Chapter 1611: Ancient Monster

“You’re sure you can seal off the abyss passageway indefinitely and take us away from this purgatory whenever we want to?”

Lieyan Ge stared at Qin Lie with bright eyes. He felt as if every pore in his body was relaxing at once.

“That’s right.” Qin Lie nodded.

“Can you… deploy the Abyss Devil Race bloodline in your body now?” asked Lieyan Ge.

Qin Lie was caught off guard by the question.

He finally realized that his Abyss Devil Race bloodline had calmed down before he realized it. This happened after he acquired the Galaxy Mirror, and the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline became extraordinarily active.

Not long ago, using that purple crystal in his Soul Altar often caused him to lose control of his emotions and enter the form of an Abyss Devil.

He was even worried that the flaws in his bloodline would surface and cause him to explode to death because he had ascended to rank nine.

However, his anxiety had suddenly lessened after his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline had become active.

It was as if its rejuvenation had somehow temporarily subdued the restlessness in his bloodline.

As a result, the most problematic of his bloodlines, the Abyss Devil Race bloodline, had grown abnormally silent, and he could take on the form of an Abyss Devil, a human, or a God Race clansman without worries.

For now, he didn’t need to worry about the flaws in his bloodline suddenly exploding in his face without warning.

“For now, it seems to be under control,” answered Qin Lie after a short moment.

Lieyan Ge shot him a deep look before saying, “It may have something to do with the Galaxy Mirror.”

“What?” Qin Lie exclaimed in astonishment.

“I heard from Han Che that he sensed the… Abyss Master’s aura from you. This meant that the power you obtain came from the Nether River, am I right?” Lieyan Ge asked.

Qin Lie nodded immediately in confirmation.

“The Abyss Master’s name is Castor. He was an Abyss Devil who had transcended rank ten bloodline, and the former master of the Abyss. He was killed by the monarchs of the Eight Purgatories and the patriarch of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race. These demon spirits had suffered huge casualties during that battle. They had lost a lot of rank ten clansmen, their patriarch, and even the Galaxy Mirror in the process.”

Lieyan Ge continued with a serious look, “Of course, you are lucky to come by a portion of Castor’s power over dead souls. However, he was also the one who almost single-handedly annihilated the entire Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race. That is why the Galaxy Mirror suppresses and rejects his power.”

“Right now, the power you possess probably isn’t too strong yet. That is why the Galaxy Mirror is able to suppress it.”

“But if you keep this up… it’s only a matter of time before the Galaxy Mirror loses control of it completely.”

“Castor’s power over dead souls is one of the most evil and terrifying abilities in the entire universe. When he transcended rank ten, he had a wish to transform every race with a living soul to dead souls.”

“That wish turned out to be his doom.”

“The Demon Spirits of Space and Time and the eight great Devil Monarchs aren’t the only reasons behind his death. A lot of peak powers were involved in it as well.”

“Again, you are lucky to have come by his power, but it may land you in a heap of troubles that are out of your control as well.”

Lieyan Ge was currently the oldest elder in the Blaze Family. He was extremely familiar with the incidents from millions of years ago.

He knew practically anything that once shook the entire galaxy.

In fact, he was an active participant in many of these incidents.

That was why he was able to figure out so many things after knowing that Qin Lie possessed both the Galaxy Mirror and the truth fragments of the dead souls.

“The previous Abyss Master, Castor, wanted to turn every race with a living soul to dead souls…” Qin Lie muttered to himself.

His knowledge regarding the former master of the dead souls and the decline of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time had been refreshed thanks to Lieyan Ge.

“You need to remember that Castor’s true enemy was the Imperial Soul Monarch of the Soul Race. The Imperial Soul Monarch, the entire Soul Race and even the techniques and powers they cultivated are all based on live souls. As long as the soul was alive, the Imperial Soul Monarch had almost limitless ways to control it, possess it, take it over, and turn it into his many avatars. This is also how the Soul Race grows in population and strength.”

“However, Castor cultivated the power of dead souls. The very foundations of their power were in conflict with each other.”

“Although our race and the Spirit Race had a hand in Castor’s death, the one who pushed the hardest out of everyone was actually the Imperial Soul Monarch.”

“Technically speaking, the eight Devil Monarchs and the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time are just executors of his will.”

“Therefore, you must either give up on cultivating the power of dead souls, or watch out for the Soul Race at every turn.”

Suddenly, Lieyan Ge shuddered as if he just recalled something.

“What’s wrong?” Qin Lie looked surprised by Lieyan Ge’s reaction.

The information Lieyan Ge had revealed to him was one of the greatest secrets in the entire world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was stunned by everything he just heard.

Thanks to Lieyan Ge, he knew that the previous Abyss Master was a practitioner of dead souls called Castor. He also learned that the foundation of his power was the exact opposite of the Soul Race’s.

“Right now, there are two Devil Monarchs who are cultivating the power of dead souls in secret. The Yellow Springs Monarch is one of them, and the other… is the Nine Hells Monarch.” Lieyan Ge sucked in a deep breathing before continuing, “Is it a coincidence that the Spirit Race and us are currently invading these two purgatories right now, and expending most of our accumulated strength in the process? I suddenly feel like an invisible hand is pushing us on this path?”

“You mean to say the Imperial Soul Monarch?” Qin Lie looked shocked.

“He would never allow another Castor to appear in this galaxy. He must’ve sensed danger from the Yellow Springs Monarch and the Nine Hells Monarch because they were cultivating the power of dead souls in secret and are trying to claim the throne of the Abyss Master!” Lieyan Ge sucked in a deep breath before yelling, “Tian Qi was the one who threw you into Yellow Springs Purgatory before working together with your grandfather to push the Spirit Race and us into these two purgatories! This means that he’s probably using the God Race and the Spirit Race to eliminate the Yellow Springs and Nine Hells Purgatories!”

“If my guess is correct, Tian Qi must’ve come to an agreement with him!”

The more Lieyan Ge thought about this, the more he felt like he guessed the truth, or at least as close as he could possibly be. His expression turned incredibly serious while he was absorbed in his own thoughts.

Meanwhile, Qin Lie looked completely confused.

He was stunned by Lieyan Ge’s statements. This was also the first time he came into contact with the chessboard the strongest beings of the universe were sitting at.

Tian Qi, Lieyan Yuan, and the Imperial Soul Monarch were the three Blood and Soul Mentors.

However, Lieyan Ge had made it sound like Imperial Soul Monarch was the scariest monster between the three of them. This Soul Race clansman seemed capable of playing the races as he wished on his palm.

Even Castor, the Abyss Master who transcended rank ten, had been killed by the Imperial Soul Monarch using the eight great Devil Monarchs and the patriarch of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time.

Now, after the Devil Monarchs of the Yellow Springs and Nine Hells Purgatories had acquired the power of dead souls and were trying to claim the position of the Abyss Master, the God Race and the Spirit Race had suddenly invaded their purgatory…

It was as if the Imperial Soul Monarch could alter the galaxy to his whim without even showing his face or lifting a hand.

Even the other two Blood and Soul Mentors, Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan, had been manipulated by him without realizing it.

“I thought Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan are Blood and Soul Mentors themselves? Why would they fall for his machinations?” Qin Lie couldn’t help but ask.

“While it is true that both Tian Qi and Little Yuan are ‘Blood and Soul Mentors’ and are incredibly wise, they’d never been able to transcend rank ten.” Lieyan Ge let out a sigh before continuing in a bitter tone, “After Castor, the Abyss Master, had passed away, the Imperial Soul Monarch became the only person in the entire galaxy whose bloodline was truly beyond rank ten. Moreover, the Imperial Soul Monarch had reached that level several million years before Castor had even become the Abyss Master.”

“He was the one who nominated Tian Qi and Little Yuan as Blood and Soul Mentors of the universe in the first place, before the title was gradually accepted by the races.”

“That guy is the real ancient monster out of all of us. Forget Tian Qi and Little Yuan, even I am only a junior in front of him.”

“You cannot find another old bastard who had lived longer than him in the entire galaxy.”

“It was as if he was there since the Soul Race was born, and he had persisted to exist until this day.”

“And when you think that the Soul Race had existed for over ten million years already...”

Lieyan Ge shook his head and sighed.

His words caused tidal waves of emotions in Qin Lie’s heart.

“The Imperial Soul Monarch…”

He finally had confirmation that there actually was someone who had transcended rank ten in this galaxy. Moreover, this person was still alive even though tens of millions of years had passed.

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