Chapter 1618: Freely Swim the Galaxy

Tian Qi had crushed Luz and Ling Feng right in front of his face.

If he had enough power, he would’ve killed Tian Qi and every Daniels Family member in this place.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t confident in his chances even if he somehow broke through to rank ten immediately.

After all, Tian Qi was only one step away from that ultimate rank...

“Old man, were those two people his friends?” Betty finally realized what was going on as she shot a glance at the shackled Ling Xuanxuan and Gao Yu. “You’re using them to threaten Qin Lie?”

“What’s wrong? You have an opinion to share?” Tian Qi asked indifferently.

“Old man, you’re aware that Indigo cares deeply for him, right?” Betty asked in a low voice.

She had gone to the Flaming Sun Abyss with Indigo before, so she knew that the two of them shared a very special relationship.

Indigo was destined to become leader of the Spirit Race....

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