Chapter 1638: The Fifth Flesh Filling Tombstone!

“Is it the origin power of Yellow Springs Purgatory?” Qin Lie thought to himself.

He was a Abyss Creator himself. Although his Flaming Sun Abyss was far inferior compared to Yellow Springs Purgatory, he was still an Abyss Creator. He knew that his power was largely amplified when he was in the Flaming Sun Abyss.

If necessary, he could use all the power in the Flaming Sun Abyss to bear down on his enemies.

Grom was the creator of Yellow Springs Purgatory. His forceful usage of its origin power might cause damage to the purgatory itself, but his strength would be massively boosted for a short time.

“Magnetic Storm…”

Qin Lie didn’t forget to observe the minute changes taking over Yellow Springs Purgatory despite his shock. This was a rare opportunity to see how an Abyss Creator that had reached rank ten used the power of their purgatory.


He noticed that millions of rays of light were exploding from around the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss.

The laws of power in any rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss’s bloodline could affect their surroundings and transform them into domains.

Domain itself was a strange magnetic field that could amplify their power to the max just like Flame World.

Right now, the natural magnetic fields surrounding the Great Lords of the Abyss were actually exploding.

The shockwaves didn’t affect the Great Lords of the Abyss themselves, however. Instead, they all flooded over Castor like they were being controlled by some other power.

“Boom boom boom!”

The ground of Yellow Springs Purgatory became incredibly uneven as various parts of it rose or sank unpredictably.

Countless crystalline sparkles flew out the cracks on the earth and fueled the Magnetic Storm even further.


Explosions covered the fleshy ball as the Magnetic Storm enveloped it.

Blood and bones scattered everywhere in just a few seconds’ time.

Apparently, not even the Abyss Master, Castor, was able to hold out under Grom’s Magnetic Storm for long.

In just the blink of an eye, it looked like Castor had been annihilated by Grom.


Grom howled as the Magnetic Storm suddenly spread out.

The crystalline energy ripples caused by the Magnetic Storm seemed capable of destroying anything.

Everywhere the ripples went, spatial rifts were torn into existence and tall mountains instantly reduced to dust.

Every Great Lord of the Abyss screamed and ran away when they saw the incoming ripple.

As a result, not a single living being, be it Abyss Devil or God Race clansman, could be seen around Grom. Everyone had retreated instantly out of the area.

“His body is shrinking…”

Still half hidden inside the abyss passageway, his senses told him that Grom’s gigantic body was shrinking visibly as he used “Magnetic Storm”.

This meant that the skill and the use of Yellow Springs Purgatory’s origin power was something not even he could perform without a price.

Grom wasn’t just exhausting his bloodline energy either.

His flesh, blood, and bones were weakening at all levels.

“I see.”

Whatever the outcome of this battle might be, Qin Lie suddenly realized that Grom would be much weaker after everything.

Moreover, this weakening was something that affected his entire body. He might not be able to recover to his full strength even after a century or two.

In fact, the abyss devil energy in Yellow Springs Purgatory would become thinner because he used its origin power.

Forcefully using a purgatory’s origin power gave its creator a tremendous boost, but the price was terrible as well.

This was why Grom hadn’t used “Magnetic Storm” or his origin power up until now.

“All of you must die!”

Ignoring his shrinking body, Grom stared coldly at the God Race clansmen beneath him while still controlling Magnetic Storm.

In his opinion, Castor should’ve died after the attack no matter how powerful he was.

And since he had gone all out already, he might as well kill these God Race invaders too.

If he, the Devil Monarch of Yellow Springs Purgatory, could kill all five patriarchs of the God Race alone, he was certain that he’d be able to preserve his position even after his bloodline power had regressed due to his usage of the origin power.

An achievement like this should secure his throne and win him the respect of all Abyss Devils.

After all, no Abyss Devil had ever successfully destroyed more than half of the God Race’s forces alone.

“Heh, Grom must’ve fallen into insanity.” Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family laughed sinisterly.

“Grom! Do you seriously think that you can kill us all with the origin power of Yellow Springs Purgatory alone?” An Hao also ridiculed.

“You wouldn’t achieve your goal even if you spent all the origin power in the Yellow Springs Purgatory and kill yourself.” Han Che watched the approaching “Magnetic Storm” calmly while saying persuasively, “Grom, if a Devil Monarch like you can kill all five of us patriarchs with the origin power of a purgatory alone, do you think we’d dare to come here and force you into making some disadvantageous promises?”

“Did Castor hit you so hard that you lost your mind?” Ah Hao sneered.

Grom had shrunk again while they were speaking to each other.

However, the range of the Magnetic Storm had reached several hundred kilometers wide at this point. It seemed big enough to cover even the sky itself.

It almost looked like a ring of apocalypse was descending onto the barrier created by the four Flesh Filling Tombstones to Qin Lie.

Suddenly, his God Race bloodline spiraled out of control as the Magnetic Storm crashed towards the barrier.

A shiver coursed through his body, and he noticed that the Flesh Filling Tombstone fused to his back had become unbelievably hot.

The level of heat was something that frightened even him, the owner of the Blaze Family bloodline.

He felt as if dreamy shouts were entering his soul from the other four Flesh Filling Tombstones.

By the time he recovered from his surprise, his God Race bloodline had boiled up completely.


He should’ve stayed hidden at the abyss passageway, but something prompted him to use the Galaxy Mirror and teleport beneath the barrier created by the four Flesh Filling Tombstones.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone fused to his back abruptly flew up to the sky and joined the other four Flesh Filling Tombstones.

In that moment, his Flesh Filling Tombstone erupted into a million rays of godly light.

The divine light entered the barrier and caused it to transform once again.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The barrier had transformed into a billion swirling specks of godly light. Right now, it looked like a round-shaped grinder that could grind down even realms and space.

“The fifth Flesh Filling Tombstone!”

“The Great Flesh Grinder!”

“Qin Lie!”

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