Chapter 1617: Nether City

At Nether City.

There was a wide square in the city made of cold, black-colored iron.

Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, Gray, Gordon, Tate, Ku Luo, and many other people Qin Lie was familiar with had been locked in chains and escorted to this square.

Not long ago, Ling Yushi had rushed into the abyss passageway after receiving a summon through the Nine Hells Monarch’s bloodline.

Gray and the others had been left behind at Nether City to protect the nearby Dark Blood Canyon.

After Ling Yushi had left, the Spirit Race clansmen led by Betty had stepped into the Dark Blood Canyon.

At first, they were able to protect the Dark Blood Canyon because of their numerous numbers and the strength of rank nine bloodline warriors such as Gray, Gordon, and Luz.

However, their advantage didn’t last forever. After Betty had received orders from Great Sage Tian Qi and transferred...

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