Chapter 1641: Revival

There was saying “a tiger, though cruel, will not devour its cubs”. But this clearly didn’t apply to Grom.

All his descendants were doomed to be devoured by him from the day they were born.

He had passed down the truth fragments of dead souls into his descendants’ bloodlines.

He encouraged them to kill and refine one another’s power. When he discovered that the God Race was invading, he sent out a merciless order to withdraw all their bloodline.

Almost all of his descendants were killed.

Lawton had known his cruelty and mercilessness since a long time ago. If this was in the past, Lawton would never have fallen for it.

However, Yellow Springs Purgatory was about to be destroyed, and Grom’s efforts had clearly ended in failure. Lawton had thought that his father would grow a shred of goodness right before his death.

That was why he...

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