Chapter 1617: Nether City

At Nether City.

There was a wide square in the city made of cold, black-colored iron.

Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, Gray, Gordon, Tate, Ku Luo, and many other people Qin Lie was familiar with had been locked in chains and escorted to this square.

Not long ago, Ling Yushi had rushed into the abyss passageway after receiving a summon through the Nine Hells Monarch’s bloodline.

Gray and the others had been left behind at Nether City to protect the nearby Dark Blood Canyon.

After Ling Yushi had left, the Spirit Race clansmen led by Betty had stepped into the Dark Blood Canyon.

At first, they were able to protect the Dark Blood Canyon because of their numerous numbers and the strength of rank nine bloodline warriors such as Gray, Gordon, and Luz.

However, their advantage didn’t last forever. After Betty had received orders from Great Sage Tian Qi and transferred a couple of Daniels Family bloodline warriors over, the canyon was lost immediately.

After that, the experts from the Daniels Family took down the Nether City under Betty’s orders’ as well.

Ling Xuanxuan, Gao Yu, Gray, and the others all became their captives.

However, Betty didn’t allow her warriors to kill them all because she had explicit orders from Great Sage Tian Qi. She simply kept the races from Nether Realm in chains despite having taken both the Dark Blood Canyon and Nether City.

At first, not even Betty was aware the reason behind the strange order. It was only after Great Sage Tian Qi had sent her another message did she realize why they were keeping these Abyss Devils alive.

On the square, Gao Yu, Ling Xuanxuan, and everyone else were trapped in special chains made by the Spirit Race and immobilized completely.

Betty of the Daniels Family and a couple more bloodline warriors were standing at the center of the square where a prismatic crystal that looked like the Galaxy Mirror was present.

Just now, Luz and Ling Feng had been pushed into the prismatic crystal by Betty and another Daniels Family expert.

Everyone looked sad as they watched Luz and Ling Feng disappear into that crystal.

They had a feeling that Luz and Ling Feng’s fate were more grim than hopeful.

Even Gray of the Ghost Eye Race and Gordon of the Horned Demon Race were looking ashen-faced.

They knew that the fates awaiting them in the near future could only be cruel.

“Miss, why did the Great Sage tell us to guard this place instead of attacking the abyss passageway?” a Daniels Family bloodline warrior asked in a low, muffled voice.

His name was Guen. He was a peak rank nine bloodline warrior who was close to hitting rank ten.

Although he was a Spirit Race clansman, his loyalty lay with the Daniels Family, the Great Sage Tian Qi, and Betty.

It was because Tian Qi and Betty were both Daniels Family members, not to mention that Tian Qi was the pride of their family.

In the future, Betty would be the successor of that hope.

Before Indigo had shown up, Betty and Oktan were the Spirit Seeds with the highest chance to become the chief of the Spirit Race.

The Daniels Family didn’t give up on Betty just because Indigo had appeared. As long as Betty didn’t die, they all believed that the Daniels Family would remain at the top because of her.

“That old man is probably trying to use Nether City as hostages,” Betty answered while curling her lips.

“If the Great Sage can send those two away, why can’t he send us away from Nine Hells Purgatory himself?” Guen looked very confused. “I heard that the abyss passageway had been reopened, and that countless Abyss Devils would soon pour into Nine Hells Purgatory. We are strong, but there’s no way we can fight the entire Abyss Devil Race. Our death is certain the moment those powerful Abyss Devils all get here. Shouldn’t the Great Sage send the Daniels Family away from Nine Hells Purgatory right away, followed by the rest of our people?”

“You know nothing!”

Great Sage Tian Qi’s voice came from the prismatic crystal the person himself appeared.

“Great Sage.”


The Spirit Race clansmen here all hailed from the Daniels Family. They immediately saluted the Great Sage the moment he showed himself.

The wizened old man shot Guen a glare before setting his gaze on Betty.

“Why are you looking at me?” Betty asked.

“You will leave with Indigo later,” Tian Qi said.

“What’s wrong? Why can’t we leave through the abyss passageway?” Betty asked with a frown.

“The abyss passageway of Nine Hells Purgatory is crawling with Great Lords of the Abyss right now. Even I have to travel using another route,” Tian Qi said grimly. “I’ve already sent Assad a message, he should be backing away from the abyss passageway right now. I’ve also made other preparations, but if that plan fails we will suffer huge losses in Nine Hells Purgatory. We cannot entrust the fate of our entire race on that person alone.”

“That is why I’m going to prepare some backup measures.”

He eyed their captives cruelly when he said that.

“If he doesn’t act as I told him to, you all have permission to kill every Abyss Devil in Nether City,” Tian Qi said indifferently.

“Okay, got it,” Betty answered in a careless tone.

She didn’t know where the Abyss Devils of Nether City had come from, but in her eyes they were simply enemies with impure blood. She wouldn’t feel a thing for them no matter how many of them were killed.

Neither Tian Qi nor Betty had tried to hide their conversation on purpose. That was why Gray, Ling Xuanxuan, and everyone heard what they were saying clearly.

The chains didn’t only restrict their movement. They couldn’t even activate their bloodline or speak through their mouths.

All they could do was listen to their captors’ cruel sentences…

Despair seeped into their faces after they had heard Tian Qi and Betty’s conversation.  

Their life in Nine Hells Purgatory was good thanks to Ling Yushi, who was favored heavily by the Nine Hells Monarch.

Not only were they given a territory of their own to rule, they had access to boundless and rich abyss devil energy for cultivation, and countless Abyss Devils to hone their skills.

Everyone was growing at an extraordinary rate, and their future looked bright and limitless. No one had regretted leaving the Frost Desolation Abyss or Nether Realm.

They had believed that this was the life they had always dreamed of and the best choice they could have made.

But no one could’ve predicted that a transcendent bloodline race, the Spirit Race, would suddenly launch an invasion against Nine Hells Purgatory.

As a result, they were dragged into the war.

“I was too weak after all. If I was a rank ten bloodline warrior, I should be able to protect myself despite the Spirit Race’s invasion.” Gao Yu sighed in his own mind. “It’s been so many years since we left the Frost Desolation Abyss… I wonder how Qin Lie is doing nowadays?”

Suddenly, Gao Yu was reminded of Qin Lie.

It was at this moment a dark dot suddenly appeared on Tian Qi’s prismatic crystal.

At first, the dark dot only made a tiny ripple on the crystal like the splash of a raindrop.

However, the ripple swiftly spread outward and covered the entire crystal in no time.

A figure flew out of the crystal before Tian Qi could recover from his surprise.

“Qin Lie!”

Everyone in chains screamed inside their heads the moment they saw him.

“It’s you?” Betty said after her surprise had faded. “You don’t look so good?”

She didn’t know that she had just sent Ling Feng and Luz, Qin Lie’s best friend and respected senior to their deaths earlier.

“I’m surprised you managed to find this place.” Tian Qi looked a little surprised by Qin Lie’s arrival.

“You forget that you refined this from the Galaxy Mirror.” Qin Lie stared at the prismatic crystal coldly.

“Oh right, I forgot that you’re the master of the Galaxy Mirror right now.” Tian Qi nodded once before continuing, “You recognize all of them, don’t you?” He pointed at Gao Yu and Ling Xuanxuan.

Qin Lie nodded.

“Well, this should be simple. Seal off Nine Hells Purgatory, and I’ll turn them over to you alive,” said Tian Qi.

“All I can do is to send you away. I cannot seal both the purgatories at once,” Qin Lie said seriously.

“In that case, seal up this purgatory, and send the God Race away. We’re not in a hurry to leave,” said Tian Qi.

“Why are we staying when we can just leave, old man?!”

“Great Sage!” Guen was complaining as well.

“Both of you know nothing.” Tian Qi shot them a glare to shut them up before looking at Qin Lie once more. “Now do as I say.”

Qin Lie stared at Tian Qi without saying anything.

He had never hated a person this much before, and Tian Qi literally made his blood boil.

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