Chapter 1639: Great Collapse!

Qin Lie’s sudden arrival had raised the morale of Gan Xing, Mia, and the others. Lieyan Ge was overjoyed as well.

Meanwhile, the Great Lords of the Abyss gathered next to the abyss passageway looked extremely surprised. They kept staring at the God Race clansmen in confusion.


Some of the God Race’s youths looked confused as well.

It was because Qin Lie was still in his Abyss Devil form. He was currently a thousand meter tall Abyss Devil.

A lot of people didn’t know the truth of Qin Lie, not to mention that he was a bonafide Abyss Devil.

That was why they couldn’t accept or understand why an Abyss Devil was mingling with them and holding a Flesh Filling Tombstone no less.

“He is one of our kin! The ‘Perfect Blood’ runs in his veins, as proven by the Flesh Filling Tombstone itself!” Lieyan Ge declared Qin Lie’s identity solemnly, “Remember! His name is Qin Lie! He’s a member of the Blaze Family!”

“Perfect Blood!”

“A Blaze Family member!”

The God Race’s youths boiled up in joy when they heard his explanation.

They had all heard of the ancient project before, but they thought it had ended in failure and would never succeed.

No one could’ve imagined that a successful case of the Perfect Blood project would suddenly appear in front of them.

“A God Race clansman!”

“He’s a God Race clansmen?!”

“Perfect Blood!”

The Abyss Devils who caught Lieyan Ge’s declaration turned pale with shock too.

The success of the Perfect Blood project had definitely made the Abyss Devils felt threatened and worried.

However, they couldn’t spare the mental power to process that right now. It was because something even more disturbing was happening right before their eyes.

The five Flesh Filling Tombstones and the billions of strange lights flowing between them contained enough power to grind down the world itself.

“Crack crack crack!”

In fact, the space between the Flesh Filling Tombstones was falling apart as they spoke.

It was as if the cycle of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones could tear even the purgatory itself apart.

“That’s definitely the Great Flesh Grinder!”


The rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss looked to the sky and awaited their Devil Monarch’s answer.


Grom roared madly as he increased the range of “Magnetic Storm” to several hundred kilometers wide using Yellow Springs Purgatory’s origin power.

The energy ring that looked like the apocalypse itself descended loudly with enough power to destroy the world.

The ground shook violently and uncontrollably under its power.

“So what if we’re in a purgatory? To think at a Devil Monarch would think that the origin power of an Abyss Purgatory is enough to kill all of us while the Flesh Filling Tombstones are with us. How hilariously stupid!” Kuang Jue grinned sinisterly.

Fiendish energy and blood energy poured out of Kuang Jue’s head and entered his own Flesh Filling Tombstone.

The other three God Race patriarchs, An Hao, Han Che, and Yu Xi also chuckled softly to themselves.

Just like Kuang Jue, pillars of blood exited the top of their heads and entered their respective Flesh Filling Tombstones.

“Whoosh! Whoosh whoosh!”

The Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone was consuming a large amount of flesh and blood energy as well.

Veins and patterns twisted madly across its surface like living snakes made of blood.

Bloody wisps much smaller than Kuang Jue’s and An Hao’s suddenly flew out of Qin Lie’s body and entered his Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Qin Lie’s body was a thousand meters tall after devilization. As the wisps of blood energy left him, he started shrinking at a visible rate.

His body shrank at least dozens of meters with every passing second.

He could clearly sense his gigantic reservoir of flesh and blood energy being drawn away from him.

In just a dozen or so seconds, Qin Lie had turned back into a three meter tall high rank Abyss Devil. A series of bone crackles later, he transformed again back into human.


Lieyan Ge stared at Qin Lie brightly while he was contending with fatigue.

Several rank ten bloodline warriors from every family secretly moved closer to Qin Lie like they were guarding him from danger.

“Uncle…” A Blaze Family bloodline warrior started curiously.

He was a rank ten expert. He knew about the Flesh Filling Tombstone, and he had witnessed the combined power of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones before.

But what really surprised him was the amount of flesh and blood energy Qin Lie had contributed to his Flesh Filling Tombstone despite being at rank nine only.

He knew full well that the Flesh Filling Tombstones couldn’t maintain the “Great Flesh Grinder” for long if their masters couldn’t provide them with enough flesh and blood energy.

At first, he thought that Qin Lie was the weak link of the group. He thought that he would be too weak to unleash the full power of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones.

But when he stared at the flesh and blood energy departing Qin Lie’s body and entering the Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone, he noticed that they contained a shocking amount of power despite being somewhat thin in appearance.

The space between the five Flesh Filling Tombstones had completely collapsed into nothing at this point.

He knew that Yellow Springs Purgatory could literally collapse upon itself if the “Great Flesh Grinder” were to come active now.

“He may be at rank nine only, but the flesh and blood energy he possess is almost the equal of our rank ten bloodline warriors.” Lieyan Ge chuckled. “It wouldn’t deserve to be called ‘Perfect Blood’ otherwise, am I right?”

“I see,” praised the Blaze Family bloodline warrior.

Meanwhile, the drained Qin Lie slowly raised his head and looked up at the sky.

He was surprised to find a giant black whirlpool in the middle of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones.

The black hole wriggled like a demonic maw that could devour everything and anything. In fact, the space of Yellow Springs Purgatory was slowly vanishing into the maw.


Grom roared angrily as he brought down his hundred-kilometer wide, apocalyptic Magnetic Storm.

In that instant, all sound seemed to cease inside Qin Lie’s eardrums.

When the energy ring clashed against the black whirlpool, a hole suddenly appeared on the firmament of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

He could see tall mountains collapsing one by one from tens of millions of kilometers away. He could see the earth splintering apart like it could crumble at any moment.

He could even sense the galactic energy blocking the abyss passageway vanishing into nothing in that one instant.

The Great Lords of the Abyss blocked outside the abyss passageway rushed in immediately.

He could see Lieyan Ge, Gan Xing, and the rank ten bloodline warriors screaming on top of their lungs.

But he couldn’t hear any sound. 

Perhaps the sound that was rocking the entire Yellow Springs Purgatory had exceeded the limits of his eardrums…

At this point, Grom had shrunk at least thrice his original size.

Qin Lie noticed that Grom was missing four pairs of wings, and his tail had become twice as short.

He also seemed to have used up a huge amount of his flesh and blood energy in that one instant.

The entire Yellow Springs Purgatory was undergoing a massive change because the origin power had been used.

The abyss devil energy in Yellow Springs Purgatory also grew thinner after Grom’s all-in attack.

The black whirlpool was still clashing against the apocalyptic energy ring, but its size had become five times smaller than before.

However, it was the same with the energy ring created by the “Magnetic Storm”.

“Qin Lie! If you can, please send our clansmen except Kuang Jue and the other patriarchs away from here.”

Lieyan Ge’s soul voice suddenly rang in his head. Qin Lie subconsciously turned to look at his direction.

Lieyan Ge looked like he was letting out a dry laugh, but Qin Lie still couldn’t hear any sound. He could hear Lieyan Ge’s soul voice in his head, however. “Yellow Springs Purgatory is probably going to collapse after this battle, and all the Abyss Devils staying here will be leaving soon. The patriarchs will do everything in their power to replenish the Flesh Filling Tombstones’ energy and their own, and even if Grom survives this battle he won’t be the Devil Monarch any longer.”

“Our low rank clansmen cannot survive a collapsing Abyss. They need to leave as soon as possible.”

“You hold the Galaxy Mirror, so please take our clansmen back to God Realm.”

Lieyan Ge explained everything using his soul voice.

Qin Lie gave Lieyan Ge a nod before saying, “The barrier on the abyss passageway is gone. Abyss Devils from other levels may be entering here very soon.”

He couldn’t hear Lieyan Ge’s voice, but Lieyan Ge clearly could hear his voice. The latter immediately replied in his soul voice, “It’s fine. Those Abyss Devils will do everything they can to help Grom the moment they see that Yellow Springs Purgatory is collapsing.”

“Oh, okay,” Qin Lie answered.

After that, he forced himself to use the Galaxy Mirror and create a star door between himself and Lieyan Ge.

The other end of the star door was none other than God Realm.

“Retreat! All clansmen below rank ten bloodline should leave this place immediately!” Lieyan Ge shouted.

The bloodline warriors knew that Yellow Springs Purgatory was about to collapse. They all obeyed his orders and departed through the star door in an orderly line.

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