Chapter 1613: Resurrection?

"It was him pulling the strings!"

Lieyan Zhao's expression was grave after hearing Qin Lie's explanation. His brows furrowed deeply.

Han Che and Yu Xi of the Light Family came over, also learning of the situation.

Hearing that the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race might have participated in this matter and was using them, the five family patriarchs did not have good expressions.

It could be seen that they were very wary of the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race.

"What is Uncle and Grom discussing?" An Hao looked worriedly into the sky.

"The one who really wants Grom dead should be the Imperial Soul Monarch. we are just being used." Han Che thought for a moment and looked at Qin Lie, saying, "You really... obtained a part of the dead souls secrets belonging to Castor?"

The others looked suddenly at him.

Qin Lie nodded minutely and said, "A small part."

"It's best if you abandon it." Han Che sighed. "The Imperial Soul Monarch will not allow powerful beings skilled in dead souls power to survive. It was the same with Castor in the past, and it is so with the two Devil Monarchs now. And you... if you persist, you might not be able to escape death in the future."

"In this universe, if the Imperial Soul Monarch wants someone dead, he has countless methods that cannot be defended against," An Hao said.

Qin Lie's expression was dark. He did not immediately respond.

At this time, the fighting between the God Race and Abyss Devils completely stopped.

Everyone was waiting for Lieyan Ge and Grom's discussion to end.


At this time, an enormous Abyss Devil presence came from the distance. It appeared another powerful Abyss Devil was coming in quickly.


"It must be Lord Metcina!"

"It might be Lord Everardo!"

Many Abyss Devils were secretly elated when they perceived that presence.

From the start of battle until now, the rank ten Abyss Devils Metcina and Everardo had not appeared.

They believed that the two Great Lords of the Abyss must have been delayed by other matters, and would not flee battle.

When they felt the presence, they immediately thought that one of the two was hurrying over.

"Another Great Lord of the Abyss..."

Han Che's expression moved. He frowned and said, "The newcomer might not understand the situation. We have to be careful and not let him start the fight again."

"I will go take a look," An Hao said.

"This is not right!" Qin Lie shook and shouted, "That guy, he... he should be that guy, he has the dead souls’ presence."

He suddenly remembered the enormous nine-headed shadow he once saw at the other shore of the Nether River.

That Abyss Devil shadow seemed to gather the countless phantoms and evil fiends in the Nether River together to form a huge body.

"Who is it?" An Hao asked curiously.

"Maybe it’s that Castor you speak of," Qin Lie said seriously.


"How is it possible?"

An Hao and Lieyan Zhao all frowned as they shouted in shock.

The other family patriarchs were stunned and felt the situation was out of control again.

"I will go take a look!" An Hao's eyes flashed. He flew and turned into a patch of darkness in an instant.

He sneaked towards that presence.

"Uncle and Grom finished their discussion?" Lieyan Zhao looked up and said.

Qin Lie instinctively looked up at the sky, and saw Lieyan Ge turn into a flame that fell down from the sky.

He noticed the Yellow Springs Monarch, Grom, was communicating with the nearby rank ten Abyss Devils using special soul vibrations.

He could feel waves of soul vibrations spinning through the air. This meant that the Abyss Devils were communicating.

"Everardo! It's Everardo!"

At this time, a rank ten Abyss Devil shouted in terror.


Enormous dead souls flew from the direction that An Hao left in to drown the Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen who stopped fighting.

"Arg! Ah!"

The Abyss Devils and God Race bloodline warriors gave off ear-piercing howls from within the rolling dead souls.

Qin Lie looked and detected a familiar power that completely shrouded this area.

Suddenly, he had a strange feeling he was standing above the Nether River and watching as countless phantoms and evil ghosts cried and wailed.

At this time, a unique boundary formed that quickly expanded from that area.

"He's not Everardo!" Yellow Springs Monarch Grom shouted.

As he shouted, Grom summoned the deathly scythe gain, and charged into the countless phantoms and evil fiends.

"Boom! Boom boom boom!"

In a flash, Grom and the incoming Abyss Devil seemed to tangle together.

Countless phantoms and fiends wreaked havoc through the surroundings. Grieving howls of dying Abyss Devils and God Race warriors filled the area..

"The trees long for peace but the wind never cease..."

Kuang Jue, the patriarch of the Bloodthirst Family, turned into a bloody light and flew towards that area, his eyes flashing with murderous intent.

"This..." Han Che frowned and said, "Do we need to participate in the battle between Abyss Devils?"

"Uncle!" Lieyan Zhao shouted.

Lieyan Ge, who descended from the sky, nodded at him and said, "Grom has accepted my conditions. If we stop fighting, he will not stop us from leaving Yellow Springs Purgatory."

"Qin Lie, you know his son Lawton?" Lieyan Ge said.

Qin Lie nodded. "Yes."

"Grom said if you can take the dead souls’ secrets from Lawton, he will allow you to leave this purgatory," Lieyan Ge said.

Qin Lie stilled.

"If you really are going to study the dead souls’ secrets, that is possible, but you have to be wary of the Imperial Soul Monarch at all times. I fear..." Lieyan Ge sighed softly and said, "However, as long as the Devil Monarchs of Yellow Springs and Nine Hells Purgatories are still alive, you are temporarily safe. Grom has been forced to agree to copy the dead souls secrets he comprehended to us."

"Oh, right, what is the origin of the new Abyss Devil?" he asked casually.

"The dead Abyss Master, Castor," Qin Lie said with a grimace.

"Ah!" Lieyan Ge was shocked.

He spent a great effort and threatened Grom with the destruction of Yellow Springs Purgatory to force Grom to give away the dead souls’ power that he had gotten from the Abyss Master Castor.

He was trying to complete the fragmented art that Qin Lie mastered.

He had not expected the Abyss Master Castor to be resurrected just after he and Grom finalized their agreement.

"Why is it like this? Castor is clearly dead, his body became the Nether River, how could he be resurrected?" Lieyan Ge said to himself with shock.

"Maybe it was because I woke him up?" Qin Lie said uncertainly.

He had a feeling that Castor managed to gather the remnant souls in the Nether River because of how he used the Nether River to comprehend the power of dead souls recently.

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