Chapter 1637: Going All Out

The five families led by An Hao and Kuang Jue were pleasantly surprised to see Qin Lie fusing with the Flesh Filling Tombstone using the Tombstone Fusion Art and challenging Grom to a fight.

At first, they were extremely worried that Grom would kill him in an instant.

But their worries lessened after Qin Lie had activated his Blaze Family bloodline to create Flame World and many Rings of the Burning Sun.

It was because they could sense the terrible power emanating from the giant, burning discs in the air. They grew certain that Grom wouldn’t be able to kill Qin Lie without problems.

Later on, they even heard Castor laughing and declaring that he would help Qin Lie kill Grom.

That made them relax completely.

“Castor wants to help him…”

Lawton was going to help Qin Lie, but he suddenly stopped in his tracks when he heard that Castor was going to fight.

He didn’t want to become Castor’s target.


Castor laughed sinisterly and pounced toward Grom. He used his sharp claws to tear at Grom's body.

Covered in flames inside the violently burning Flame World, Qin Lie stared coldly at the battle between Castor and Grom while his bloodline power surged.

He noticed that Castor’s avatar was leaking dead soul energy from the corners of his eyes, his nostrils and his flesh and blood.

These small, unidentifiable, and despair-inducing dead soul energies were slowly but surely spreading into the air.

The space they took up looked like a swamp made of despair.

While Grom and Castor were fighting each other, the purple crystal in his Soul Altar was sparkling with incomprehensible and complex light patterns.

Qin Lie watched it closely and tried to study it with his senses.

Slowly, he felt like he could see Grom’s flesh stiffening bit by bit under the effects of the gray sea of despair.

Traces of gray death energy were slipping into Grom’s blood and bones without the Abyss Devil realizing at all.

He abruptly realized that Castor was using the power of dead souls from the start.

Grom’s body was being invaded by the power of dead souls every passing second.

When Castor chose to detonate the despair that had seeped into Grom’s body, that might very well be the moment Grom dies.

Grom’s main bloodline power clearly wasn’t the power of dead souls.

He cultivated the power of dead souls after Castor had died, been suppressed, and transformed into eight Nether Rivers.

Grom’s knowledge of the power of dead souls clearly couldn’t compare to Castor’s at all. Even if he was the current monarch of Yellow Springs Purgatory and at peak strength, he was still going to lose if he couldn’t kill or suppress Castor quickly.

“At Castor’s level, it’s almost impossible to kill him permanently. The best we can do is suppress him with powerful artifacts…”

Qin Lie suddenly recalled his father’s words.

“If he can only be suppressed, but not killed completely, doesn’t this mean that Castor’s eight avatars are unkillable too? In that case, how is Grom going to beat Castor?” He frowned deeply.


Suddenly, Grom howled fiercely while he was still deep in thought.

“Bloodline ability! Sonic Boom!”

Lawton shouted and flew straight for the clouds the second he saw what Grom was doing. He seemed to know how deadly that ability was, and didn’t want to be anywhere close to his father or Castor when it happened.

Qin Lie’s pupils shrank. He discovered that Grom was summoning all the bloodline power he had in his body.

The sound waves instantly spread through the surroundings.


The power of Grom’s "Sonic Boom" was so great that even Qin Lie’s Flame World had crumbled upon impact.

A terrible pain coursed through his entire body instantly.

When he looked down at himself, he suddenly realized that his enlarged, body was covered in countless tiny wounds.

It was as if he had been cut by a thousand blades.

Blood poured out of his wounds non-stop. That one blast actually covered him in wounds from head to toe.

Behind him, the thick, black clouds were swept clean as if a powerful gust had just come through the area.

Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically. He now had a clear understanding of Grom’s ability’s terrifying prowess.

No wonder Lawton had run away as far as he could the second he heard the strange howl. He didn’t even have time to shout him a warning.

“Sonic boom, sound waves. So these are Grom’s true core bloodline abilities…”

Qin Lie shot Lawton—the Abyss Devil was just a dot in the sky right now—and recalled the murdered Bardeen, Gawain, Daley, and Afra. He suddenly realized that Grom had never passed down his core bloodline to any of his descendants.

He had only given his descendants the bloodline related to the dead souls. However, he was eventually going to withdraw everything back in time…

“Grom had never planned to give his descendants power and allow them to replace him. To him, his descendants were just livestock that he was eventually going to kill.” Qin Lie realized.

“Qin Lie! Get away from him! He’s going to go all out now” Lawton chose this moment to shout.

Shivering, Qin Lie suddenly looked at Castor’s avatar. He suddenly discovered that it had transformed into what looked like a giant ball of flesh and blood after enduring “Sonic Boom”.

The hundred-meter wide meat ball wriggled as the sounds of cracking bones occasionally came from inside.


Castor chuckled sinisterly as the ball of flesh and blood slowly turned back into a Great Lord of the Abyss.

It looked like Castor was well prepared for Grom’s Sonic Boom. He had reacted instantly and used a unique method to cancel out its terrifying power.

“Grom, it’s been several million years already. Why are you still so weak?” Castor chuckled tauntingly as he said, “Did you spend all your time and effort into studying my power of dead souls? If that really is the case, you’ll never be able to beat me or step into the ultimate realm like me. After all, the path you chose doesn’t mesh well with your own bloodline!”

Grom glared at him angrily before shouting, “Bloodline ability! Magnetic Storm!”

Castor’s body suddenly trembled violently when he heard the shout.

The Abyss Devil had transformed back into his hilarious ball form.

An indescribable sense of danger suddenly invaded Qin Lie’s mind, prompting him to take out the Galaxy Mirror and teleport to the nearby abyss passageway immediately.

Lawton was also flying toward the abyss passageway as fast as he could. He looked like he didn’t even want to stay in this purgatory any longer.

“Magnetic Storm!”

Every Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory turned pale hearing Grom’s shout.

Almost all of them had abandoned their opponents and started moving away from Grom as quickly as they could.

Kuang Jue and An Hao seemed to know what was going to happen as well. They abruptly landed on the ground with their Flesh Filling Tombstones.

All four Flesh Filling Tombstones transformed into a giant block of stone and floated high above the God Race clansmen.

The four Flesh Filling Tombstone glowed brightly as divine light quickly gathered together to form a barrier.

The barrier surrounded the God Race clansmen and protected them from the impending danger.

All unprotected God Race clansmen nearby also stopped their fighting and ran toward the barrier.

“Rrrrmm! Boom boom boom!”

Half hidden behind the abyss passageway, Qin Lie watched as the earth of Yellow Springs Purgatory suddenly shook, as if the power of the purgatory itself had been drawn out by Grom.

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