Chapter 1632: Baring His Soul

"Before Castor finds you, become strong enough so that his eight avatars and his True Soul cannot possess you."

"Also, when your bloodline reaches rank ten, become so strong that your grandfather cannot steal your bloodline."

"Only then could you keep yourself and not be controlled by others."

Qin Hao answered after a moment of silence.

"Easier said than done." Qin Shan sighed.

"Other people might not, but you might be able to do it," Qin Hao said gravely.

"Strong enough..."

Qin Lie inhaled deeply and said, "I understand."

"Right, what is going on in Yellow Springs Purgatory?" Qin Hao asked.

"Yellow Springs Monarch Grom and one of Castor's avatars should be fighting," Qin Lie answered.

Qin Hao thought for a moment and said, "You do not have to worry about Nine Hells. With us in Nether City, Tian Qi should not come here. All of the God Race is in Yellow Springs Purgatory. You should keep a watch there. Watch the battle between Grom and Castro's avatar. See... if you can comprehend something."

"Yes, Castor and Grom both cultivate the dead souls’ power. Their battle should be a valuable experience," Qin Shan said.

"Alright, I will go now." Qin Lie nodded.

Then he released the Galaxy Mirror and activated it with the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.


His figure and the Galaxy Mirror immediately disappeared as though it crossed limitless space.

After he left, Qin Hao said, "Before his bloodline reaches rank ten, I think I will be able to stop Lieyan Yuan."

"What about Castor?" Qin Shan said worriedly.

"Castor's True Soul has merged with his Soul Altar. In a situation like this, I cannot help him, he can only rely on himself." Qin Hao sighed and said, "Fortunately, Castor's eight avatars have not completely awakened. Those eight avatars will need a long time to gather their power. Castor won’t merge with Qin Lie before being ready, so Qin Lie should have at least this much time to increase his power.”

"I hope that he can overcome Castor," Qin Shan said.

"He will," Qin Hao said gravely. "If he can overcome this obstacle, and not be controlled by Castor, or... if he can possess Castor instead like our Qin Family ancestor, then he might become the strongest in the galaxy."

"The strongest in the galaxy!" Qin Shan shook.


Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie's figure flew out of the abyss passageway, and turned into a purple bolt of lightning headed towards the God Race’s camp.

An Hao, Kuang Jue, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and the patriarch of the Light Family, Yu Xi, all had serious expressions as they watched the battle between Grom and Castor's avatar.

"Where did you go?"

Lieyan Ge asked urgently when he saw Qin Lie appear, his eyes full of concern.

"I went to visit Nine Hells Purgatory," Qin Lie answered.

"Nine Hells?" An Hao was slightly shocked. "What did you go there for? Also, what is the state of the Spirit Race in Nine Hells?"

Lieyan Zhao chuckled and said with schadenfreude, "The abyss passageway over in Nine Hells was unsealed. I fear that many Abyss Devils have entered. The Spirit Race will not last for long."

At such words, Han Che, Kuang Jue, and the others all laughed.

In their view, Qin Lie's body had the God Race bloodline. They gave up Spirit Realm for Qin Lie, and also madly attacked Yellow Springs Purgatory for Qin Lie.

They thought of Qin Lie as a part of the God Race.

The Great Sage of the Spirit Race, Tian Qi, deliberately messed up Qin Lie's trip to God Realm and sent him to Yellow Springs Purgatory. He had greatly offended Qin Lie.

Qin Lie naturally wouldn’t seal the abyss passageway for Tian Qi and the Spirit Race, so the Spirit Race could only have met with disaster.

While they had invaded the Abyss Purgatories with the Spirit Race, they had no positive feelings towards the Spirit Race, and were discontent with Tian Qi.

They were happy to see Tian Qi and the Spirit Race in trouble.

"I have also sealed the abyss passageway in Nine Hells," Qin Lie explained.

"Why?" An Hao frowned.

"Some of my Spirit Realm friends are living in Nine Hells Purgatory right now. Tian Qi trapped my friends, and killed two of them to force me to close the Nine Hells’ entrance to the abyss passageway," Qin Lie said.

"This is Tian Qi's conduct." Lieyan Ge sighed and said, "Tian Qi will do anything to reach his goal. In the past, Tian Qi used a similar ploy against the Demon Spirits of Space and Time. In the end, their race went extinct. He is like Assad. He only wants the result. He does not care about the process. He is unconcerned about how many people are killed and how many races exterminated if he can achieve his wish."

"I have to say that the God Race still has some principles." An Hao looked up to the sky and said, "Back then, the Darkness Family and Lieyan Yuan worked together to invade Spirit Realm. We only conquered the races of Spirit Realm. If they listened to us, we did not continue to kill."

Pausing, he said, "Lieyan Yuan is already extreme enough in his conduct, but he still wouldn’t do the same things as Tian Qi."

Qin Lie's thoughts shifted. He suddenly looked at Lieyan Ge and the five patriarchs in front of him. "You also know who Lieyan Yuan is to me?"

Lieyan Ge nodded slowly. He said, "I know."

Before Qin Lie spoke, he said, "But we do not like his conduct. We also don’t want you to be like him."

"Honestly speaking, he was alright at the start, but later... for that Perfect Blood project, he went mad." The present patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Zhao, hesitated and said, "Near the end of Spirit Realm’s occupation, he has become mad. He would kill even his family members. I watched him slowly walk to the extreme and was powerless to stop it. I managed to persuade the elders to have him return to the God Race and be questioned by the elders. But he purposefully caused an accident in the journey and escaped."

"He has talent, ideas, and intelligence. In the end, it is reason that he lacks," An Hao said.

Hearing their opinions of Lieyan Yuan, Qin Lie relaxed slightly and had more positive feelings towards these people.

"Not long ago, his subordinate, the Blood Emperor, came with the Ancient Life Tree. He told me this could make up for the shortcomings in my bloodline..." Qin Lie said.

Lieyan Ge and the others looked at each other as though they did not know of this matter.

"I did not absorb that Ancient Life Tree. Through my strange companions, I found an imprint he had left in the tree. This imprint… would be able to take control of my bloodline." Qin Lie's expression was dark as he said, "I realized that if I reached rank ten bloodline like that, and proved that the Perfect Blood has no flaws, he would immediately steal my bloodline. He wants to use the Perfect Blood to surpass the limits of his bloodline to reach the ultimate stage and rival the Imperial Soul Monarch."

"From beginning to end, he implemented and pursued the Perfect Blood project for himself."

He took a deep breath. He looked at the group and said, "If one day I reach rank ten bloodline and he tries to do it, what will your stance be?"

He had the Galaxy Mirror. He had the confidence he could move freely through the galaxy and not be threatened by the God Race.

Also, at present, the lives of the God Race were in his hands.

If he opened the abyss passageway, large numbers of Abyss Devils would flood into Yellow Springs Purgatory. The God Race experts here could not withstand the endless Abyss Devils.

Due to this, he dared to bare his soul and speak straightforwardly of the matter.

Lieyan Ge grinned and said, "Let’s put it like that: If only one person can possess the Perfect Blood, we hope that it will be you, not him."

"Really?" Qin Lie said suspiciously.

"To be honest, we have other ideas." Han Che hesitated and said, "We want to improve the bloodline of the entire race through you. We had an idea to make you copulate with young females of our race. The new generation from you and them will have bloodlines with miraculous transformations. We want more bearers of the Perfect Blood. We don’t want to kill you, but we want you to..."

"Breed," Lieyan Ge said seriously.

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