Chapter 1627: Breaking Walls!

Qin Lie stared blankly at the sky.

Giant, purple drops of blood the size of crystal balls were falling from the sky. Every drop contained some of Azgalo’s refined flesh and blood energy.

“One punch…”

Qin Lie whispered to himself a long time later. His expression had become incredibly odd as well.

His father’s punch contained a kind of power law that could twist even space itself. It was so powerful that it threw the rank ten Abyss Devil Dragon, Azgalo, into the sky in one strike.

In fact, his powerful soul perception told him that Azgalo had escaped toward the abyss passageway right after it was sent flying into the clouds.

This meant that Qin Hao’s punch had hurt Azgalo so badly that the rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss had no choice but to retreat in shame. Such power...

He suddenly recalled the conversation he heard through his Asura Race soul servant between Qin Hao and Ming Xiao. At the time, Qin Hao had said that he now dared to fight even Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan.

At the time, he thought that Qin Hao didn’t realize just how powerful Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan were. These people were just one step away from entering the ultimate realm.

But after witnessing Qin Hao’s strength with his own eyes, after seeing him sending Azgalo running without even using his nine-level Soul Altar, he was slowly but surely starting to believe his father’s claim.

“The blood of a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss! This is great!”

The Flame Emperor happily collected the blood of the Abyss Devil dragon while urging the others to help.

After Azgalo had fled, the gravity of this place had returned to normal instantly.

Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, and the others also returned to normal and began collecting Azgalo’s blood as the Flame Emperor ordered.

The Ice Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, and Ji Dan didn’t move a muscle, however.

They were busy staring at Qin Hao in shock.

It had been three hundreds years since they last saw Qin Hao in action, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he had refreshed their opinion of him once more.

Back then, Qin Hao already dared to clash against nine-level Soul Altar experts like Pei Dehong head on while he only had an eight-level Soul Altar.

Several nine-level Soul Altar experts had to work together to crush his Soul Altar and force him to flee.

They already knew what a monster Qin Hao was back then.

Everyone had a feeling that Qin Hao would become powerful beyond imagination when he finally forged the ninth-level of his Soul Altar.

But they still couldn’t quite believe their eyes when Qin Hao punched the Abyss Devil Dragon Azgalo so hard that it fled immediately.

Azgalo was at least as deadly as a peak rank ten bloodline warrior of the God Race, and Qin Hao had sent him packing with almost laughable ease. It was no wonder they couldn’t find it in themselves to accept this reality immediately.

“I finally understood why the six great Gold rank forces had worked together to attack the Qin Family.”

The Ice Emperor shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. “Pei Dehong and his allies knew and feared you more than anyone else in the world. He knew that they would be kicked off the Central World completely if they gave you any more time to build your strength. That was why they had chosen to take a risk and plot against you.”

A long look later, he continued, “Unfortunately, they ultimately failed to stop you despite their success. In the end, nothing they did managed to change anything.”

For the first time, the Ice Emperor felt respect towards Qin Hao.

In fact, he saw hope for the human race to rise to the top. If a couple more monstrous experts like Qin Hao were born in the future, maybe, just maybe… the human race could become a top tier race just like the God Race and the Spirit Race!

“There were a lot of factors that made me what I am today.” Qin Hao smiled as he explained, “I’ve never been one to sit idly and do nothing, and my courage is bigger than the heaven itself. Many times I ventured into an unfamiliar corner of the galaxy alone, and the only reason I survived was because luck had never left my side…”

“I thought so.” The Ice Emperor nodded. “I know that the Qin Family has been observing the outer realms since a long time ago. You are nothing like Pei Dehong and the rest of those shortsighted fellows.”

“Alright, enough!”

Ming Xiao cut off their conversation impatiently before looking at Qin Lie. “Take us to Nether City right now!”

“Yes, let’s go to Nether City right away,” Qin Hao also said.

After finding his direction for a bit using his soul, Qin Lie said, “Come with me.”

All the human race experts immediately sat on top of their Soul Altars and flew after Qin Lie.

A short while later, Qin Lie appeared on Nether City in a flash of lightning.

“Who is it?”

Guen of the Daniels Family yelled after he was struck by a deep sense of unease.

Expression changing, Betty immediately pressed a hand against the prismatic crystal.

Great Sage Tian Qi immediately flew out the crystal afterwards.


A bright globe of light suddenly surrounded Nether City after Tian Qi’s appearance.


Thousands of spatial rifts appeared inside the globe of light while leaking strange energies everywhere.

Somehow, Tian Qi had pulled these energies in from somewhere and used them to power the right of light.

Tian Qi had reacted immediately after sensing the powerful presences flying toward Nether City.

“Bang! Bang bang!”

Caught off guard, Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, Chen Lin, and the others crashed straight into the globe of light.

Their Soul Altars bounced off even faster than when they came charging in.


Demon God Ming Xiao roared and transformed into a giant Abyss Devil. Then, he tore at the globe of light with his sharp, claws.


The globe of light crumbled continuously under his attack, but more light flew out of the spatial rifts and resealed the holes in an instant.


Qin Hao abruptly appeared at the front and pressed a hand against the globe of light.

“Crack! Crack!”

A power that could twist space itself flushed out of his palm and shattered the globe of light Tian Qi had created in haste into pieces.

The destruction of the globe was so swift that even the light flying out of the spatial rifts couldn’t heal it in time.


The giant globe of light suddenly shattered completely like a mirror.

At the same time, a colorful Soul Altar flew out of Qin Hao’s glabella.

He stood atop his Soul Altar like a giant rock before staring coldly at Tian Qi.

Millions of wisps of purple smoke swam out of Ming Xiao’s body and wrapped around Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, Gordon, and everyone else in captivity.


The shackles holding them down slowly crumbled as something chewed into them.


Ming Xiao, now several thousand meters tall, landed in front of his descendants like a mountain and glared angrily at Tian Qi.

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

The Ice Emperor, the Flame Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, Ji Dan, and the rest of the human martial practitioners also arrived right next to Ming Xiao.

They were using their own Soul Altars and bodies to separate Tian Qi and the trapped people in Nether City.

Tian Qi, the Blood and Soul Mentor, frowned deeply at Qin Lie before saying, “You broke your promise.”

“The abyss passageway is still sealed. It would’ve come unsealed if I intended to break my promise,” replied Qin Lie.

Tian Qi shot Qin Hao a serious look before asking, “Are you Lieyan Yuan’s son-in-law?”

Qin Hao’s expression turned complicated and hesitant for a moment before he answered, “I am. But he and I are not the same.”

“No, you are not.” Tian Qi nodded once before replying, “If you were, his success would be near at hand already.”

A pause later, Tian Qi added, “Since you’re all at Nine Hells Purgatory, I suppose we can release these hostages ahead of time.”

He then looked at Qin Lie and said, “Please remember your promise and keep the abyss passageway closed.”

Finally, he looked at Guen and Betty before ordering, “Lead the family and evacuate from Nether City immediately.”

Tian Qi looked impossibly calm for some reason. It was as if he didn’t realize that the situation had completely changed with Ming Xiao and Qin Hao’s arrival.

It was as if he was absolutely certain that the situation was still under his control.

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