Chapter 1629: Heavenly Lightning Pool

“Turn the illusory into reality…”

Tian Qi’s description of his own ability shook Qin Lie greatly. He was truly afraid of bloodline abilities like the Flood of Time from the bottom of his heart.

According to Tian Qi, when his bloodline exceeded rank ten and entered the ultimate realm, the Flood of Time would reach its pinnacle form as well.

This meant the reversed and fast forwarded time caused by the Flood of Time would become reality.

If that happened, Ming Xiao would return to a heart, and the ninth level of his father’s Soul Altar would vanish.

Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan might also reached the end of their lifespan and die of old age.

He himself would regress from rank nine to rank eight, if not lower…

It was obvious that the Flood of Time was a scary ability.

“Thank goodness he hasn’t entered the ultimate realm yet,” Qin Lie thought to himself.

“It may be temporary, but it is enough.” Tian Qi changed his bloodline...

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