Chapter 1612: Variable

Learning that Qin Lie had resealed the abyss passageway into Yellow Springs Purgatory, Lieyan Ge appeared very relaxed.

As the God Race and the Abyss Devils fought madly, he had time to inform Qin Lie of some secrets.

This was because the God Race clearly had the upper hand. There were many more fatalities among the Abyss Devils compared to the God Race warriors.

He knew the situation. The others, both Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen, did not.

Due to this, the five family patriarchs, led by Kuang Jue and Han Che, gradually showed their true power.

"Boom boom boom!"

As Qin Lie and Lieyan Ge talked, three of the blood balls summoned by Kuang Jue suddenly...

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