Chapter 1628: The Flood of Time!


Qin Hao shouted before moving his nine-level Soul Altar closer toward Tian Qi.

The gigantic object instantly appeared in front of the old man.

“You were the one who instigated Narsen of the Satorius Family and the two Soul Race princes into entering Spirit Realm. You were also the one who sent outer realm forces such as the Night Ghosts to attack Spirit Realm, weren’t you?” Qin Hao asked with a frown on his face.

Tian Qi smiled calmly and answered, “You could say that.”

Qin Hao’s face darkened after hearing his reply. “Don’t you think you should bear some responsibility for wasting the lives of Spirit Realm for your schemes?”

“My lord! Luz is dead!” Gordon of the Horned Devil Race yelled angrily.

After his restrictions were removed by Ming Xiao’s bloodline power, he immediately recognized who the Abyss Devil in front of him was.

Over three thousand years ago, Ming Xiao was the leader of the five Demon Gods. Gordon and Gray were both his subordinates.

After seeing that Ming Xiao had transformed into a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss, Gordon was hoping that Ming Xiao could take revenge for Luz.

“He was the one who killed Luz?” Ming Xiao glared at Tian Qi fiercely.

“Yes!” Gray answered.

“I know what to do.” Ming Xiao sucked in a deep breath before glaring at Tian Qi with burning eyes. “I don’t think you’ll be leaving.”

Qin Lie’s face was dark as well, but he didn’t chip in his own opinion.

Tian Qi had killed Ling Feng right in front of him. His hatred for the old man was just as fervent as Ming Xiao’s.

However, he also knew that he was no match for Tian Qi despite having broken through to rank nine and becoming strong enough to fight any rank nine Abyss Devil, Spirit Race, or God Race warrior.

That was why he was restraining himself a little.

“You won’t let me leave?” Tian Qi smiled at that before looking Qin Hao. “Is that what you want as well?”

“That’s right,” declared Qin Hao forcefully.

Tian Qi shook his head and said, “Do you seriously think that the likes of you… are enough to stop me?”

“I’d like to try,” replied Ming Xiao.

Tian Qi frowned at him and said, “I’m already giving you face by releasing the hostages in Nether City ahead of time. I’d advise you not to throw my good will to the floor.”

Qin Hao grinned and said, “Is that so?”

“I don’t want to fight against you because I’m trying to save my strength for the Great Lords of the Abyss, not because I’m afraid of you.” Tian Qi pondered for a moment before letting out a sigh. “It looks like you lot won’t understand the height of heavens and the depths of the earth unless I teach you a lesson.”

Betty, Guen, and the Daniels Family members immediately evacuated from Nether City silently after hearing that.

“Good luck, Qin Lie.” Betty chuckled as she retreated from the city. “And don’t come crying to me later and complain that I didn’t give you a warning. This old man is quite scary when he gets angry.”

The Daniels Family had completely left the city after she was done saying that.

Neither Qin Hao nor Ming Xiao lifted a hand against the Daniels Family.

It was because they knew that their only real opponent was Tian Qi. The Daniels Family couldn’t leave Nine Hells Purgatory even if they left Nether City.

Once Tian Qi was defeated, it would be child’s play to seek them out and take revenge against them, especially since they had Qin Lie on their side.

“Gordon, Gray, take your people and leave as well,” Ming Xiao instructed.


Gray and Gordon immediately ordered the denizens of Nether City to leave.

Only one person didn’t follow his orders. In fact, he was staring at Ming Xiao with an incredibly odd expression on his face. It was Gao Yu.

“Are… are you?”

He felt a surge of heat in his blood as he stared at Ming Xiao and felt the familiar presence washing over him.

Ming Xiao turned around and nodded at Gao Yu with a chuckle. “It’s me.”

Gao Yu shuddered once before asking, “H-have you revived fully?”

Gao Yu’s inheritance had come from a Demon God at Nether Realm’s Demon God Mountain Range. It so happened that the Demon God he had interacted with was none other than Ming Xiao’s avatar.

Therefore, one might say that Gao Yu was Ming Xiao’s disciple. A human disciple no less.

“Yes, I did. Move out from Nether City first, okay? I’ll speak with you later.” Ming Xiao smiled at Gao Yu and elicited a nod from his disciple.

Then, Gao Yu pulled Jia Yue with him and left Nether City swiftly.

It was at this moment that Great Sage Tian Qi suddenly chuckled softly.

The moment his laugh started, icy blue streams of light immediately burst out of the space Tian Qi was in.

It was as if cracks had appeared in space and poured rivers of light from somewhere.

The blue rivers of light swam towards everyone with Tian Qi at the center.

In an instant, the entire Nether City overflowed with deep blue light rivers.

When Qin Lie concentrated, he suddenly felt like he was stuck deep inside a deep sea of ribbons.

Not long after the sensation began, his expression abruptly changed drastically.

It was because he could feel his bloodline powers fading away from him at an astonishing speed!

The passage of sensation was illusory and unreal.

At the same time, his past experiences suddenly came to life inside his head.

He almost felt as if he was reliving his battle against Lawton, Dabinett, Fagan, Bardeen, Gavin, and more Abyss Devils.

As his powers faded away from him, he felt like time was flowing backwards bit by bit.

His bloodline powers had fallen from rank nine to rank eight, and his Galaxy Mirror suddenly turned illusory and unreal.

“The ability to turn back time?!” Qin Lie turned pale with shock.

He subconsciously looked around him, and he immediately discovered that the ninth level of his father’s Soul Altar was turning blurry and elusive.

He knew full well that his father’s impossible strength had come from the ninth level of his Soul Altar.

However, Tian Qi’s power over time seemed to be drawing his father back to a time where he hadn’t built his ninth-level Soul Altar.

But Demon God Ming Xiao was even worse off than he was!

Ming Xiao’s giant body seemed to be falling apart under the effects of time!

Qin Lie knew that Ming Xiao was just a living, beating heart several hundred years ago.

The only reason Ming Xiao had been able to remake his body and revive as a full rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss was because the Qin Family had gathered enough flesh and blood energy for him.

If time went back several hundred years, Ming Xiao would literally be nothing but a beating heart!

Gripped by terror, he turned to look at Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan. He immediately noticed that the time affecting them was the exact opposite of the one affecting him, Qin Hao and Ming Xiao.

The three of them were at the prime of their life. After the passage of time was reversed, their Soul Altar, bloodline and power started regressing as expected.

However, Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan were old and weak. It was to the point where even their future seemed to be seen through by Tian Qi.

It was because Tian Qi was speeding up the passage of time around them.

As a result, Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan grew old in no time. Their hair turned pale white and lifeless, and their life energy seemed incapable of withstanding their own spirit energy.

Even his grandfather, Qin Shan seemed to be dying and reaching the end of his lifespan.

After the passage of time around them was sped up, Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan’s power had diminished massively. They also looked like they could drop dead at any moment.

“How does the Flood of Time feel?”

Tian Qi stared at them coldly and tauntingly.

The Flood of Time was one of his bloodline abilities and greatest trump cards.

The Flood of Time allowed him to regress a living being’s body and soul to the past, or advance them toward the future.

Tian Qi had great attainments in the art of fate. A single glance was all he needed to know if a person’s potential had been used up completely.

He could also see a person’s future. For example, Qin Lie, Qin Hao, and Ming Xiao were clearly people with unlimited future and great fortune on their side.

Speeding up the passage of time would only make them even stronger.

That was why he reversed their time back to a point where they were still weak.

Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, and Qin Shan on the other hand, had passed their peaks. Only weakness awaited them in the future.

Since they were already past their peaks, speeding up their time wouldn’t make them suddenly make them stronger or give them a ten-level Soul Altar.

On the contrary, their lifespan would only dry up like a well.

Their combat strength and vitality would decrease massively as well.

“I haven’t stepped into the ultimate realm, so I cannot make the Flood of Time permanent, or turn the illusory into reality. But that doesn’t change the fact that you’re all weak while the Flood of Time is active,” Tian Qi said calmly and unhurriedly. “This is all the time I need to end all your lives with ease.”

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