Chapter 1626: Abyss Devil Dragon!

Soul Altars flew out of the glabella of the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan, and the others.

The Soul Altars glowed brightly and powerfully as if each and every one of them was functioning on a foundation of unique laws of power.

An instant later, everyone was sitting on their own Soul Altar and unleashing their respective powers.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!”

Abyss Devil Dragon Azgalo spat purple flames at its enemies with unerring accuracy.

The nine-level Soul Altar experts—the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, and Ji Dan—used their Soul Altars to block the attack.

“Boom! Boom boom boom!”

Purple flames and dazzling lights exploded all across the four Soul Altars.

Using their power of ice and fire, the Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor were able to cancel out the purple flames with relative ease.

On the other hand, Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan let out a groan before their Soul Altars abruptly fell toward the ground.

Qin Lie noticed that Hua Tianqiong and Ji Dan’s pupils looked bloodshot after blocking the purple flames with their Soul Altars.

It was as if Azgalo’s power was too much for them to handle.

The Ice Emperor and the Flame Emperor showed no such signs of weakness because they had stepped out of Spirit Realm and fought against other powerful races of the galaxy before.

Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, and a couple more Ji Family and Sky Mender Palace martial practitioners did not dare to endure the purple flames directly because they knew that their strength was lacking. Instead, they dodged out of the way of the purple flames.

The purple flames missed them and hit the ground instead.

The explosions caused huge holes on the ground, and the purple flames burned unyieldingly until the soil was scorched black.

Qin Hao and Ming Xiao didn’t try to block a purple flame. They simply moved out of the way.

Just the same, Qin Lie and Qin Shan had moved even further away from the area.

Qin Shan was holding a blue-colored stone tablet inscribed with many profound patterns.

When Qin Shan moved, a great amount of spirit energy suddenly burst out of the stone tablet and moved him out of the way of Azgalo’s flame easily.

Qin Lie was well-versed in Heavenly Thunder Eradication. He simply appeared next to Qin Shan after a flash of lightning.

“Your father and Ming Xiao aren’t afraid of this Great Lord of the Abyss.” Qin Shan smiled and said, “They have the ability to estimate strength of such Great Lords of the Abyss purely from flesh and blood presence. The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor had also fought against Abyss Devils before, so they more or less know what kind of opponent they are facing. Your Grandpa Hua, Grandpa Ji, and the others, on the other hand, had never clashed against a Great Lord of the Abyss before. They need to fight one to know exactly how scary Abyss Devils' bloodline power is, and to be able to establish a foothold in the galaxy in the future.”

Qin Lie nodded slowly and replied, “I understand.”

The reason Qin Hao and Ming Xiao hadn’t tried to block the purple flames directly was because they both knew exactly how strong Azgalo was. The Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor had never fought against such a strong Great Lord of the Abyss before, so they blocked the attack with their Soul Altars to gain a better understanding of the dragon's strength.

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong wanted to know exactly how powerful a purgatory’s Great Lord of the Abyss was. That was why they had endured the ranged attack willingly.

On the other hand, Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, and a couple of Sky Mender Palace and Ji Family Genesis Realm experts hadn’t constructed nine-level Soul Altars yet, and they had been warned by Ming Xiao and Qin Hao prior to the battle. That was why none of them had dared to test the Abyss Devil dragon’s angry flames head on.

However, they were still left a deep impression when Azgalo’s flames landed on the ground and transformed into giant, burning pits that were at least several hundred meters wide.

Azgalo’s flame breath alone had told all the human experts from Spirit Realm just how powerful a Great Lord of the Eight Purgatories was.

“So powerful…”

Chen Lin hovered above a burning pit and looked towards the ground, sensing the purple flames still burning inside it with a look of fear.

“If this had struck us head on, we would probably have to return to Spirit Realm for treatment immediately,” said Dan Yuanqing while smiling bitterly.

The rest of the seven and eight-level Soul Altar human martial practitioners looked shocked and terrified by Azgalo’s strength as well.

Ji Dan and Hua Tianqiong could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

They had come into contact with the God Race’s experts before. The reality before them made them realize that a rank ten Great Lord of the Eight Purgatories was at least as strong as a rank ten God Race bloodline warrior.

This dragon had fired off enough energy to destroy the small realms next to Spirit Realm.

“Hmm? No one’s dead?”

Floating above the Nether River and staring at the ground from the top, Azgalo was clearly irritated by the fact that no one had perished under his flame breath yet.

In his opinion, his flame breath should’ve been enough to burn at least half of these creatures to death.

“Qin Lie, where are my descendants and the denizens of Nether Realm?”

Ming Xiao suddenly flew next to Qin Lie and asked a question.

“They’re currently at Nether City.” Qin Lie thought to himself for a moment before continuing, “Right now, Nether City had been taken over by the Daniels Family of the Spirit Race. Tian Qi… also has the ability to enter and exit Nether City whenever he wishes.”

“Are my descendants still alive?” There was a clear chill in Ming Xiao’s eyes.

“They are in chains for now,” Qin Lie replied.

“Then take us to Nether City immediately,” Ming Xiao urged.

Qin Lie pointed at the Abyss Devil dragon in the sky instead of replying. He was trying to say that the trouble right in front of them wasn’t over yet.

It was at this moment Azgalo suddenly roared and used his bloodline ability.


Azgalo’s bat wings spread out as thick abyss devil energy surged inside of them. His sharp claws looked like icy cold razors, and spikes suddenly grew out of his snake-like neck. 


The ground within several hundred meters of the Nether River suddenly broke apart into giant rocks several tons heavy before shooting into the air.

An instant later, a sky of rocks was floating above everyone’s heads.

Every single one of these giant rocks were brimming with abyss devil energy. It looked like they were controlled by Azgalo’s bloodline ability.

The Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Hua Tianqiong, and everyone else felt a pressure inside their chest before their Soul Altars abruptly dipped.

The weaker ones like Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing even fell all the way to the ground, Soul Altars rolling unsteadily.


Even Qin Lie had let out a groan, his knees suddenly creaking under pressure.

It was because the gravity of this place had suddenly increased a thousandfold!

It made everyone feel like they were carrying a giant mountain behind their backs. Not even the Flame Emperor and the Ice Emperor were able to continue flying in the sky with ease.

Chen Lin, Dan Yuanqing, and the weaker Soul Altar experts straight up couldn’t fly after that.

The unnatural gravity field had put immense pressure on their flesh and blood.

On the contrary, the giant rocks floating in the sky seemed completely unaffected. In fact, they were brimming with abyss devil energy due to Azgalo’s bloodline ability.


Azgalo laughed sinisterly as he weaved nimbly between the gaps of the giant rocks. The rocks suddenly shot towards the ground like they had been granted with infinite power.

As the giant rocks fell, they joined together and left not even a single gap they could slip through.

Together, the bed of falling rocks was at least several hundred kilometers wide!

Qin Lie and everyone else could hardly stand due to the increased gravity field around them, let alone move out of the way.

Seven and eight-level Soul Altar experts like Chen Lin and Dan Yuanqing were pressed down on their Soul Altars like glued flies.

They were faring even worse than Qin Lie.

If this giant rock formation was allowed to smash into them, they would quite literally be flattened like a pie.

“A very impressive bloodline ability and power.”

Qin Hao suddenly gave a sincere praise as he stared at the laughing Azgalo.

In the next instant, he leaped into the air as if he was completely unaffected by the unnatural gravity field around him.

A prismatic pillar of light burst out of the top of Qin Hao’s head and shot straight toward the sky.


The prismatic light pillar shattered the hundred-kilometer wide bed of rock falling towards everyone.

Qin Hao smiled, clenched his fist and threw a punch towards Azgalo while he was still far away.

Every giant rock standing in the way of his fist and Azgalo was instantly turned into dust.

A line of collapsing space appeared between him and the dragon.

Several kilometers away, Azgalo’s million-ton body was blown backwards into the clouds like a cannonball.

Purple blood rained as the Abyss Devil let out a bloodcurdling scream.

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