Chapter 1623: The Eye in the Flame

The flames that erupted from the roots of the Ancient Life Tree burned furiously as though they wanted to burn the Ancient Life Tree to ash.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos leapt almost immediately toward the Ancient Life Tree.

The fire spirit, in the form of the fire qilin, seemed to consume the inextinguishable flames. The wood spirit gathered more wood spirit energy to protect the Ancient Life Tree.

The water spirit turned into clear streams that poured onto the Ancient Life Tree.

The thunder, metal, and earth spirits all released their unique powers and formed layers of energy barriers to stop the burning of the inextinguishable flames.

Qin Lie had a dark expression. With a flash, he appeared next to the Ancient Life Tree.

His Soul Altar changed with his mind, and thick white mist floated out.

"Frost Arts, frost power..."

That one-level Soul Altar turned into a glacier and used cold...

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