Chapter 1627: Breaking Walls!

Qin Lie stared blankly at the sky.

Giant, purple drops of blood the size of crystal balls were falling from the sky. Every drop contained some of Azgalo’s refined flesh and blood energy.

“One punch…”

Qin Lie whispered to himself a long time later. His expression had become incredibly odd as well.

His father’s punch contained a kind of power law that could twist even space itself. It was so powerful that it threw the rank ten Abyss Devil Dragon, Azgalo, into the sky in one strike.

In fact, his powerful soul perception told him that Azgalo had escaped toward the abyss passageway right after it was sent flying into the clouds.

This meant that Qin Hao’s punch had hurt Azgalo so badly that the rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss had no choice but to retreat in shame. Such power...

He suddenly recalled the conversation he heard...

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