Chapter 1620: Impossible to Stop!

“Frost Freeze!”

Cold, white air burst out of Qin Lie’s body and shrouded the area he was in.

“Crack crack!”

His frost power seemed to freeze everything within the area completely.

Qin Lie watched with a cool eye as the starlights surged towards him. Instead of touching the purple crystal in his Soul Altar like before, he used the power of frost to stop the starlights from converging on him.

Last time, he had willingly gathered the dead souls’ truth fragments scattered inside the Nether River of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

But after he realized the truth that Castor’s eight avatars were being awakened one by one, and that something terrible would probably happen to him after they merged with his body, he started rejecting these truth fragments.

He wouldn’t allow them to enter his body.

He was starting to understand that another one of Castor’s avatar would awaken if he allowed the truth fragments beneath the Nether River to rejoin the purple crystal.

“Pa pa!”

Millions of starlights imprinted with the truth fragments of the dead souls slammed into his seal of ice like rain hitting the window.

Qin Lie paid close attention to his surroundings, and he was relieved to discover that the torrent of starlights had failed to penetrate the restriction power of Frost Freeze.

The starlights looked like suspended raindrops being frozen in midair by his frost powers.

He let out a hidden sigh of relief and turned his attention back to the Nether River.

“Splash splash!”

Huge waves appeared on the boiling Nether River all of a sudden. The Nether River seemed to be angry at his resistance.

“What’s wrong? You don’t like this?”

Qin Lie sneered as he stared at the surging river.

He noticed that the pitch black barrier above the Nether River had suddenly started moving as if it was alive.

Even more black smoke rose from the water and melted into the curtain-like barrier.

He had a feeling that the smoke contained broken fragments of consciousness.

These broken fragments looked like they were trying to join together to form a perfect Abyss Devil soul—Castor’s avatar.


However, a strange power seemed to be stopping the remnant soul from taking form completely.

At the same time, the starlights suspended in midair suddenly glowed brightly.

“It’s because they didn’t manage to enter the purple crystal. This purple crystal… is the key to Castor’s main body!”

Realization abruptly entered Qin Lie’s mind.

The truth fragments inside the starlights glowed like the sun.


Qin Lie’s Soul Altar suddenly shuddered as the purple crystal shook violently!

Qin Lie’s eyes suddenly turned clouded as if his mind was being affected by the purple crystal.

A tyrannical thought that demanded the annihilation of every living being in the world suddenly swelled uncontrollably in his heart.

He instantly lost control of himself, and his second heart beat rapidly as if he was about to transform into a full Lord of the Abyss.


The restrictive power around the frozen starlights suddenly vanished.

The momentary absence of power was enough for the starlights to fly into his body and join the purple crystal in an instant.

At the same time, the Nether River started drying up at a visible rate.

Countless smoke, phantoms, and wraiths flew to the sky and entered the curtain-like barrier.

The invisible barrier was slowly but surely transforming into an Abyss Devil soul. It writhed in midair like an actual living Abyss Devil.

A short while later, the barrier had transformed completely into a giant Abyss Devil soul with nine heads.


At the Nether River, Qin Lie roared angrily as he did everything he could to suppress the restlessness in his second heart using the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

The Galaxy Mirror floated above his head and emitted a ripple of light that enveloped him like a glass curtain.

The Galaxy Mirror had temporarily strengthened his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

Thanks to this, he managed to stop himself from fully transforming into an Abyss Devil.

After regaining a bit of reason, Qin Lie glared angrily at the nine-headed Abyss Devil soul on the Nether River. His pupils had turned strangely white for some reason.

He knew that the Abyss Devil soul would become truly complete if the starlights imprinted with the truth fragments were allowed to enter the purple crystal in his Soul Altar again.

After that, all the remnant soul needed to do was to find a random Abyss Devil to possess, and consume more Abyss Devils to transform into Castor’s avatar.

“There is no better host for my true self than the Perfect Blood…”

The nine-headed Abyss Devil soul looked down on Qin Lie from its vantage point and let out a derisive snort.

Before Qin Lie could say anything in return, the Abyss Devil soul suddenly flew towards the abyss passageway of Nine Hells Purgatory.

Qin Lie’s restless blood calmed down with unnatural speed the second the Abyss Devil soul was gone.

Qin Lie kept breathing deeply and adjusting his mind state, but his expression looked incredibly gloomy.

The Abyss Devil soul hadn’t bothered him after achieving full form. It had left immediately to find an Abyss Devil to possess, which would enable it to consume other Abyss Devils and transform into Castor’s avatar.

The remnant soul’s parting words made Qin Lie felt like he had dropped into an ice hole, however. He realized that Castor had set his eyes on the Perfect Blood.

Perhaps the reason he was able to obtain the purple crystal by “luck”, and the reason the truth fragments of dead souls had approached him on their own the moment he came close to the Nether River of Yellow Springs Purgatory was because he had  already been chosen by Castor back then.

It was very likely that the purple crystal contained Castor’s main soul, and he had set his eyes on his Perfect Blood!

All eight of Castor’s avatars would hunt down Abyss Devils endlessly to return to peak strength.

In the end, they would seek him out and forcefully merge into his body whether he liked it or not, just like how the dead souls had joined the purple crystal just now.

When that happened, Castor’s main soul would probably manifest in full, and he would be annihilated and replaced completely.

Once Castor was reborn in his body, he would surpass his old self and become the strongest Abyss Master of all times. He would have enough power to fight even the Imperial Soul Monarch himself.

These thoughts flashed across Qin Lie’s mind like lightning.

The nine-headed Abyss Devil soul had given him a direct impression of the fate awaiting for him.

Helplessness and despair gripped Qin Lie. He felt like there was nothing he could change, no matter how he struggled.

In his opinion, Castor was scarier than even Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan.

What could he possibly do to resist such a terrifying opponent who was already acting to take over his body?

A deep sense of helplessness began to well inside his heart.

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