Chapter 1631: “Mr. Popular”

While Ming Xiao was leading Gao Yu and the Ling Family away, Qin Lie himself was beckoned to another stone hall by Qin Shan. The duo followed quietly behind Qin Hao.

After several centuries, the three backbones of the Qin Family were finally properly reunited.

“Was that artifact you used to send us over the sacred artifact of the Demon Spirits of Time and Space, the Galaxy Mirror?” Qin Hao asked suddenly.

“Father, you knew about the Galaxy Mirror too?” Qin Lie asked in surprise.

“I heard it from Lieyan Yuan, yes,” Qin Hao answered while nodding.

“Lieyan Yuan…” Qin Lie fell silent while frowning for a long time. Then, he asked suddenly, “Is mother… still alive and well in this world? Also, that Lieyan Yuan…”

He told them everything about Lieyan Yuan gifting him the Ancient Tree of Life, but also hiding an imprint inside the object that could’ve controlled him if he had fallen for it.

“Lieyan Yuan did what to you?!” Qin Shan yelled angrily.

“He has always been that...

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