Chapter 1616: Persuasion and Coercion

If there wasn’t a mirror separating him and Great Sage Tian Qi, if they weren’t in the abyss passageway right now, Qin Lie would be worried for his own life.

After all, Great Sage Tian Qi was one of the three great Blood and Soul Mentors and one of the few people who was close to transcending rank ten.

From Lieyan Ge, he learned that Lieyan Yuan was the other person with the highest chance to transcend rank ten.

Strictly speaking, both these two fellows chosen by the Imperial Soul Monarch himself had one foot in that final bloodline rank already.

That was why the seniors of the God Race had chosen to support Lieyan Yuan’s Perfect Blood project back then.

Not only was Tian Qi close to stepping into that ultimate bloodline rank, he was well-versed in the power of space.

If he really...

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