Chapter 1625: The First Step!

"We all want to come look at the most terrifying place in the universe."

The Ice Emperor looked up into the dim sky, took a deep breath and said emotionally, "In these years, we have roamed all over the universe, and temporarily stayed in some Abyss levels, but the Eight Purgatories..."

He shook his head, and said, "We never dared to touch."

Hearing this, the Flame Emperor also had an expression of sorrow. "Old Thunder is stuck in Dark Shadow World and I do not know when he can escape. But even if he died, he died in Dark Shadow World and this is something to be proud of."

"The places the two of us roamed in the universe for many years are not worth a mention."

He looked at the Ice Emperor and grimaced.

As the Three Emperors of the human race, they had roamed in the stars for a while after leaving Spirit Realm.

But the areas the three of them were in were much safer than the Eight Purgatories.

They didn't even dare to go to the realms where the God Race, the Spirit Race, and the Soul Race lived.

Today, when they learned that Qin Lie had a way to send them to Nine Hells Purgatory, after many internal struggles, they decided to follow.

At that moment, they knew full well it could mean death.

"Actually, our greatest dream is that the human race will step onto the stage of the universe one day."

Ji Dan, the old progenitor of the Ji Family, was energetic like a withered tree coming back to life. He had a smile on his face.

"We would probably die if we entered Nine Hells Purgatory at any other time. But when the Abyss Devils and the Spirit Race are fighting, we should be able to move around NIne Hells Purgatory and look at this special place."

Hua Tianqiong said, "Yes, this is a good opportunity."

Hearing the sincere words of these strongest human experts, Qin Lie was also infected and felt a surge of spirit.

The human race’s Three Emperors, Ji Dan, Hua Tianqiong. These people at the top always had a great wish—to have the human race truly appear on the stage of the universe!

The Abyss was a place where many races intersected. Many unique races would choose the Abyss as their hunting ground.

Due to this, whether or not a race could emerge in the universe and become well-known was bound by an unwritten rule—a race that dared to attack an Abyss level would be recognized by the races of the universe.

The Soul Race, the Spirit Race, and the God Race, these three transcendent bloodline races would charge into the Abyss every once in a while.

They had already proven they were the strongest.

Other than this, the Bone Race and the Winged Race would occasionally attack an Abyss level.

Of course, the Bone and Winged Races would pick weaker Abyss levels and they would fail more often.

But they dared, and this proved they had the strength to challenge the Abyss Devils.

The other remaining third-class races like the Earth Demon Race and the Dragon Lion Race would only dare attack an Abyss level when they accumulate enough power.

Nevertheless, they did step into the Abyss and proved themselves.

Only the races of Spirit Realm had not been able to even find the passageway into the Abyss for tens of thousands of years.

Due to this, Night Ghosts, a heterogeneous mixture of lone souls and wild ghosts, dared to attack Spirit Realm.

They thought that Spirit Realm was a low-level realm, and that all the races living in Spirit Realm were all weak, inferior beings.

In reality, when they flooded into the major realms, they had stronger combat power than the races of Spirit Realm of the same rank.

This was because the people of Spirit Realm sealed themselves in and were only active in their little part of the world. They had not truly been forged with the flames of war. Their bloodline and power system did not connect to the universe's powerful races and so the combat power of the Spirit Realm’s experts could not quickly increase.

If they wanted to truly join the universe, they had to change and walk out of their comfort zone

The Nine Hells Purgatory was the first step they were taking towards the universe!

"Lie'er, this is your father," Qin Shan said softly.

Qin Lie's gaze and Qin Hao's gaze suddenly met.

From Qin Hao's gaze, he saw excitement, gratification, and all kinds of emotions hard to analyze.

Qin Lie thought that he would feel awkward when he met Qin Hao.

But when he met Qin Hao's gaze, he saw too many things from Qin Hao's eyes.

Suddenly, he grinned and magically felt no more awkwardness. He said with bravado, "One day, I will surpass you and become the strongest of Spirit Realm."

Qin Hao's eyes turned red. He nodded and said, "Alright!"


At this time, an enormous Abyss Devil shadow suddenly roared in the distant sky.

The long Abyss Devil figure was like a chain of mountains. When it came closer, one could see that it was an enormous Abyss Devil dragon.

The dragon had black and hard scales that all shone with light as though they contained endless Abyss Devil power.

"Dragon from the Abyss!" Ming Xiao's brow furrowed.

"He is Azgalo, a rank ten Abyss Devil," Qin Lie hurriedly said.

"The Nether River! The Nether River has dried up!" Azgalo shouted, his eyes filled with shock as he flew above the dried Nether River.

The Nine Hells Monarch felt the change in the Nether River. He had to guard the abyss passageway so he sent him to the Nether River to investigate.

Azgalo did not move in the same direction as Castor's avatar so he and Castor did not meet each other.

When he came near, he felt the presence of Qin Hao, the Ice Emperor, and the Flame Emperor, so he hurriedly flew over.

He naturally assumed that Qin Hao and the others who stood near the dried Nether River were the culprits that caused the drought of the Nether River.

"What did you do? Lowly beings, you damaged our Nether River, you shall die!" Azgalo shouted.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The Abyss Devil dragon Azgalo roared and breathed purple flames.

Those purple flames turned into huge tongues that resembled meteors as they fell towards Qin Lie and the others.

"Such terrifying abyss devil energy fluctuations!" Ming Xiao sensed. His expression changed and he shouted, "Be careful! Each tongue contains enough power to kill rank eight and seven human martial practitioners. Even if you have a nine-level Soul Altar, you will be severely injured if you are hit."

"This guy is much stronger than the rank ten Abyss Devils of the Extreme Flame Abyss!"

They both had rank ten Abyss Devil Race bloodline. Ming Xiao could feel the threat of death from those flames.

Ming Xiao had fought the Abyss Devils of the Extreme Flame Abyss before. But those rank ten Abyss Devils did not have the terrifying presence that Azgalo had.

Ming Xiao suddenly realized that the rank ten Great Lords of the Eight Purgatories were above the rest.

"Yes. He’s stronger than Terror Devil King and Despair Devil King of the Chaos Abyss," Qin Hao said.

Ming Xiao and Qin Hao's warnings caused the Flame Emperor, the Ice Emperor, Ji Dan, and the others to turn grim. They immediately released their Soul Altar and charged with all their power.

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