Chapter 1622: Taking Root

"Want to come to Nine Hells Purgatory..."

Qin Lie calmed his mind. He frowned slightly and found it odd.

Perhaps because he had been with Qin Shan in Ling Town when his soul woke up, his impression of the entire Qin Family was just Qin Shan alone.

As for his father Qin Hao... he actually had no memories.

The "him" that had memories of Qin Hao had been killed by Han Qian in that battle in the past.

All the memories he had at present started from Ling Town.

As a result, he felt no sense of familiarity towards Qin Hao.

Hearing that his father had come back and wanted to come to Nine Hells Purgatory, he was shocked and bewildered.

He didn't know how to accept his father.


At this time, he felt the Soul Altar inside him made from the Origin Crystal suddenly shake.

When he mastered the Galaxy Mirror,...

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