Chapter 163: Exterminate a Genius!

Chapter 163: Exterminate a Genius!

At the entrance of Armament Sect.

There were many Armament Sect disciples going in and out of the entrance. There were also a lot of merchants selling spirit materials keeping an eye at this place, watching the people coming out from inside.

Qin Lie stood just like that at the entrance.

The cold aura flowing out of his body repelled anyone who came close, catching people who were going through the entrance by surprise as they quietly measured him.

“Zing zing zing!”

The whistling sounds of spirit artifacts flying swiftly through the air came from far, far away. The expression of many martial practitioners shifted when they heard the commotion and subconsciously stared at where the sound came from.

An azure crescent moon abruptly flew out with a blurry azure light following it from an alley far away. It flew towards Armament Sect as if a long rainbow that would cut through the sky.

Standing still with cool indifference, a strange light suddenly shot out of Qin Lie’s eyes as he abruptly looked at the azure crescent moon. “An azure moon! It’s Liang Zhong’s azure moon!”


The azure moon let out a strange hum, and under the bright blistering sky, azure blade beams rained down like meteors and then shot out in a particular direction.

In that direction, Liang Shaoyang was escaping as fast as he could. While he was running, blood splashed everywhere, creating many fresh, bloody flowers on the stone floor.

“Liang Shaoyang! It’s the inner sect’s Liang Shaoyang!”

“Am I seeing this right? Someone dares to hunt after Liang Shaoyang in Armament City in broad daylight?”

“I heard that Armament Sect’s sect master had chosen Liang Shaoyang as his successor. He had even reserved the sect’s secret scriptures for him. Who is so rash as to dare to commit murder at Armament Sect?”

There were also many martial practitioners from other forces standing by the sect entrance. When they saw the scene, they immediately stopped and became filled with shock.

The chilliness in Qin Lie’s eyes had grown even heavier at this time. He stared straight at Liang Shaoyang as he swiftly ran towards him.

“Dragonscale Armor!”

While running, Liang Shaoyang suddenly tore his outer robe and threw it down, revealing the tight, valuable set of armor.

It was a set of armor sewn from the scales of a deep sea water jade dragon. It was personally made by Armament Sect’s sect master, Ying Xingran, and it was a Profound Grade Four Dragonscale Armor. It enjoyed a little fame even in Armament Sect.

Seeing the azure moon rushing towards him, Liang Shaoyang slammed his right hand at his heart and dully humphed.

Surprisingly, the Dragonscale Armor had shattered instantly. The silver glittery scaled armor flew up into the sky from his body to form a silver shield.

The azure moon’s blades of light all shot into that silver shield until sparks were everywhere.

Liang Shaoyang did not take a second glance at the Dragon Scale Armor as he seized the opportunity to escape. He had traded the destruction of a Profound Grade Four spirit artifact for a chance at life.

In the end, the azure moon was lacking, and it wasn’t able to exterminate him before he could enter Armament Sect.

A floor of bodies and pieces of flesh were scattered across the floor. The pungent smell of blood was everywhere.

Other than Black Shadow who had fled underground, all the other Shadow Tower martial practitioners who accompanied Liang Shaoyang were killed by Dark Asura Hall at this time.

Xie Jingxuan stood together with Liang Zhong in the shadows of the alley while gripping a scythe dripping with blood. They stared at the entrance of Armament Sect from afar in unison.

“We failed.” Liang Zhong’s voice was bitter, “He simply needs to say that it was us who attacked him and Armament Sect’s Blood Spear will immediately come after us. If we evacuate the city now, we may still have a sliver of a chance.”

Xie Jingxuan’s eyes burned with deep-seated hatred. “I want to charge inside and kill him!”

“That will be suicide.” Liang Zhong was shocked as he hurriedly said, “There is not a chance we can harm even a hair of Liang Shaoyang’s head inside Armament Sect. We will simply be exposing ourselves to Blood Spear for nothing.”

Xie Jingxuan also knew that it wasn’t a rational move to make. She quietly channeled her spirit art and forced herself to calm down, saying, “We will evacuate Armament City immediately!”

Liang Zhong nodded, “Understood!”

“Liang Shaoyang! I will be taking your life today!” It was at this moment a cold yell came from Armament Sect’s entrance .


Liang Shaoyang, who was running perfectly fine and was just about to rush through Armament Sect’s entrance, suddenly fell onto the ground and stumbled until his entire face was bloody.

“Gravity field! Multiple gravity fields!” many people cried out.

Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong, who had already turned themselves around and were getting ready to evacuate Armament City, subconsciously looked back as soon as they heard the cries.

They actually saw Liang Shaoyang being stopped in front of Armament Sect’s entrance!

Therefore, their footsteps had stopped once more as they stared, stunned at the murderous Qin Lie, watching him madly rush at Liang Shaoyang who still hadn’t stood up.

“Thump! Thump! Thump!”

Every time Qin Lie took a step, the hard stone beneath his feet were like beaten drums, letting out a huge tremor.

Both Xie Jingxuan and Liang Zhong’s realms were powerful. After sensing for a brief moment, they couldn’t help but look at their feet and exclaim in surprise, “The pulse of earth!”

“Frost Blade!”

A bright, crystalline ice blade formed in Qin Lie’s hand. It glittered with a cold light, and its blade was incredibly sharp.

The frost blade slashed once, and an icy beam of light abruptly shot out and slashed, aiming at Liang Shaoyang’s neck.

Every onlooker’s expression changed. They could see from Qin Lie’s actions that he wasn’t simply making verbal threats but was really going to kill Liang Shaoyang.

Had this person gone crazy?

Many people knew Liang Shaoyang’s status and knew how glorious his position was at Armament Sect. They knew how highly the sect master and three great reverends regarded him.

And now, under the gazes of so many in front of Armament Sect’s entrance, there was actually an Armament Sect disciple who dared to kill Liang Shaoyang?

Who was this person?

“Qin Bing! You are seeking your own death!”

Caught by surprise, Liang Shaoyang was suddenly tripped by the enhanced gravity. After he lifted his head, he noticed a beam of cold energy heading right for him. Hardening his heart, he opened his mouth and spat out a green light.

It was an incredibly small sword.

The sword’s name was “Shattered Light.” It was a Profound Grade Five spirit artifact and Chief Reverend, Luo Zhichang’s masterpiece!

The little green sword was as green as willow leaves. It was weightless, and it nimbly floated across the air while riding the wind. However, it contained a terrifying energy that could shatter stones and crack metal!


The instant cold lightning made contact with Shattered Light, it dissipated in an instant, and without wavering, the little green sword continued forward!

“Frost Shield!”

A shield formed from thick, solid ice blocked the little green sword while shining with the sunlight reflecting off of it.

“Crak crak crak!”

The moment the ice shield was shot by Shattered Light, it instantly shattered into hundreds of shards of ice. It couldn’t even withstand a single strike from the little green sword.

Qin Lie’s expression changed.

It was at this moment that he suddenly realized that he did not have a spirit artifact that he could use in his hands. The wooden sculpture Qin Shan had left him could barely be counted as his one and only spirit artifact.

But he could not reveal the wooden sculpture or his true identity would immediately be exposed. He would attract Dark Asura Hall’s attention, and would Yuan Tianya come over to kill him.

Shattered Light had solidified into a single point of green light, and its terrific aura had tightly locked onto him. The sharp light that could pierce metal stones and metal jades caused every hair on Qin Lie to stand on their ends.

“Profound Grade Five spirit artifact!” Qin Lie finally understood why all the large forces were afraid of Armament Sect’s Blood Spear.

“Liang Shaoyang!”

He exploded into a roar. Thunder and lightning intersected in his eyes as thunder rumbled inside his body.

A mind shockwave that would extinguish a soul and obliterate all that was living shot out from inside his eyes.

Liang Shaoyang had met his eyes once.

It was only one time, and yet Liang Shaoyang’s eyes suddenly turned painful as if they were stabbed by iron needles. His soul was suffering the utmost pain as if had been shot by a cold arrow.

His psyche lost control immediately after!

The little green sword named Shattered Light violently shuddered in midair and instantly lost its target. It wasn’t able to continue hunting down Qin Lie.

Liang Shaoyang’s psychic lock on to Qin Lie ended in failure. His eyes were temporarily blinded, and after a moment of shock, he hurriedly switched to using his all to defend himself.

“Flame Lion Fireglass Barrier!”

Blue flames gushed out from his spatial ring. The blue flames were eerie and bizarre as they formed into a frenzied lion.

The frenzied lion crouched in front of him and roared noiselessly, ready to pounce.

Layers of gauze-like, barriers of blue light began to form on Liang Shaoyang’s body. It firmly wrapped around him and was able to assist him in defending against any attack.

Liang Shaoyang’s eyes burned with pain and he could not see anything. But he wasn’t afraid at all as he coldly scoffed, “The Flame Lion Fireglass Barrier is a Profound Grade Four spirit artifact. Even if I do nothing, you will not be able to break through the barrier! Once I am able to see you, I will lock onto you once more with my mind and have Shattered Light kill you.”

Qin Lie did not answer. The electric snakes in his eyes withdrew as his spirit art changed once more.

A cold and frosty aura spread out from his surroundings, and it was as if a cold wind had blown underneath the blazing, hot sun.

Channeling Frost Arts, Qin Lie summoned the frost energy inside his Natal Palace and allowed the chilly, white frost mist to gush out of his pores. His consciousness seeped into the diagram where the frost concept had evolved, sensing its biting cold concept to help expand his own momentum.

He took one step after another towards Liang Shaoyang.

With him at the center, the space within ten steps around him was as cold as a harsh winter. A layer of crystalline frost formed, starting from his hair and then quickly covered his entire body.


A concept of utmost chilliness was unleashed from the ice beneath his feet. It was as if the heavens and earth themselves would be frozen in ice.

“So cold!’

“What’s going on? Why does it feel like the world is about to be frozen? I-is this a concept?”

“Heavens, it’s actually a concept!”

At Armament Sect’s entrance, many onlookers had tightened their clothing and felt a terrifying fear that winter was coming. They had all pulled away from Qin Lie.

The moment they put some distance between themselves and Qin Lie, they would realize that the icy feeling had greatly decreased and they would be able to feel the hot day’s heat again.

Qin Lie’s heart and frost concept had merged into one.

Layers of thick ice formed on his body. They formed into a natural frost armor, and a sharp frost blade was formed once more.

He arrived five steps away from Liang Shaoyang.

Liang Shaoyang’s vision returned, and he was finally able to see Qin Lie. He saw the earth frozen and the frozen streams in the air.

He also saw a frost blade coming towards him, ready to cut him down.

Dazzling with a frosty light, the frost blade carried with it an aura that would freeze the world and seal the heavens. Wherever the blade’s beam went, space itself would become frozen.

The blue flames of the Flame Lion Fireglass Barrier were invaded by the frost aura before the frost blade had fallen downwards. The white frost mist spread out and swiftly extinguished the blue flames. The roaring, frenzied lion of fire scattered like ashes.

Liang Shaoyang’s body suddenly froze.

His arteries clogged and his nerves froze. His spirit sea was like a frozen sea...

The frost blade fell downwards.


Liang Shaoyang’s skull shattered, and the fresh blood flying out of his eyes and the corner of his mouth had turned into crystalline red diamonds.

—His very blood was frozen.

“Qin Bing! Stop!”

Tang Siqi, Lian Rou, and Yi Yuan nearly screamed out in terror when they saw the scene before them.

Qin Lie arrived in front of Liang Shaoyang, and as if he hadn’t heard the trio’s cries and without a single trace of hesitation he stabbed the frost blade in his hands into Liang Shaoyang’s heart.

The other side of the frost blade protruded from Liang Shaoyang’s back, right where his heart was. Under the bright sun, the icy light shining from the tip of the frost blade grew more and more terrifying.

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