Chapter 1640: Undying Ambition!

The ancestral ground of the God Race, God Realm, was on the other side of the star door.

The Galaxy Mirror was made up of countless facets. Each one corresponded to a realm or world.

Of course, super-sized realms like God Realm were among the most recognizable of them all. Qin Lie was well-acquainted with it since a long time ago.

After the star door had appeared, all bloodline warriors who were below rank ten started returning to God Realm.

None of them looked worried or panicked.

It was why the retreat looked extremely orderly.

It wasn’t long before all God Race clansmen below rank ten bloodline had retreated from the crumbling Yellow Springs Purgatory.

In the end, only a dozen or so rank ten bloodline warriors had remained by Qin Lie’s side.

These God Race clansmen were the real elites. Their vitality and blood were as vigorous as a volcano, and they wore calm and determined looks on their faces.

The Bloodthirst Family’s experts especially kept licking the corner of their lips, eager to throw themselves into battle once more.

“It’s almost time…”

Lieyan Ge muttered while rubbing his chin. Then, he blew into his war horn as if commencing a new battle.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

The five Flesh Filling Tombstones started spinning it faster.

An instant later, they actually disappeared into the black whirlpool.

The black whirlpool was a lot smaller than it was before. After devouring the five Flesh Filling Tombstones, it started baring its fangs like a wild beast and flew back and forth near the abyss passageway, sucking.


Qin Lie was shocked to find the black whirlpool devouring all the Abyss Devils near the abyss passageway.

Most of these Abyss Devils were at rank eight or rank nine. They were no weaklings either considering that they were all born in the purgatory.

However, they were all sucked into the black whirlpool instantly without being able to resist at all.

As the Abyss Devils disappeared one after another, Qin Lie was astonished to discover spurts of rich flesh and blood energy entering his back all of a sudden, invigorating and soothing his tired body. He almost felt like he was bathing inside a hot spring.

He could sense the flesh and blood energy restoring his body and filling him up with strength.

He immediately understood that the Abyss Devils that vanished into the black whirlpool had been refined by the five Flesh Filling Tombstones in but an instant.

Part of that power was then returned to the masters of the Flesh Filling Tombstones.

Naturally, he benefited from the arrangement since he was a master of a Flesh Filling Tombstone himself.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The black whirlpool grew bigger again after it had devoured some Abyss Devils.

The growing whirlpool seriously looked like a giant grinder upon closer inspection.


An unimaginable amount of force was coming out of the Great Flesh Grinder. It was so powerful that even an angry rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss about several kilometers tall was being sucked uncontrollably into its center.

“Crack! Crack!”

Slowly but surely, the rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss was being ground them into tiny bits of flesh and blood.

The scene was so cruel and bloody that even Qin Lie found it a bit difficult to watch.

The Bloodthirst Family members were the only ones who were grinning and chuckling like the bloody scene was the best show in the world.

“Huff! Huff!”

The shrunken Devil Monarch Grom panted heavily above the broken clouds.

A giant gap had appeared on the ground beneath him. The gap reached all the way up to the sky and seemed to split the sky in half.

Some parts of the “Magnetic Storm” Grom had used the origin power to create had actually fallen into the spatial rift.

In fact, the energy ring was actively being corroded by some unknown light inside the narrow by large gap.

Grom tried to move the apocalyptic ring away from the spatial rift, but… it no longer seemed like he had enough strength to do so.

Moreover, the sky of Yellow Springs Purgatory was split in half, and the ground was breaking apart all over the place.

For the first time, a trace of regret and a deep discontent flashed across Grom’s giant eyes.

This was absolutely not what he wanted to see. He had been certain that the origin power would be enough to kill all the God Race invaders, but he had underestimated the combined power of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones.

The five Flesh Filling Tombstones should only be able to unleash their full power if they were commanded by the five patriarchs.

He thought that the rank nine Qin Lie—a half-Abyss Devil no less—would never be able to sustain the fusion of five Flesh Filling Tombstones, even if he was the master of one of them.

That was the reason why he had taken such a decisive action against the God Race. He thought that Qin Lie couldn’t unleash the Flesh Filling Tombstone’s true power, and thus couldn’t change anything even if he joined in the battle.

But he finally regretted his decision when the five Flesh Filling Tombstones joined together to tear apart the sky of Yellow Springs Purgatory and drag his Magnetic Storm into a spatial rift.

However, both Yellow Springs Purgatory and him had lost far too much power because of his use of the origin power.

He was slowly losing control over the battle situation.

“Lawton, Lawton, Lawton…”

Gradually losing confidence in his chances of victory as the Great Flesh Grinder continued to devour more and more Abyss Devils and convert them all into pure flesh and blood energy, Grom suddenly called out to his one remaining descendant.

Lawton was just about to escape into the abyss passageway when the summon stopped him in his tracks.

Lawton knew that Yellow Springs Purgatory was sliding toward complete destruction. Not even the Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory could change anything now.

Moreover, the God Race’s Great Flesh Grinder was consuming his kin like mad. If he didn’t leave as soon as possible, it would be only a matter of time before he perished alongside Yellow Springs Purgatory.

However, his father’s bloodline summon had stopped him in his tracks temporarily.

“I failed, Yellow Springs Purgatory is about to be destroyed. Even if I somehow survive this battle, my subjects will never believe in me again. You are my only descendant, I will give you all my bloodline and my heart. You will inherit everything I have…”

Grom sounded hasty, but sincere.

Lawton hesitated for a moment at the abyss passageway. In the end though, he said, “Okay!”

Instead of leaving as he had planned earlier, he used up all of his bloodline power to pass through the broken space of Yellow Springs Purgatory, approaching Grom.

Grom had looked utterly drained before Lawton arrived. Then, his Abyss Devil pupils burned with fire when he saw Lawton.

It was the fire of hope and undying ambition!

“No!” Lawton’s expression changed drastically.

Grom’s shrunken tail instantly wrapped around Lawton and caught him tightly.

“You are my blood and a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss yourself. Only you can empower me and bring me back to my feet!” Grom roared madly.

“Puchi! Puchi!”

Sharp spike suddenly grew out of his tail and sank deeply into Lawton’s flesh.

The spikes then sucked Lawton’s blood greedily like living straws.

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