Chapter 1635: Impossible!

Grom breathed out abyss devil energy that drowned Qin Lie, suffocating the younger man.

Before he could react, the abyss devil energy sea condensed into thousands of purple chains, wrapping around him so tightly his bones were threatening to break.

And that was in his most sturdy form, body of a Lord of the Abyss.

His body was like a mountain thousands of meters tall. Every fiber of his flesh brimming with power, yet he was still unable to withstand Grom’s power.

He finally had a clear understanding of the Devil Monarch’s strength!

He could feel that the chains restraining his body had been fueled with both abyss devil energy and Grom’s bloodline power. The latter specifically contained a hint of a restraining art that could subdue his body.

"Qin Lie! Get away from him! Quick!"

Lawton saw the ball of abyss devil energy drown him and immediately shouted a warning.


Grom glared coldly at Lawton. His enormous body quickly moved towards Qin Lie.


Suddenly, Qin Lie's aura abnormally surged. Waves of bloodline power seemed to charge to his head under the guidance of some unknown power.

If all of his bloodline power flooded into his mind uncontrollably, Qin Lie's head would most likely explode.

He immediately understood that Grom was trying to kill him.

"Grom has broken the agreement!"

Below, Lieyan Ge's expression darkened as he shouted angrily.

Han Che, An Hao, Lieyan Zhao, and the others also saw Grom suddenly attack Qin Lie.

The strongest bloodline warriors of the God Race charged into the sky like bright meteors moving in reverse.

When they moved, the Great Lords of the Abyss gathered near the abyss passageway roared and moved.

"That is a battle between Abyss Devils, you are not allowed to interfere!"

"The God Race can only spectate the battle between members of our race!"

The rank ten bloodline Abyss Devils roared and faced Han Che and others.

In the eyes of the Abyss Devils, Castor's avatar, Grom, Lawton, and even Qin Lie... were all Abyss Devils.

Those four Abyss Devils had the dead souls’ power that they were familiar and terrified of, and the dead souls gathered around them. They wanted to watch the battle between them.

They would not interfere, and would not allow God Race clansmen to disrupt a battle between Abyss Devils.

Han Che and the others flying into the sky caused the battle between the two races to erupt in full again.

The weaker clansmen of the two races below saw Han Che and the others fight the Great Lords of the Abyss and also clashed.

In a flash, the battlefield, which had calmed not long earlier, abruptly exploded again.

"Move aside!"

At this time, Castor's avatar flew toward Grom.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The phantoms and evil souls seemed to turn into a new Nether River that fell toward Grom like a black dragon biting at Grom’s wings.

"Sst sst!"

Purple flames appeared on Grom's enormous wings, causing them to rot.

Castor snarled and immediately caught up to Grom, his sharp claws grabbing onto the latter’s tail and dragging him back.

"He is mine."

Castor tightly gripped Grom's tail and flew with him away from Qin Lie.

Grom roared madly. He attempted to get closer to Qin Lie and pour more of his bloodline power into Qin Lie.


As his bloodline surged, Qin Lie, whose head almost could not hold on, saw the Flesh Filling Tombstone of the Blaze Family suddenly fly out.

The Flesh Filling Tombstone fell on his wide back like an enormous door, a powerful suction force pulling at the bloodline power surging into his head, making it flow in reverse.

"Sst sst!"

Flesh Filling Tombstone ignited crimson red inextinguishable flames that covered Qin Lie’s gargantuan body.

"Snap snap snap snap!"

The abyss devil energy Grom sent into him contained a hint of bloodline power that was slowly being cleansed by the inextinguishable flames.

As the flames burned, his enormous body gradually relaxed.

He immediately understood that Grom's abyss devil energy had almost killed him.

"As expected of the relic of the God Race!"

Nearby, Lawton looked in shock at the Flesh Filling Tombstone and murmured.

He was coincidentally behind Qin Lie and he could clearly see the patterns the Flesh Filling Tombstone formed when it faced him.

Those patterns moved as though they were alive, as if each line contained wild power.

The vein-like patterns made it look like a living being merged temporarily with Qin Lie’s body.

As soon as it entered Qin Lie’s body, Lawton could see nothing but destructive flames.

Even his father’s bloodline power imprinted with the laws of the Abyss couldn’t stop the flames from burning.

Soon, he could not detect any of his father's presence on Qin Lie.

He immediately understood that the God Race Flesh Filling Tombstone had quickly burned away the bloodline power his father had cast onto Qin Lie.

"The Flesh Filling Tombstone, the Galaxy Mirror, the strongest artifacts of the universe are in his hands. Other than this, there is also the Perfect Blood, this guy..."

Lawton looked at Qin Lie from behind with a bitter expression.

He thought that he was one of the best, but he knew he was only mediocre compared to Qin Lie.


Suddenly, a powerful ripple of physical energy exploded from Qin Lie's body and the Flesh Filling Tombstone.

In his moment, Qin Lie was like an erupting volcano with lava flowing out of all pores.

The enlarged Flesh Filling Tombstone was on his back as though it had merged into his flesh.

His aura dramatically increased!

"Tombstone Fusion Art!"

Lieyan Ge seemed to feel something from among the God Race clansmen and looked in shock at the sky.

"How is it possible? He clearly has activated the Abyss Devil Race bloodline and transformed into a Lord of the Abyss. How can he merge with the Flesh Filling Tombstone?" Lieyan Zhao paled in shock and said.

As the present Blaze Family patriarch, he knew the God Race's Flesh Filling Tombstone could only fuse with those who possessed pure God Race bloodline.

Qin Lie had a mixture of bloodlines. His God Race bloodline was just one of them.

Also, Qin Lie was clearly in Abyss Devil form right now.

But he was able to manipulate the Flesh Filling Tombstone and use the Tombstone Fusion Art to amplify his power with the sacred artifact of the God Race!

In Lieyan Zhao’s understanding, this was simply outrageous.

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