Chapter 164: Snowfall under the Blazing Sun

Chapter 164: Snowfall under the Blazing Sun

Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and Yi Yuan stood at the entrance and watched as Liang Shaoyang’s heart was pierced and the light in his eyes faded, bit by bit.

The noisy bustling sounds from before suddenly stopped at this very moment. The numerous martial practitioners of Armament Sect and other forces all stared at Qin Lie in utter shock.

At the alley at the corner of the street, a disbelieving light shot out of Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong’s eyes. Xie Jingxuan’s body even shook slightly.

“A great death!” Liang Zhong yelled in a low tone.

Regarding the matter where they pursued Liang Shaoyang and eliminated all of Dark Shadow Tower’s death knights, the only way Armament Sect’s Blood Spear could righteously begin to hunt them down was for Liang Shaoyang to personally notify Armament Sect.

Even if Black Shadow still lived, he had no say in the matter. He could not aid Armament Sect in proving anything.

As long as Liang Shaoyang died, then everything that Liang Zhong and Xie Jingxuan did will no longer garner Blood Spear’s attention, avoiding the threat to their lives .

And now, Liang Shaoyang had really been killed...

“A great death indeed.” Xie Jingxuan’s cool and clear eyes lit up as she stared at Qin Lie from afar with a complex expression. “This Qin Bing has helped us a great deal. It’s unfortunate that he won’t be able to live.”

Liang Zhong sighed once and nodded lightly.

“Liang Shaoyang’s dead!”

“Liang Shaoyang has been killed!”

After a long moment of silence, shocked cries suddenly came from Armament Sect’s entrance one after another.

There were hurried footsteps coming from the back area of Armament Sect. Many Armament Sect martial practitioners who had heard the sounds of combat and were just about to arrive at the entrance were shocked to their very core when they heard that Liang Shaoyang had actually been killed.

“Qin Bing! Run! Run now! Run as far as you can!” Yi Yuan calmly yelled with a solemn expression.

Lian Rou and Tang Siqi had also recovered as they cried out in a hurry, “Escape quickly! Leave Armament Sect as fast as you can!”

Surprisingly, Qin Lie stood indifferently and unmoving beside Liang Shaoyang’s corpse.

A will of absolute zero suddenly spread out with him at the center!

The area twenty steps around him instantly became filled with cold, biting wind. The world had become filled with a cold will that would seal the heavens and earth in ice.

This was the frost concept!

He was still learning the wonders of the frost concept.

“To seal the heavens and earth in ice, to freeze everything, absolute zero…”

His mind consciousness floated amidst the picture of endless glaciers in his head. It was as if he was walking alone amidst an icy plain and sensing the coldest aura with his soul.

He did not hear Yi Yuan and the others’ advice.


“Snow? It’s snowing!”

“H-he is causing the world to change with his concept! Heavens!”

Many people screamed out as they watched the countless white snowflakes falling down under the bright hot sun and onto their shoulders and skin.

Discarding their disguises, Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong returned to their original appearances and walked out of the alley.

The two of them suddenly stopped and stared at the falling snowflakes. Disbelieving shock appeared on their faces as if they could not believe what was falling was really snow.

A snowflake dropped onto Xie Jingxuan’s face. She felt its iciness as her figure abruptly shuddered, and she exclaimed, “This isn’t an illusion!”

“To cause a natural phenomenon with a concept, to cause a snowfall with the frost concept. What, just what kind of a talent is this?” Liang Zhong’s voice was raspy.

Yi Yuan, Tang Siqi, and Lian Rou were as stunned as wooden chickens.

The martial practitioners who came due to the commotion, when watching the snowflakes under the bright hot sun, also experienced what seemed to be an illusion. They thought that they had fallen into a dream.

There were many people who extended out their hand to touch these falling snowflakes in order to confirm that this wasn’t a dream, that this was still the real world.

Qin Lie was like an ice sculpture standing beside Liang Shaoyang’s corpse. The Frost Blade in his hand had already disappeared a while back.

He closed his eyes and felt the frost concept amidst the falling snow. He used his understanding of the frost land to cause the change in this world.

The snowfall grew heavier and heavier...

It was as if the ground had been covered with a white carpet. An icy wonder was forming beneath the sunlight.

“Elder Tong?” An Armament Sect martial practitioner questioned in a low tone.

No one noticed that Tong Jihua had already been standing, nor did anyone noticed how long he had been standing there for.

Tong Jihua waved his hands and motioned for the person to be silent. He frowned while continuing looking towards Qin Lie and answered in a calm tone, “Unless he attempts to run away, you do not have to do anything.”

The person nodded and kept quiet.

After a while, Cheng Ping had also arrived, and once he moved beside Tong Jihua, he said in a low tone, “The sect master and three great reverends would be coming over soon.”

Tong Jihua nodded slightly, “As long as Qin Bing stays here, it’ll be fine. We’ll leave the rest for the sect master to decide.”

“Mn.” Cheng Ping stared deeply at Qin Lie. As he watched the frozen land and the snow growing heavier and heavier, he sighed and said, “With such talent, why would he need to forge artifacts? How good will it be if he joins Blood Spear? A person who can learn a concept and cause the world to change will be a true expert in the future. Why must he force himself onto the narrow path of an Artificer?”

“I will try to talk with the sect master and see if we can keep him,” Tong Jihua said.

“I will join you,” Cheng Ping nodded.

“Is it snowing over there? What’s going on? The sun is high up in the sky here, how can it be snowing over there at Armament Sect?”

“Who the hell knows. Maybe it’s because of some powerful spirit artifacts. Wanna have a look?”

“Let’s go.”

The martial practitioners who were passing by noticed the strange events transpiring at Armament Sect’s entrance, and they all gathered there.

Very soon there were many martial practitioners from all factions showing up at Armament Sect’s entrance. They had all come to Armament City to seek for a spirit artifact that was compatible with themselves.

Some of these people even had high status among their forces and enjoyed a little fame at Armament Sect.

Wu Tuo was one such person.

He had brought along a few shop attendants from Cloud Sky Mountain. He was also within the crowd, and his eyes were filled with unconcealable shock. “To cause the world to change with a concept, if this Qin Bing continues to study his frost spirit arts, he will definitely become an outstanding person in the future!”

“It’s a waste for someone like him to forge artifacts,” someone interrupted.

The people were moved on the inside. They were observing Qin Lie and quietly sensing the wonderfulness of his concept.

“What to do? What to do? What are we going to do?” Tang Siqi was incredibly anxious as she muttered continuously for Yi Yuan and Lian Rou to think of a way.

Yi Yuan smiled bitterly and shook his head, “He has already sunk within the miraculous world of his concept. I can wake him, but I do not want to do it.”

“My realm is weak, and I can’t get close to him.” Lian Rou was also helpless. Then, she quietly pointed at Tong Jihua and Cheng Ping, “They are also around. It’s best if we don’t act carelessly and just wait and see.”

“If Qin Bing doesn’t leave now, then he will immediately die once the sect master arrives!” Tang Siqi yelled.

“Sect Master!”

“The sect master’s here!”

“Greetings, Sect Master!”

For a while, there were many people saluting at Armament Sect’s entrance. They had automatically opened the way and allowed Ying Xingran and the three great reverends to come over.

Ying Xingran’s expression grew paler and paler. While he walked, he coughed loudly. The fiery anger shooting out of his eyes was almost real, as if he would burn every onlooker in the area.

Liang Shaoyang was dead! Liang Shaoyang was actually dead!

The future successor he and the three great reverends had chosen, the one that could cause the spirit pattern pillars to change, the one that was destined to become Armament Sect’s seed for the future had been eradicated at the roots before it even had a chance to flourish!

Intolerable! Absolutely unforgivable!

Nowadays, his body was growing weaker and weaker. He was running out of time and he didn’t know how long he would have to wait before another genius that could cause a change in the spirit pattern pillars would show up.

He could no longer afford to wait.

Qin Lie’s act of killing Liang Shaoyang was the equivalent of extinguishing his hope and pushing him into the depths of despair!

“Tong Jihua! Cheng Ping! What are you still standing there for?” Ying Xingran coughed loudly and yelled in a loud voice, “Capture Qin Bing immediately and escort him to Fire Prison Cliff. Burn him to death with Geocentric Fire!”

Luo Zhichang, Fang Qi, and Jiang Hao’s bodies trembled. Their expressions were as ugly as one could imagine. The three old men who looked to be entering their graves soon grasped their chests as if they could not endure it any longer and would die of anger at any moment.

From the back, Mo Hai and the six great elders had also appeared. They were also looking at Qin Lie under the falling snow and Liang Shaoyang who had completely died.

They could understand Ying Xingran’s anger.

Qin Lie had single-handedly extinguished the sect master and the three great reverend’s hope and murdered the best successor for the position of sect master. This was even more painful than stabbing through their hearts with a sword.

Mo Hai shook his head and sighed.

He knew that Ying Xingran and the three great reverends had sacrificed their entire lives for Armament Sect. For Armament Sect’s prosperity, these four men had sacrificed far too much. They had never married and had never experienced love. They would die for Armament Sect and would throw everything away for it!

As they reached old age, what they wished for was to see Armament Sect walking towards the right path to glory.

However, on this day, all of this had been single-handedly destroyed by Qin Lie!

This was several times more terrible than killing them!

“Sect Master, Qin Bing has caused the world to change with his concept. He, he can become the strongest Blood Spear warrior ever. Please, may Sect Master…” Tong Jihua knelt on one knee while bowing his head begging for Ying Xingran to forgive Qin Lie and spare him.

Cheng Ping also knelt, “He can become the greatest Blood Spear warrior in the future!”

“May Sect Master reconsider!” Tang Siqi, Yi Yuan and Lian Rou had also persuaded in unison.

“Tong Jihua! I asked you to bring this man to Fire Prison Cliff and burn him to death!” Ying Xingran’s entire body was trembling. “I order you as the sect master of Armament Sect! You will immediately bring him to Fire Prison Cliff right now! I will watch him be burned alive by earthfire to ashes with my own eyes!”

“Understood,” Tong Jihua said with a bowed head.

He stood up and walked towards Qin Lie with a heart filled with regret.

“Sect Master Ying, Liang Shaoyang had a devious heart. Even if he acquires Sect Master’s position in the future, he may not necessarily be able to bring a whole new future to Armament Sect.”

Xie Jingxuan walked out and said, “A martial practitioner who can understand a concept and, through it, can cause the very world to change has a talent in the martial way is no weaker than an artificer who has caused the spirit pattern pillars to change.”

It was rare that she would speak so many words. “Although Liang Shaoyang is dead, you still have Tang Siqi. Tens of years later, if Armament Sect has Tang Siqi handling internal affairs and Qin Bing standing guard on the outside as a part of Blood Spear, then a new chapter shall start for Armament Sect. Armament Sect may even be able to push itself to become a Copper ranked force.”

The moment she said this, many onlookers’ eyes lit up immediately after. They were all surprised by this vision she was describing.

That’s right. Sure, Armament Sect was one Liang Shaoyang less, but there was still a Tang Siqi, wasn’t there?

Tang Siqi had the same amount of talent, and she could cause the spirit pattern pillars to change as well. In the future, she would definitely become an artificer as powerful as Mo Hai.

As for Qin Bing. If this genius martial practitioner could cause the world to change with his concept now, then after he was raised wholeheartedly by Blood Spear and acquired the financial and material support from Armament Sect, he would definitely develop into a top expert tens of years later!

One on the inside and the other on the outside. If these two people watched over Armament Sect, then they might really acquire the title of a Copper force in the future!

The three great reverends’ faces quivered. Even they had been moved by Xie Jingxuan’s words and felt that this future wasn’t bad.

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