Chapter 1619: A Nether River That’s Alive!

“Why do you refuse to leave Nine Hells Purgatory?”

Qin Lie kept his anger his check as he stared at Tian Qi and the Daniels Family members. He had a vague feeling that something was off.

The God Race had invaded Yellow Springs Purgatory to save him and the others. But why was the Spirit Race here?

According to Lieyan Ge, Tian Qi was the main reason the God Race was lured into this invasion.

It was also possible that the Imperial Soul Monarch was pulling everyone’s strings from the dark to eliminate the two people who cultivated the power of dead souls in secret—the Devil Monarchs of Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory—but Qin Lie was gradually realizing that Tian Qi had other plans besides killing the Nine Hells Monarch.

“That has nothing to do with you, does it?” Tian Qi replied indifferently.

Qin Lie glanced at Gao Yu, Ling Xuanxuan, and the others and tried to say something before his expression suddenly changed.

The purple crystal inside his Soul Altar had become restless once more.

“There’s another Nether River in Nine Hells Purgatory. Another one of Castor’s avatars?!"

Allowing the purple crystal to guide him, Qin Lie suddenly left Nether City and flew toward the Nether River.

“Old man, there’s no reconciliation from this. You know that, right?” Betty let out a sigh. “Indigo will probably hate you for this.”

“It doesn’t matter. Indigo may hate me for an eternity if our race becomes stronger as a result.” Tian Qi instructed with an indifferent look, “Don’t let these people out of your sight. Qin Lie’s obedience is completely dependent on your dilligence.”

“Who can possibly stop us?” Guen snorted.

“That boy’s grasp of the Galaxy Mirror is getting better and better. You absolutely mustn’t underestimate him,” said Tian Qi seriously.

“It’s that powerful?” Guen was caught off guard by Tian Qi’s reaction.

“You have no idea what the Galaxy Mirror is…” Tian Qi sighed again before shaking his head. He seemed to be regretting the loss of something precious.

No one knew how much he desired to obtain the Galaxy Mirror for himself. No one knew how much effort he had paid to obtain it either.

The real reason he had led the Spirit Race to eliminate the Demon Spirits of Space and Time, turned them into demon pets, and launched a series of operations against them again and again was all for the Galaxy Mirror.

He knew its value better than everyone.

Unfortunately for him, despite sparing no effort and eliminating the Demon Spirits of Space and Time themselves from the existence, he still wasn’t able to find the Galaxy Mirror.

When he learned that Qin Lie had actually reforged the broken Galaxy Mirror using a single drop of blood from the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time, he felt depressed enough to throw up blood on the spot.

“The Galaxy Mirror. If I was the one who obtained the Galaxy Mirror, with my knowledge of the power of space…”

Tian Qi sighed internally to himself again, knowing that he had gone for wool and come back shorn.

The reason he killed Ling Feng and Luz right in front of Qin Lie was to vent his frustration.

The truth was, he knew that he was doing something extremely unwise the second he acted to kill Qin Lie’s friends. He knew that he was damaging his relationship with Qin Lie irrevocably.

But he still did it anyway.

He might be a peak rank ten expert and a Blood and Soul Mentor, but not even he could control his emotions perfectly at all times. Sometimes, he just couldn’t stay calm and act rationally.

“Old man, your mastery of space is second to none in this world. You seriously never thought to snatch his Galaxy Mirror for yourself?” Betty asked suddenly.

“It’s not as simple as that. It’s already recognized Qin Lie as its master,” Tian Qi said with an ugly look on his face.

Betty had hit a sore spot unknowingly, causing him to feel even more depressed. He waved a hand to tell her to stop talking.

“The ownership of an ultimate treasure like the Galaxy Mirror cannot be transferred that easily, not unless that boy is dead. However, if he dies at this stage and timing, the situation at the abyss passageway would collapse and disrupt all my plans completely. I…”

He let out another gloomy sigh before flying into the prismatic crystal at the center of the square without warning, vanishing.

Betty and Guen exchanged a glance with each other.

They didn’t know where Tian Qi was heading to and what he was thinking, but it was clear that he was deeply affected after he discovered that the Galaxy Mirror was in Qin Lie’s hands. It was to the point where his behavior and actions had even become a little abnormal.

It would be a while before Tian Qi recovered from this blow.

At the Nether River of Nine Hells Purgatory.


Qin Lie stopped right next to the Nether River after arriving.

The Nether River here didn’t look much different from the one at Yellow Springs Purgatory. It was also overflowing with countless phantom and wraiths.

Due to the Spirit Race’s invasion, almost all of the Spirit Race’s experts and the powerful Abyss Devils were gathered next to the abyss passageway.

That was why Qin Lie found no one after spreading his soul consciousness and checking around for a bit. This meant that there were no powerful lifeforms nearby.

“Glug glug! Glug glug glug!”

Bubbles appeared on the Nether River as it boiled incessantly.

Cold, black smoke rose from where the bubbles popped and into the air.

The barrier above the Nether River was supposed to be invisible. But right now, it was as black as the night.

From time to time, sparks would appear on the surface of the Nether River like bright-colored fishes leaping out of the water.

Qin Lie stared coldly at the odd sparks above the water.

He could clearly see that they were all carrying the truth fragments of dead souls in them.

This meant that the dead soul imprints scattered inside the Nether River had become extremely obvious for some reason.

Suddenly, he recalled that the Nether River at Yellow Springs Purgatory had transformed into Castor’s remnant soul because he had gathered all of the dead soul fragments inside it. After that, the remnant soul had possessed Everardo’s body and transformed it into his avatar.

“Does this mean that that the truth fragments gathered using the purple crystal would cause the Nether River to awaken and transform into one of Castor’s avatar?” he thought to himself.

He suddenly recalled the feeling he had before, the feeling that he was the reason the remnant soul at Yellow Springs Purgatory was awakened from its slumber.

At the end of that incident, the remnant soul had devoured Everardo and transformed him into one of Castor’s avatar.

Just now, he had detected something wrong with the Nether River after he barely got a few words in with Tian Qi.

He was standing beside the Nether River right now without doing anything or touching the purple crystal. However, the Nether River was growing more and more lively for some reason.

The sparks rising to the surface of the Nether River clearly contained the truth fragments of dead souls.

He seemed to be the cause behind all this…

“It looks like these scattered imprints of power would automatically gather themselves for as long as the purple crystal exists… My efforts aren’t really necessary.”

Qin Lie grinned bitterly at himself. He was growing more and more sure of a certain theory in his mind.

He finally understood why the truth fragments had automatically entered the Galaxy Spirit Crystals and become a part of him even though he was just flying across the Nether River and checking the oddities in his blood earlier.

“You have a mind of your own.”

He said in a cold voice after watching the Nether River for a moment.

All the dazzling starlights beneath the Nether River abruptly burst out of its surface at once.

Every one of these starlight contained the truth fragments of dead souls inside them. Seemingly attracted by the purple crystal embedded inside his Soul Altar, they flew towards him like a swarm of locusts.

It wasn’t up to Qin Lie whether he wanted to accept them or not!

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