Chapter 1619: A Nether River That’s Alive!

“Why do you refuse to leave Nine Hells Purgatory?”

Qin Lie kept his anger his check as he stared at Tian Qi and the Daniels Family members. He had a vague feeling that something was off.

The God Race had invaded Yellow Springs Purgatory to save him and the others. But why was the Spirit Race here?

According to Lieyan Ge, Tian Qi was the main reason the God Race was lured into this invasion.

It was also possible that the Imperial Soul Monarch was pulling everyone’s strings from the dark to eliminate the two people who cultivated the power of dead souls in secret—the Devil Monarchs of Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory—but Qin Lie was gradually realizing that Tian Qi had other plans besides killing the Nine Hells Monarch.

“That has nothing to do with you, does it?” Tian Qi replied i...

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