Chapter 1612: Variable

Learning that Qin Lie had resealed the abyss passageway into Yellow Springs Purgatory, Lieyan Ge appeared very relaxed.

As the God Race and the Abyss Devils fought madly, he had time to inform Qin Lie of some secrets.

This was because the God Race clearly had the upper hand. There were many more fatalities among the Abyss Devils compared to the God Race warriors.

He knew the situation. The others, both Abyss Devils and God Race clansmen, did not.

Due to this, the five family patriarchs, led by Kuang Jue and Han Che, gradually showed their true power.

"Boom boom boom!"

As Qin Lie and Lieyan Ge talked, three of the blood balls summoned by Kuang Jue suddenly exploded.

The explosions overlapped, forming a terrifying shockwave that covered Yellow Springs Monarch Grom completely

The three blood balls’ explosive power was mixed with presences of different races..

The fiendish energy inside had been accumulated with deaths of dozens of different races. Under such intense power, Grom’s body showed wounds all over, causing him to roar in pain.

Many snakes of purple lightning climbed over Grom's wounds.

Qin Lie watched from afar and found that Grom's wounds had stopped bleeding and scabbed over quickly.

He was shocked at the terrifying recovery ability of a rank ten Abyss Devil.

"Grom is about to go crazy!"

Lieyan Ge's expression changed slightly. He looked towards the rank ten Abyss Devils, Han Che, An Hao, and the others in the sky. He hesitated.

He had already guessed that the Imperial Soul Monarch must have secretly pushed the God Race and the Spirit Race to enter the Yellow Springs and Nine Hells Purgatories.

But, at this time, when he knew that the abyss passageway was sealed, should the God Race stop?

If they didn't stop, even if the God Race killed all the Abyss Devils of this purgatory, they would pay a great price.

The God Race would also greatly offend the Abyss Devil Race.

If the Abyss Devils left the Abyss and attacked the lands of the God Race, would they be able to endure?

Lieyan Ge was very conflicted.

At this time, the scythe that Grom was swinging formed many complicated patterns on the surface.

Those patterns formed nine eyes. Each seemed to lead toward a world of dead souls.

This was Grom's core bloodline ability—Nine Purgatories.

Lieyan Ge knew the power of Nine Purgatories. Seeing the eyes form on the scythe, his expression grew more grave.

"Is the abyss passageway really sealed?" he suddenly shouted towards Qin Lie.

Qin Lie nodded heavily.

Lieyan Ge took a deep breath. His thin body turned into a burning flame that shot into the gray sky.

Under the gray sky, Grom swung the scythe. He was shrouded in billions of dead souls and was about to unleash the true power of Nine Hells.

Qin Lie's Abyss Devil Race bloodline suddenly grew restless as though it anticipated the bloodline power of Grom.

"Wait a moment!"

At this time, Lieyan Ge's furious shot came from the sky.

"Grom! If you want to live, settle down!"

"The abyss passageway is sealed, the other Abyss Devils of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory will not come. If you persist in fighting, we will kill all the Abyss Devils in this purgatory!"

"Wake up!"

Lieyan Ge's loud voice echoed. He shouted at Grom to urge him to calm down.

At his words, the fighting Abyss Devils and God Race warriors were all stunned.

"What? The abyss passageway has been sealed? Haha, this is great. Without reinforcements, are these Abyss Devils a match for us?"

"Damned Abyss Devils, they are dead!"

"The heavens have blessed our race!"

"Yellow Springs Purgatory’s Abyss Devils are no match for us. We can kill them all!"

The God Race clansmen were overjoyed after learning the news.

Kuang Jue, Han Che, An Hao, and the other patriarchs, as well as rank ten bloodline warriors were puzzled.

They looked with bewilderment at Lieyan Ge.

The Abyss Devils showed expressions of despair when they learned the abyss passageway was closed again.

However, unlike other races, the Abyss Devils did not lose their spirit as their despair spread. Their spirits burned, and they resolved to bury their enemies along with themselves.

Seeing the enemies become more fearless after learning the news rather than become spirited, Qin Lie shuddered.

He suddenly felt a kind of respect towards the races of the Abyss.

This race knew neither compromise nor retreat. They had no ego in the face of despair.

It was truly a race of madmen.

"You say the abyss passageway is closed?" Yellow Springs Monarch Grom shouted.

"You can go look," Lieyan Ge said coldly.


Grom's enormous body suddenly flew towards the abyss passageway in a flash.


His gargantuan body was bounced back at the entrance to the abyss passageway.

Powerful gusts of wind formed in the air, and many of the rank nine Lords of the Abyss wavered.

"Why have the Galaxy Spirit Crystals returned!"

Grom shouted, his voice full of anger and unwillingness.

He could not accept that the Galaxy Spirit Crystals had once again blocked the abyss passageway.

His furious shouts caused the Lords and Great Lords of the Abyss to realize that Lieyan Ge had not been lying.

The Abyss Devils immediately realized the situation.

"Grom, I have some things I want to talk to you alone," Lieyan Ge said.

"Come here!" Grom snorted.

"Uncle!" Lieyan Zhao shouted.

"No matter." Lieyan Ge waved his hand and turned into a clump of fire that flew towards Grom’s head.

Then he and Grom lowered their voices so only they could hear.

All the God Race warriors and the Abyss Devils quieted.

Their battle halted temporarily as they waited for Grom and Lieyan Ge's discussion to conclude.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Over by the Blaze Family’s army, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and An Hao suddenly landed.

They appeared next to Qin Lie.

They learned from their juniors that Lieyan Ge had been with Qin Lie before this spectacle.

They realized that Qin Lie must be related to why Lieyan Ge would fly into the sky and converse with Grom.

The three of them looked with puzzlement at Qin Lie, waiting for his explanation.

The other rank eight and nine Blaze Family warriors all scattered after their arrival.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang who had wanted to talk to Qin Lie hurriedly moved away.

"I used the Galaxy Mirror to seal this purgatory," Qin Lie explained with a smile.

"Galaxy Mirror!" The three family patriarchs paled upon hearing the news.

"It's like this..."

Qin Lie explained the situation briefly. He highlighted the elder’s speculation of the Soul Race's Imperial Soul Monarch’s involvement.

"Imperial Soul Monarch!"

Kuang Jue, An Hao, and Lieyan Zhao were shocked and terrified after hearing this.

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