Chapter 1629: Heavenly Lightning Pool

“Turn the illusory into reality…”

Tian Qi’s description of his own ability shook Qin Lie greatly. He was truly afraid of bloodline abilities like the Flood of Time from the bottom of his heart.

According to Tian Qi, when his bloodline exceeded rank ten and entered the ultimate realm, the Flood of Time would reach its pinnacle form as well.

This meant the reversed and fast forwarded time caused by the Flood of Time would become reality.

If that happened, Ming Xiao would return to a heart, and the ninth level of his father’s Soul Altar would vanish.

Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan might also reached the end of their lifespan and die of old age.

He himself would regress from rank nine to rank eight, if not lower…

It was obvious that the Flood of Time was a scary ability.

“Thank goodness he hasn’t entered the ultimate realm yet,” Qin Lie thought to himself.

“It may be temporary, but it is enough.” Tian Qi changed his bloodline again while speaking.

Qin Lie suddenly noticed a strange noise coming from the space around Nether City.

An indescribable pressure starting pressing towards him from every direction. He suddenly felt like his body was changing shape before he knew it.

“Crack crack!”

He heard bones breaking under excess pressure.

When he turned around, he noticed that Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing’s Soul Altars were shrinking bit by bit. Even their pores were bleeding slightly from the compression.

“Space itself is crushing us!”

Chen Lin also cultivated the power of space, so he was able to warn the others ahead of time and give them a chance to resist being crushed by space.

However, Dan Yuanqing and him were pure humans. They didn’t temper their bodies like the God Race or the Abyss Devils.

That was why they were the first to feel discomfited when space started to compress them.

“Space, the power of space…”

His expression darkening, Qin Lie subconsciously activated the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

Although his bloodline had regressed in rank, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline still exists inside his body. After he summoned his bloodline in full force, he suddenly sensed the Galaxy Mirror’s presence.

He moved his mind, and…


The illusory-looking Galaxy Mirror abruptly grew solid once more.

“Spirit artifacts aren’t affected by his power!”

The moment he discovered the flaw in Tian Qi’s ability, he immediately shouted in warning, “Spirit artifacts! Spirit artifacts are unaffected by the Flood of Time. Only living things will regress or grow older!”

“Spirit artifacts!”

Qin Shan’s eyes lit up as the limestone tablet he had been holding all this time suddenly glowed brightly.

Countless interlinking spirit diagrams of unimaginable complexity appeared above the limestone tablet and transformed into a strange formation instantly.


Countless rays of light burst out of the tablet before swimming in the air like spirit snakes.

These “spirit snakes” intertwined in midair to create even more brilliant patterns.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Abyss devil energy within five thousand kilometers of the tablet started surging into the patterns like the sea.

“Seal Break!”

Qin Shan declared in a voice that was full of confidence.

“Riip! Sizzle!”

Billions of lightning bolts appeared above Nether City all of a sudden.

Tian Qi’s “Flood of Time” was instantly blasted into pieces by the gigantic thunder storm.

“Is that… the Heavenly Lightning Pool?”

The Ice Emperor stared at the limestone tablet Qin Shan was holding in shock. He looked like he couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

He knew that the Heavenly Lightning Pool was the Thunder Emperor’s Divine Grade artifact. It possessed infinite power when used in the hands of the Thunder Emperor.

The last time he checked in with the Thunder Emperor, he clearly remembered it still being in the Thunder Emperor’s possession.

“It is a Heavenly Lightning Pool, but not the one the Thunder Emperor is holding.” Qin Shan smiled and said, “After I’d requested the Heavenly Thunder Eradication secret cultivation arts from the Thunder Emperor, I’d started refining another Heavenly Lightning Pool around the time Lie’er was starting to cultivate the Heavenly Thunder Eradication. Therefore, this is a different Heavenly Lightning Pool that I’d prepared purposely for my grandson.”

He tossed the limestone tablet into the air while saying this.

The thunderous rumbling and lightning bolts grew even louder and denser than before.


This time, the rampaging lightning took out the spatial compression secret art Tian Qi had tried to use on them and the Flood of Time completely.

The moment the Flood of Time vanished completely, everyone felt their lost power returning to them swiftly.

In just a dozen seconds or so, Qin Lie realized that he had returned to rank nine bloodline just like before.

When he turned around, he was surprised to find Ming Xiao’s crumbling flesh regathering itself as well.

In just the blink of an eye, Ming Xiao had returned to his normal self as well.

The same thing was happening to his father’s Soul Altar.

It was as if the time reversal and fast-forwarding that had happened moments ago was just a dream.

He suddenly understood that Tian Qi was telling them the truth. The effects of the art really were just temporary.

If his bloodline didn’t transcend rank ten and reach the level of Castor or the Imperial Soul Monarch, his bloodline ability “Flood of Time” would remain imperfect and illusory.

The Great Sage of the Spirit Race stared at the limestone tablet for a long time before probing it with his unique secret art. Then, he said, “I didn’t think that an artificer from Spirit Realm would be able to refine a Divine Grade Five spirit artifact.”

“Thank you.”

Qin Shan smiled humbly before continuing, “Artifact forging is the path I’d chosen to invest my entire life in. I’d be completely useless if I couldn’t even do well in the art I’d chosen to cultivate.”

Tian Qi gave Qin Shan a deep look before shifting his gaze to Qin Hao and Qin Lie.

“The three of you may just be able to lead the Hundred Races into the wider world and become the rulers of a corner of the galaxy.”

After that, Tian Qi suddenly retreated toward the prismatic crystal behind him instead of renewing his attack.

The moment he vanished into the prismatic crystal, the object suddenly exploded and cut off all avenues of pursuit.

Everything happened so quick that both Qin Hao and Ming Xiao failed to stop him in time.

Not even Qin Lie was able to confirm which realm he had escaped to despite wielding the Galaxy Mirror.

“He hasn’t used his full power. That guy… truly is a scary opponent.”

Ming Xiao commented with a deep breath after Tian Qi had vanished for a dozen or so seconds.

“He is a Blood and Soul Mentor. It’s only natural that he’s as powerful as he is,” Qin Hao said with a serious expression. “If he hadn’t backed out of the succession conflict willingly, he would’ve become the Spirit Race’s patriarch instead of Assad.”

“What do you mean?” The Ice Emperor asked in astonishment.

He knew a little about the Spirit Race, but he never imagined that Tian Qi had had a chance to become the patriarch of the Spirit Race.

“Not many people know about this, but he’s actually a Spirit Seed with three bloodline attributes just like Assad.” Qin Hao thought for a moment before continuing his explanation, “He was good friends with Assad since young. When he learned that Assad also had three bloodline attributes just like him, he had purposely concealed his fate bloodline attribute because he didn’t want to fight Assad. He knew that the Daniels Family would force him into becoming patriarch of the Spirit Race one way or another if they learned that he had three bloodline attributes.”

“He knew that the Spirit Race would experience a period of great turbulence if the Daniels Family were to make such a decision.”

“In the end, he successfully concealed his power and averted the great war that should’ve descended upon the Spirit Race.”

“He waited until Assad had become patriarch of the Spirit Race for a long time before he finally told the Daniels Family that he had awakened the fate bloodline attribute.”

“Assad’s rule was already solidified by that point, and the Daniels Family had no choice but to accept things as they were.”

“Thanks to him, the Spirit Race actually grew stronger instead of erupting into civil war.”

“Later on, Assad gradually learned what Tian Qi had given up for him, and the fact that Tian Qi was well-versed in the arts of fate. That is why Tian Qi has his full and unreserved trust.”

Qin Hao paused for a second before continuing, “This man is devious and shady, but it is undeniable that his contributions to the Spirit Race far exceeded most of his seniors.”

“In fact, the reason he had concealed his true strength all this time was to avoid Assad being put between a rock and a hard place.”

“However, his secret was exposed when the Imperial Soul Monarch openly declared him and Lieyan Yuan being the two most likely people to exceed rank ten.”

“It was after he had been appointed as a Blood and Soul Mentor did the the peak experts of all races realize that he was more frightening than even Assad.”

“His achievements in recent years had also proved that he was the most critical component of the Spirit Race.”

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