Chapter 1636: Wild Growth!

There was a volcano erupting with light in the clouds.

And that volcano… was Qin Lie.

Carrying the Flesh Filling Tombstone on his back, he still looked like an enormous Abyss Devil, but his flesh was covered with inextinguishable flames.

The fire on his body exuded a destructive aura, as if displaying its ability to burn all creation to nothing but ash.

Yet Qin Lie's aura continued to rise madly within the flames.

"This power..."

Closest to him, Lawton found that he hadn't been able to get the dead souls’ power from Qin Lie, and even the remnant energies on him had been absorbed.

When Qin Lie merged with the Flesh Filling Tombstone using the Tombstone Fusion Art, even the surrounding space burned, churned, and cracked under the flames.

The terrifying heat caused Lawton to feel as though he was submerged in lava, slowly melting.

He had to abandon the idea to cooperate with Qin Lie and quickly put some distance between them.

"Flesh Filling Tombstone!"

An Hao of the Darkness Family felt Qin Lie's changes through his Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Ignoring the attacks from nearby Great Lords of the Abyss, he walked out of the darkness domain.

He looked at Qin Lie from afar, his deep eyes filled with shock.

"An Hao!"

"Han Che!"

"Yu Xi"!

Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family grinned and laughed. "The five Flesh Filling Tombstones of our race have not been used together for very long. Should we try today?"

At such words, the other three family patriarchs shook.

They suddenly recalled the terrifying power of the five God Race Flesh Filling Tombstones when used in a formation.

When the five Flesh Filling Tombstones were used together, they became something else. Something that other races came to call the “Great Flesh Grinder”.

Under the power of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones, the present Abyss Devils might be ground to mincemeat and refined.

"No! No!"

Lieyan Ge of the Blaze Family realized their thoughts and hurriedly urged, "Qin Lie's bloodline is not stable!"

"Let’s observe." An Hao's expression changed. "If he can control that Flesh Filling Tombstone completely, we can guide him and release the power of all five."

"Yes," Han Che agreed.

"Everyone, pay attention," Yu Xi echoed.

As they conversed, they were easily fighting the other Great Lords of the Abyss.

"What? All five Flesh Filling Tombstone together?"

"That guy has... the last Flesh Filling Tombstone the God Race had lost?"

"Great Flesh Grinder?"

The Abyss Devils fighting them heard their talk and paled in terror.

Just like how the God Race knew them, they had also heard many secrets of the God Race. They had heard of the power of the five Flesh Filling Tombstones together.

For many years, it wasn't a secret that the Blaze Family's Flesh Filling Tombstone was lost.

Due to this, the God Race had such difficulty when fighting in the Abyss in the last twenty thousand years.

They knew if the five family patriarchs worked together with the Flesh Filling Tombstones, they could do unimaginable damage to the Abyss.

For many years, countless Abyss Devils secretly rejoiced that the God Race had lost a Flesh Filling Tombstone.

Suddenly, that lost Flesh Filling Tombstone appeared, and in their purgatory of all places...

The Great Lords of the Abyss that heard of the Great Flesh Grinder suddenly grew careful and wary.


Standing amidst the flames, Qin Lie looked at the Devil Monarch with one purple and one blood-red eye.

At this moment, he felt the God Race bloodline that had been suppressed by the Abyss Devil Race bloodline frantically fight back with the help of the Flesh Filling Tombstone on his back.

As his bloodline relied on the Abyss Devil Race bloodline to successfully reach rank nine, this bloodline had the upper hand.

Even though he obtained the Galaxy Mirror and relied on it to increase his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline, that could only fight the Abyss Devil Race bloodline when he was in human form.

Once he transformed completely into an Abyss Devil, even the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline, strengthened by the Galaxy Mirror, could not match the Abyss Devil blood.

The God Race bloodline was no match either.

This was why he was reluctant to use his Abyss Devil form, afraid he would lose control of his mind and body.

Right now, when the Flesh Filling Tombstone merged into his back, he found his God Race bloodline was furiously strengthening!

His God Race bloodline was strong enough. Abyss Devil Race bloodline could no longer muddle his thoughts!

"Flame World! Ring of the Burning Sun!"

His thoughts shifted. Blazing domain stretched for a thousand meters around him.

Once the Flame World formed, he could feel the God Race bloodline in his body grow hotter and more violent.

The erupting and restless bloodline power formed dozens of enormous blazing rings.

The wheels of flames were like spinning suns giving off destructive waves of heat and light.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Dozens of enormous flame wheels flew towards Grom like falling suns.

Their power was enough to make even Grom feel threatened.

Grom, who was tearing and biting with Castor, suddenly roared and separated from his enemy.


He spat abyss devil energy, causing clouds to rise from his mouth, ready to battle the flaming disks.

"Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom!"

The sky suddenly seemed to fall, accompanied with ear-deafening roars.

Waves of enormous power spread from the exploding area. Qin Lie and Grom trembled under the explosive waves.

Thick sinews appeared on Qin Lie's neck, forehead and the corners of his eyes.

At this moment, Qin Lie also became snarling and bloodthirsty, his eyes filled with endless battle lust.


Castor's avatar looked up and then grinned and laughed in joy.

In his view, the stronger Qin Lie was, the more power he would receive when his eight avatars recovered to their peak and merged with Qin Lie's main body.

He suddenly believed when he merged with Qin Lie and recovered himself, he might be able to challenge the Imperial Soul Monarch immediately.

"Good! Great!" Castor laughed wildly and said, "You want Grom to die, right? You want his blood, body, and heart? Haha, I can give it to you. Your strength is my strength!"

Once the master of the eight Devil Monarchs, he, who surpassed rank ten bloodline, had absolute confidence.

He believed that no matter how strong Qin Lie was, his fate of being a vessel was inevitable.

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