Chapter 1615: Hot Potato

"Are you joking? How could I be Castor's main body?"

Qin Lie shook his head in amusement after his shock passed. He did not believe Kuang Jue's words.

He felt this was a great joke.

Yet after a moment, he could not laugh.

He found Lieyan Ge, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and Kuang Jue were not laughing.

When Kuang Jue spoke his speculation, Lieyan Ge and the others had grave and ugly expressions.

"Did Grom really say that? That this person... is just one of Castor's avatars?" Lieyan Ge said gravely.

Kuang Jue nodded. "Correct."

Lieyan Ge suddenly looked at Qin Lie and said, "Castor truly has nine bodies, one main and eight avatars. The eight Nether Rivers in the Eight Purgatories...

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