount of energy entered his body.

That was why he hadn’t noticed Grom’s cry to Lawton right before he left, or Lawton flying back to his father.

He didn’t know that Lawton was dying because of his greed and his decision to trust Grom one time.

“Grom’s starting to recover again…”

When Lieyan Ge looked up, he noticed that the apocalyptic ring created by the Magnetic Storm was actually flying out of the giant spatial rift bit by bit.

His expression changed slightly as he said, “Look at Grom!”

All the rank ten bloodline warriors turned to stare at Grom with cold eyes.

“He’s feeding on his son to recover his own bloodline power. Grom… such a wonderful father,” said Qin Lie scornfully.

“He cannot be allowed to recover!” Lieyan Ge yelled.


“We know what to do!”

Two Bloodthirst Family bloodline warriors chuckled sinisterly before flying towards Grom like bloody rivers.

Qin Lie wanted to do something to help Lawton as well, but suddenly the purple crystal in his Soul Altar trembled without warning.

A terrible sense of unease suddenly seized him.

“Watch out!” He shouted at the two Bloodthirst Family experts in warning.

Some time ago, Castor was crushed into tiny bits the Magnetic Storm.

However, the bits of his flesh, blood and bones hadn’t fallen to the ground. Instead, they remained floating somewhere inside the blackish gray clouds.

It was an incredibly eerie and bizarre scene.

However, Grom had attacked the God Race immediately after Castor had exploded. After that, the five Flesh Filling Tombstones joined together to fight against Grom’s Magnetic Storm.

Therefore, neither the God Race nor Grom had time to care about the “dead” Castor, as odd as his “corpse” might seem.

Suddenly, the broken bits of flesh, blood, and bones moved without warning.

By the time Qin Lie had cried out his warning, the flesh bits had already joined together to form a tiny ball of flesh and blood.

The sound of a beating heart could be heard from it…

The fact that there was a heartbeat meant that Castor’s heart was resurrected, which in turn meant that Castor was resurrected. 

Qin Lie’s fear wasn’t misplaced. After Castor’s heart had started beating again, the bits of flesh, blood, and bones started rejoining the tiny meat ball at an unbelievable rate.

In just the blink of an eye, the ball had become a hundred times bigger than it was originally!

A surge of thick despair suddenly burst out of the ball of flesh and blood that was Castor, detonating something instantly.


Grom suddenly let out a bloodcurdling scream while he was busy pulling the Magnetic Storm out of the spatial rift and consuming Lawton’s flesh and blood energy.

Grom’s growing body suddenly became completely covered in despair. A faint, grayish white halo suddenly appeared inside his pupils as well.

Qin Lie finally recalled that Castor had secretly slipped tiny bits of despair into Grom’s body while they were fighting each other.

The only reason he was able to detect it was because he had powerful soul perception and the purple crystal.

When Castor had exploded and died, when Grom had used the origin power and unleashed his greatest power, Qin Lie thought that Grom had dispelled the despair inside his body.

He didn’t think that Castor would revive from the dead. He also didn’t think that the despair hidden inside Grom’s body would still be present.

“Grom, you can die now.”

Castor’s voice came from inside the giant ball of flesh and blood before it abruptly pounced towards Grom and Lawton.


Grom let out an earthshaking roar, but Castor’s despair had completely overtaken his body.

He could do nothing but watch as Castor rolled towards him, stretched out like a magic carpet, and wrapped both him and Lawton whole.

The feeding process barely took a couple of seconds. Both Grom and Lawton were consumed by the meat ball that was Castor.

The scariest thing of it all was the strange, crunching sounds coming from inside the eerie ball of flesh and blood.

It was like the sound of a giant demonic maw chewing on its food intently.

The two Bloodthirst Family experts who tried to attack Grom managed to stop their charge in time thanks to Qin Lie’s warning.

They watched Castor devouring both Grom and Lawton with a cool expression on their face.


The apocalyptic ring created by Grom’s Magnetic Storm suddenly flew out of the spatial rift and reappeared above the crumbling Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Apparently, Castor had taken over the apocalyptic ring before Grom and Lawton were even fully digested.

“He is definitely Castor alright…”

Lieyan Ge said in a strained voice before licking the corner of his lips. The old man could do nothing but smile bitterly at this scene.

“I can’t help you…”

Qin Lie apologized to Lawton as he stared at the chewing meat ball with a deathly pale face.

Qin Lie knew that the ball was just one of Castor’s many avatars, but watching Castor slowly regain his strength was still the last thing he wanted to see.

Castor’s growth meant that his time was growing shorter. He needed to grow strong enough to fight Castor before all eight of his avatars had reached peak strength.

The flesh ball had consumed Grom and Lawton. It even took control of the energy ring created by Grom’s Magnetic Storm. It meant that this avatar was close to regaining full strength.

Qin Lie suddenly felt like he had become a little closer to death than before.

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