Chapter 1634: Borrowing Power!

Lawton's deep purple eyes lit up. He was visibly excited.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Strange dead souls flew out of his nostrils like snakes.

"Help me gather dead souls’ power!" Lawton said.

"How?" Qin Lie stilled.

"Below!" Lawton looked down to the abyss passageway entrance. "Just now, many people died in the fight between the God Race and the Abyss Devils. The dead souls’ power has scattered around the world after those Abyss Devils and God Race warriors died. Only those skilled in dead souls’ power can feel them and gather their power."

Qin Lie had a surprised expression and he involuntarily looked down.

He secretly used the Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

His eyes turned light purple as he seemed to use some strange ocular power.

He focused and found there were many black and gray strands of soul around the entrance to the abyss passageway. Every single strand overflowed with an aura of death and negative emotions like hatred.

"Why hasn't your father or Castor's avatar gone to gather that power?" Qin Lie said in surprise.

"Their energies are clashing, they don’t have the leisure to come down and gather relatively small amount of energy like that. But I... am too weak, I need it," Lawton explained.

"With that power, what can you do?" Qin Lie said slowly.

According to Lawton, the dead souls of the dead Abyss Devils and God Race warriors were being ignored the two giants in the sky.

This meant that the help it could bring was limited.

Compared to Grom and Castor's avatar, Lawton was too weak. Even if he could gather the dead souls’ power, what could he really change?

He was not optimistic about Lawton...

"I am not like them. If I can get some power, I will do my best." Lawton's voice turned into a thin line that secretly reached Qin Lie's ear. "When my father and Castor's fight is ending, if I am alive, I will have an opportunity. If there is no opportunity, I hope I am able to leave this purgatory to go to other Abyss levels or other realms to slowly comprehend the dead souls’ power and strengthen my bloodline and body."

"If I do not die, I will return one day."

Qin Lie thought and immediately understood Lawton’s thoughts. He knew that Lawton wanted to benefit after Grom and Castor's avatar finished fighting.

Otherwise, Lawton would first flee Yellow Springs Purgatory. He would gather power outside the realm and then come back like how the Qin Family returned to Spirit Realm.

The energy of the dead souls below maybe wasn’t much to Grom and Castor's avatar.

But for Lawton who had just reached rank ten bloodline, each thread of power was precious.

Qin Lie's eyes moved. He nodded and said, "Alright, I promise."

Lawton was overjoyed.

"I won't just help you gather dead souls’ power, I can guarantee to send you out of Yellow Springs Purgatory," Qin Lie said confidently.

Lawton was even more surprised at the words and said, "You..."

"I have the Galaxy Mirror," Qin Lie said.

Lawton shook. "G-galaxy Mirror? You have the Galaxy Mirror?"

"Yes?" Qin Lie said.

"Then you might attempt to suppress Castor's avatar's power for a short while. I understand that it is not possible to suppress Castor forever even with the reformed Galaxy Mirror, but temporarily... should be possible." Lawton grew more excited.

"If he defeats my father, if you can help me subdue him for a while, I will consume my father's heart. Then you can send me away. I am confident that I can quickly refine my father's power and become the Devil Monarch of this purgatory."

"As long as I am alive, I will fight Castor and not let him do as he pleases!"

Lawton's eyes shone with ambition.

"I will do my best," Qin Lie answered.

At these words, he deployed his Abyss Devil Race bloodline that he hadn’t used in a while.

"Boom boom"

The powerful sound of his heartbeat came from that heart. His ordinary body transformed again.

Seconds later, he completely transformed into a high rank Abyss Devil three meters tall with spikes on his elbows, knees and shoulders.


As he roared, his body quickly swelled like a balloon.

The surrounding abyss devil energy gathered and filled his body with explosive power.

At the same time, he focused and touched the purple crystal in his Soul Altar with his soul.


In a flash, billions of spherical lights flashed in his mind. Each ball was imprinted with a truth of dead souls.

The truths he had gathered from Yellow Springs and Nine Hells spun in his mind like billions of stars.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Below, near the abyss passageway, the gray black strands of dead souls were attracted to his power and flowed towards him like a river.


"This is..."

The Yellow Springs Monarch Grom and Castor's avatar were disturbed by the phenomenon.

They immediately found the fiends, phantoms, and accompanying power of dead souls around their bodies grow active.

Some of the dead souls’ power that had scattered far from them broke free of their control and gathered toward Qin Lie.

Lawton also frowned.

He was closest to Qin Lie. He saw the dead souls’ power he was naturally exuding flow towards Qin Lie, out of his control.

He could not benefit from Qin Lie’s absorption, even his power was being sucked in..

He was so depressed he wanted to vomit blood.

"It's you!"

Grom's dark eyes shone with cold light as though he thought of something.

His enormous body turned with difficulty as he suddenly charged at Qin Lie.


He spat out a mouthful of abyss devil energy that drowned Qin Lie like the ocean.

At this time, he forgot his agreement with Lieyan Ge and ignored the God Race clansmen below.

He only desired to be stronger, and gain the dead souls’ power that could let him defeat Castor's avatar.

The dead souls’ power around Qin Lie came from the two Nether Rivers and originally belonged to Castor. They were purer and more powerful than the truth of dead souls he had deliberately pulled out of Lawton.

Those were what he urgently needed, and could help quickly grow stronger. He wanted them immediately.

"You dare!"

Castor saw Grom's intentions immediately and grew more enraged than when Grom fought him.

In Castor's eyes, Qin Lie was the best body for his True Soul.

The reason he ignored Qin Lie was became he was confident enough he could take over Qin Lie's body when his eight avatars returned to their peak.

Before that, he did not hope that Qin Lie would die, and hoped that Qin Lie would grow stronger.

Otherwise, after Qin Lie died, his True Soul need to search for another physical body to hold the power of his eight merged avatars.

What body was a better vessel than Qin Lie with the Perfect Blood?

Therefore, when he saw Grom attack Qin Lie, he became more panicked and enraged than anyone else.

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