Chapter 1633: Spectating

Qin Lie looked dazedly at Lieyan Ge.

He turned and found that Han Che and the other family patriarchs all had serious expressions.

He grimaced. "You..."

"We are serious." An Hao nodded. "We want the entire race to be strong! When the next generation of our race appears, there will be many warriors that can merge the bloodline attributes of the Bloodthirst, Light, Darkness, Blaze, and Profound Ice Families. The collective strength of our entire race will go up a level."

"Our race will become stronger in the future!" Han Che said.

"Yes." Lieyan Ge said with a serious expression, "We do not expect all your descendants to inherit the Perfect Blood. We only hope that the next generation bloodline can merge the bloodline attributes of the five families, just like the Spirit Race."

"Them?" Qin Lie stilled.

Lieyan Ge snickered. "Of course not just one."

"Your core bloodline is the Blaze Family bloodline, which comes from the God Race. This means that you will be most compatible with our race’s females," An Hao said solemnly. "Other than our race, the human race females should be able to inherit some of your Perfect Blood. But human bodies are frail. Even if they can inherit some of the Perfect Blood, they should not rival the descendants of our race's females."

An Hao laughed and said, "You understand what we want now?"

"I think I understand," Qin Lie said with a headache.

He could see that Lieyan Ge and the others believed that the children he’d have with God Race females would have the highest chance of inheriting Perfect Blood because his core bloodline was the God Race bloodline.

Even if he had children with human females, the likelihood the children would inherit Perfect Blood was not high.

This meant that his descendants with humans could not threaten the status of the God Race, so they did not worry about humans.

Lieyan Ge and the others hoped that he would copulate with some young God Race women so the future generations of the God Race would have large numbers of experts who could combine bloodline attributes.

Because Lieyan Yuan was too crazy, they did not hope that the Perfect Blood would be stolen. Perhaps the God Race would stand on his side when Lieyan Yuan acted.

After confessing to Lieyan Ge and the others, and learning their real intentions, he felt amused and also reassured.

At least, the God Race were not truly his enemies.


In the gray sky, Grom, the Yellow Springs Monarch, released thick abyss devil energy.

The surging energy obscured the already dark sky, as if a long and cold night came over the purgatory.

"How’s their fight?" Qin Lie said curiously.

"We do not want to participate." An Hao's expression was cold as he said, "After Grom and Castor's avatar settle this fight, we will talk with the winner. Do not worry, Castor's avatar will not be able to make any waves temporarily. He will have to wait for the other seven avatars to wake up and reach peak power if he wants to possess you. By then, you should already be in God Realm. If he wants to replace you in God Realm with his eight avatars, that’s just a pipe dream."

Qin Lie was surprised. "Isn't Castor's bloodline above rank ten? God Realm... can truly stop him?"

An Hao snorted. "He just has the eight avatars right now. He will only recover his former bloodline power if he merges with the main body. Only then will he be the terrifying Abyss Master."

"In other words, as long as he has not merged with the main body, he is not invincible?" Qin Lie's thoughts shifted.

"Exactly," An Hao said.

After An Hao’s words, he felt slightly relaxed. The pressure from Castor did not feel so heavy.

"Those Abyss Devils..."

Qin Lie noticed the Great Lords of the Abyss gathered around the abyss passageway entrance were also standing by and watching the battle between Grom and Castor.

Those rank ten bloodline Great Lords of the Abyss did not help Grom and were just watching coldly.

"Grom is the Devil Monarch of Yellow Springs Purgatory, but Castor is higher in status. These Abyss Devils will think of his battle with Grom as a fight over the position of Devil Monarch," Lieyan Ge explained. "Rank ten bloodline Abyss Devils at this level know at least something about Castor's true identity and what happened in the past. Some of those Abyss Devils might... hope that Castor will completely recover and become the Abyss Master again."

"If Castor wins and kills Grom, he will take over everything Grom has amassed and rule this purgatory without any resistance."

"Those Great Lords of the Abyss are waiting for the final result."

"Same with us," Lieyan Ge said with a smile.

"There is another Great Lord of the Abyss that cultivates the dead souls’ power and has reached rank ten. He is Lawton, the bloodline descendant of Grom," Qin Lie said.

"What can a Great Lord of the Abyss that has just advanced do? He is fated to be torn to pieces by Castor or Grom," Lieyan Ge casually evaluated.

Qin Lie thought for several seconds before suddenly saying, "I am going to watch their fight!"

"Careful! Your bloodline has not reached rank ten. You are not a match for them, do not be reckless!" Lieyan Ge panicked.

But before he could continue, Qin Lie already flew into the sky.

As he flew up, he gripped the Galaxy Mirror tightly. If the situation was not good, he would immediately leave.


Several seconds later, he flew into the sky ten thousand meters in the air. In the thick clouds, he saw Castor and Grom fight.

Lawton, who had reached rank ten bloodline not long ago, was covered in wounds and panting rapidly in a cloud near.

Lawton had completely changed when his bloodline reached rank ten. He was thousands of meters tall and possessed an enormous tail and wings like Grom.

As Lawton breathed, dead souls flew out of his nose and mouth.

Those dead souls entered and left as he breathed as though they were building new power.


Grom roared. His spike-covered tail wrapped around Castor's waist like a black python.


Grom tightened his tail and Castor's waist immediately became bloody.

Their physical clashes sent ripples of power that formed a wild storm around them.

Qin Lie endured the winds, his body swaying. He was squeezed next to Lawton.

Lawton suddenly looked at him with his deep eyes.

"Help me, help me again!" Lawton shouted.

Qin Lie, who had not transformed into a Lord of the Abyss, appeared very small compared to Lawton. He frowned and said, "I cannot help you."

He only had rank nine bloodline. Even if he used all his power, he was far from being a match for Grom and Castor’s avatar.

He did not want to risk it for Lawton.

"You helped me kill Daley and Afra. I only reached rank ten bloodline with your help. If you can help me become the Devil Monarch of this purgatory, I will remember your favor and repay you in the future." Lawton panted deeply and said, "Helping me is helping you. Do you hope that Castor's avatar will gain enough power? Qin Lie, if you are willing to help me, I will swear in the ancient oath of the Abyss that I will listen to your requests in the future!"

Qin Lie frowned deeply. "How can I help you?"

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