Chapter 1637: Going All Out

The five families led by An Hao and Kuang Jue were pleasantly surprised to see Qin Lie fusing with the Flesh Filling Tombstone using the Tombstone Fusion Art and challenging Grom to a fight.

At first, they were extremely worried that Grom would kill him in an instant.

But their worries lessened after Qin Lie had activated his Blaze Family bloodline to create Flame World and many Rings of the Burning Sun.

It was because they could sense the terrible power emanating from the giant, burning discs in the air. They grew certain that Grom wouldn’t be able to kill Qin Lie without problems.

Later on, they even heard Castor laughing and declaring that he would help Qin Lie kill Grom.

That made them relax completely.

“Castor wants to help him…...

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