Chapter 1615: Hot Potato

"Are you joking? How could I be Castor's main body?"

Qin Lie shook his head in amusement after his shock passed. He did not believe Kuang Jue's words.

He felt this was a great joke.

Yet after a moment, he could not laugh.

He found Lieyan Ge, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and Kuang Jue were not laughing.

When Kuang Jue spoke his speculation, Lieyan Ge and the others had grave and ugly expressions.

"Did Grom really say that? That this person... is just one of Castor's avatars?" Lieyan Ge said gravely.

Kuang Jue nodded. "Correct."

Lieyan Ge suddenly looked at Qin Lie and said, "Castor truly has nine bodies, one main and eight avatars. The eight Nether Rivers in the Eight Purgatories had been made from his eight avatars. His main body's whereabouts... have always been unknown."

"What do you mean?" Qin Lie frowned.

"After he was killed, the eight avatars turned into the eight Nether Rivers but his main body was lost." Lieyan Ge's smile grew bitter. "I do not know what you got, but that thing could gather the scattered dead souls secrets in the Nether River. It is very likely to be related to his main body. The possibility that Kuang Jue spoke of... exists. If you and that thing really merged completely into one, you may be Castor's main body."

"Ah?" Qin Lie shouted in shock.

Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and the others all wore serious frowns.

They had never expected that Qin Lie would inexplicably become Castor's main body. They found this result hard to accept.

"If, and I say if, I really am... Castor's main body as you say, how will I change?" Qin Lie said softly.

Lieyan Ge sighed and remained silent.

Kuang Jue hesitated and said, "His awakened avatar will do all he can to merge with you. Each avatar will bring you closer to him. The end result will be that he completely replaces you and resurrects through you to become the complete Castor. And you... will lose everything. Your soul and body will become a part of him.

Hearing his explanation, Qin Lie was silent.

He was filled with bitterness.

He had never thought that the purple crystal he had gotten from Xillin had such a great history.

Castor, the last Abyss Master, the ruler of the eight Devil Monarchs, the strongest Abyss Devil with a bloodline above rank ten.

If he had no defensive preparations, and allowed Castor's avatars to merge into him, he would lose himself in the end and be replaced by Castor.

When he thought of this, he attempted to pull the purple crystal that had merged with his Soul Altar out.

With a thought, he flew away from these God Race experts. He used the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline and reached the abyss passageway in a flash.

He landed in the Galaxy Mirror that separated this purgatory.

"Come out!"

The Soul Altar that was in his mind suddenly flew out and floated in front of him.

He looked coldly at the purple crystal. His expression was uncertain. He wondered what he could do to expel this purple crystal out of him.

Only now did he understand how much of a hot potato this purple crystal was.

If he kept this purple crystal, the Soul Race's Imperial Soul Monarch would set his eyes on and bring harm to him, as would Castor’s eight avatars.

Additionally, Grom and Lawton, who cultivated the dead souls’ power, would want to get the purple crystal from him.

It appeared that continued possession of the purple crystal was all harm and no benefit to him.

"No wonder even the Soul Suppressing Orb was unable to refine it and spit it back out. It appears that this is the natural conflict between dead souls and live souls..."

As he thought this, he touched the purple crystal and attempted to pick it up.


His pupils contracted. He found the purple crystal was one with the Soul Altar he refined using the Origin Crystal.

As he picked hard at the purple crystal, he could feel a stabbing pain in his soul.

It appeared that his soul would be destroyed if he wanted to forcibly pull the purple crystal out of his Soul Altar.

"How could this be?"

His expression changed. He attempted to use his soul consciousness to pick it out of the Soul Altar.

Yet when his gathered soul consciousness neared that purple crystal, he felt his physical energies still and that his bloodline would lose control.

He immediately realized that if he persisted in this, he might be unable to suppress his Abyss Devil Race bloodline and he would appear in his Abyss Devil form.

At that time, the dead souls’ presence his body released would immediately attract the attention of Lawton, Grom, and Castor's avatar.

This clearly was not the result he wanted.

Suddenly, he found he was helpless against the purple crystal.

In his despair, he noticed that someone was softly knocking on the lower part of the Galaxy Mirror.

"Knock! Knock!"

The Galaxy Mirror gave a crisp sound. This sound made himi more restless. He looked down and his expression grew worse.

The Great Master Tian Qi he had once seen at Sky Bearing City was smiling and softly knocking on the Galaxy Mirror as though he knew Qin Lie could see him.

Great Master Tian Qi continued to give off soul fluctuations telling Qin Lie that he only wanted to talk.

He knew that Great Master Tian Qi was the Great Sage Tian Qi of the Spirit Race and also the culprit who caused him, Cang Ye and the others to come here.

He had no positive feelings towards this person.

But looking at Great Sage Tian Qi patiently knocking on the Galaxy Mirror and repeatedly sending him thoughts of wanting to meet, his curiosity was stirred.

He was the master of the Galaxy Mirror. He had complete control over this sacred relic of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race, especially in the abyss passageway...

His thoughts shifted. Great Sage Tian Qi seemed to suddenly pass through the layers of space and appeared in a prism mirror underneath his feet.

He and Great Sage Tian Qi were separated by a prism mirror of the many faced Galaxy Mirror. For him, the prism was a kind of defense.

"Great Master Tian Qi, long time no see," he said in a strange tone.

"Haha, Qin Lie, you should not hate me. You should thank me. Do you remember the drop of Demon Spirit of Space and Time blood that I gave you in Sky Bearing City?" Great Sage Tian Qi said with a laugh.

"I remember," Qin Lie said coldly.

"Yes, without that drop of blood, how could you remake and refine the Galaxy Mirror? Do you not know who that blood came from?" Great Sage Tian Qi said.

"The patriarch of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"So smart." Great Sage Tian Qi laughed and said, "You see, I got you to Yellow Springs Purgatory, then you gathered Castor's dead souls secrets. How many opportunities and benefits did you gain because of me?"

"Then should I thank you?" Qin Lie said sarcastically.

"Of course." Great Sage Tian Qi laughed shamelessly.

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