Chapter 1614: Main Body, Avatar

"Because of you? What do you mean?" Lieyan Ge said curiously.

Qin Lie said after a moment of silence, "Since I entered this purgatory, I attempted to gather the remnants of dead souls' secrets in the Nether River. I could feel that the Nether River didn’t just have the truth fragments, but also a faint soul presence in some remnant souls..."

"At the start, I was not sure of its origins. I thought there were just phantoms and evil souls there."

"Now, I think that even though Castor's body has been destroyed and turned into the Nether River, his soul hadn't been completely destroyed."

"Maybe I accidentally caused a change when gathering the dead souls secrets."

"Maybe he left a failsafe behind..."

Qin Lie explained.

"Failsafe?" Lieyan Ge's expression changed. He said thoughtfully, "You mean that Castor had made some arrangements before his death? Now those preparations have caused his destroyed soul to slowly gather together?"

"I am just speculating." Qin Lie laughed.

"It may be the truth." Lieyan Ge took a deep breath. "Yes, an Abyss Devil surpassing rank ten bloodline would not die so easily. Also, the power he comprehends is related to dead souls!"

"Uncle, what should we do now?" the present patriarch of the Blaze Family, Lieyan Zhao, asked.

"Stand down and wait," Lieyan Ge answered.

After he spoke, Qin Lie and the others put their attention on the fight between the Yellow Springs Monarch and the newly-arrived Abyss Devil.

They could see Grom’s enormous body giving off shockingly powerful ripples of abyss devil energy pushing against the sea of dead souls.

Kuang Jue shouted and urged the God Race warriors in that area to leave as soon as possible.

The Abyss Devils had thought the newcomer would help them against the God Race.

When Grom roared and suddenly fought the new Abyss Devil, they were dumbstruck.

Most of the Abyss Devils did not know what was happening. They just felt the situation was strange.

Only the Great Lords of the Abyss with knowledge of the ancient past knew bits and pieces of the truth.

But they remained silent at this time.

They did not want to participate, and didn't dare participate in the battle between Grom and Castor.

Also in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Lawton, who Qin Lie had taken an eye from, consumed the hearts of the Lords of the Abyss and refined the core bloodline of Daley and Afra to finally reach the rank ten bloodline.


Beside the dried Nether River, Lawton roared as his body expanded.

As he grew, the thick abyss devil energy nearby flowed into his enormous body like black water.

Lawton's presence immediately grew more terrifying.

Soon after, he went from a humanoid high rank Abyss Devil to a devilized Great Lord of the Abyss, thousands of meters tall.

Lawton looked very similar to his father Grom. He grew a thick tail at his waist and also had six wings.

However, his eyes were not Grom's pure black but deep purple.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

Phantom and evil fiends flew out of his enormous body like snakes.

"Dead souls..."

After breaking through to rank ten bloodline, he immediately detected three presences that were very attractive to him.

Those three physical beings were his father Grom, Castor who had consumed Everardo, and Qin Lie.

Those three beings all had a part of the dead souls secrets in their bloodline.

The dead souls secrets pulled irresistibly at him.


His mountainous body charged into the sky. He followed his inner desires and flew towards the abyss passageway.

When he moved, the eye that Qin Lie had put into his spatial ring immediately reacted.


Qin Lie detected Lawton's presence from the movements of the eye. His expression changed.

He realized that Lawton had reached rank ten bloodline at this time.

After becoming a Great Lord of the Abyss, Lawton naturally called with his bloodline towards his eye.

That eye responded to his call. It wanted to break free of the spatial ring and enter Lawton's eye.

Many cut off limbs of rank ten Abyss Devils would react when the owner activated their bloodline. They would automatically seek to merge back with their body.

Lawton's eye was the same.

"It’s gonna get crowded. Castor, Grom, Lawton..." Qin Lie rubbed his chin. His expression grew strange.

He did not count himself.

He also comprehended the dead souls’ secrets. He was like Lawton and Grom. He might also become Castor's target.

But because of the Galaxy Mirror, he did not worry for his safety.

In the worst case, he could use the Galaxy Mirror to easily leave Yellow Springs Purgatory.

"Another one is coming!"

In the distance, Kuang Jue suddenly felt Lawton's presence when he led the God Race warriors away from that area.

Qin Lie flew into the sky. He looked into the distance and noticed an enormous Abyss Devil shadow coming closer.

After hesitating, he took Lawton's eye out of the spatial ring.

He released the boundaries on the eye.


That eye immediately flew towards the spriting Lawton when it was freed.

Lawton immediately detected it from afar that the eye that Qin Lie had taken was flying toward his body.

Lawton was surprised. He couldn't understand why Qin Lie would release the eye that could threaten him.


Kuang Jue of the Bloodthirst Family suddenly stood next to Qin Lie and said, "I heard Grom say that this person is just one of Castor's avatars."

"An avatar? What do you mean?" Qin Lie said curiously.

"The true Castor has nine heads. He is just... one of the heads, an avatar," Kuang Jue explained.

"How many avatars does Castor have?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"One main body, eight avatars. Those eight avatars... formed the eight Nether Rivers in the Eight Purgatories. Only when the eight avatars merge into the main body can Castor appear completely. At that time, Castor will have been resurrected in the true sense," Kuang Jue explained.

"This powerful?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"The thing you have that can gather fragmented secrets of the dead souls in the Nether River might come from Castor's main body," Kuang Jue said in a strange stone.

Qin Lie had a blank expression.

"If you and that thing merged, maybe... you are his main body," Kuang Jue said.

"What?!" Qin Lie was shocked.

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