Chapter 1630: Divine Artificer

“The Flood of Time is definitely a scary ability… he almost killed all of us single-handedly.”

The Ice Emperor said with a difficult voice and a bitter smile on his face. If he wasn’t sure of the Great Sage’s power before, he definitely was now.

Everyone fell silent when the Flood of Time of time was mentioned. Their expressions were either gloomy, ugly, or both.

Tian Qi’s Flood of Time had struck a deep sense of powerlessness and fear in all of them.

The feeling of losing the Soul Altar or spirit energy they spent centuries to build up in an instant… it was a kind of terror and panic no one was planning on relieving anytime soon.

“Good thing his bloodline hasn’t exceeded rank ten yet, or else…” Ming Xiao paused for a moment, fear still lingering on his face. “The three Blood and Soul Mentors truly are the scariest existences in the entire world.”

Qin Lie thought the exact same as him.


It was at this moment...

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