Chapter 1639: Great Collapse!

Qin Lie’s sudden arrival had raised the morale of Gan Xing, Mia, and the others. Lieyan Ge was overjoyed as well.

Meanwhile, the Great Lords of the Abyss gathered next to the abyss passageway looked extremely surprised. They kept staring at the God Race clansmen in confusion.


Some of the God Race’s youths looked confused as well.

It was because Qin Lie was still in his Abyss Devil form. He was currently a thousand meter tall Abyss Devil.

A lot of people didn’t know the truth of Qin Lie, not to mention that he was a bonafide Abyss Devil.

That was why they couldn’t accept or understand why an Abyss Devil was mingling with them and holding a Flesh Filling Tombstone no less.

“He is one of our kin! The ‘Perfect Blood’ runs in his veins, as proven by the Flesh Filling Tombstone itself!” Lieyan Ge declared Qin Lie’s identity solemnly, “Remember! His name is Qin Lie! He’s a member of the Blaze Family!”

“Perfect Blood!”

“A Blaze...

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