Chapter 1628: The Flood of Time!


Qin Hao shouted before moving his nine-level Soul Altar closer toward Tian Qi.

The gigantic object instantly appeared in front of the old man.

“You were the one who instigated Narsen of the Satorius Family and the two Soul Race princes into entering Spirit Realm. You were also the one who sent outer realm forces such as the Night Ghosts to attack Spirit Realm, weren’t you?” Qin Hao asked with a frown on his face.

Tian Qi smiled calmly and answered, “You could say that.”

Qin Hao’s face darkened after hearing his reply. “Don’t you think you should bear some responsibility for wasting the lives of Spirit Realm for your schemes?”

“My lord! Luz is dead!” Gordon of the Horned Devil Race yelled angrily.

After his restrictions were removed by Ming Xiao’s bloodline power, he immediately recognized who the Abyss Devil in front of him was.

Over three thousand years ago, Ming Xiao was the...

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