Chapter 1610: Bringing Hope!

At the entrance of the abyss passageway.

Qin Lie watched quietly as Grom, the Yellow Springs Monarch, waited for Kuang Jue to unleash his fiercest attack on him.

At this point, Qin Lie was certain that no amount of Abyss Devils could break through the Galaxy Mirror’s “Gate of Prohibition”.

Therefore, it was possible for the God Race to kill every Abyss Devil before their eyes at the price of many lives.

However… was it really worth it?

He observed and calculated the combat power and casualties being incurred on both sides. Soon, he came to the realization that one God Race warrior was killed for every two dead Abyss Devils.

This meant that the price the God Race would probably have to pay was half of their numbers if they really intended to kill every Abyss Devil there was in Yellow Springs Purgatory.

He wasn’t sure if this was the outcome Han Che and the others really wanted.


Suddenly, he stopped hiding in the abyss passageway and zipped into the crowd of Abyss Devils in front of him.

Grom was being kept busy by Kuang Jue, so he probably didn’t have the time to deal with him.

Moreover, he was in his high rank Abyss Devil form right now.

“Kill! Kill them all!”

“Tear them into bits!”

The second Qin Lie left the abyss passageway, he was instantly drawn in by the atmosphere of the battlefield.

For just a fraction of a second, he felt like losing himself in the atmosphere and fight the Abyss Devils in front of him just like how he had slaughtered the Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory earlier.

The impulse on lasted for an instant though.

“Crack crack!”

His bones crackled as he started changing his bloodline. He slowly shrank from a three-meter-tall high rank Abyss Devil into a red-haired, red-eyed Blaze Family clansman.

Then, he unleashed his bloodline and summoned “Flame World” on purpose.

In just a couple of seconds, Qin Lie had transformed into a God Race warrior completely.

At first, the Abyss Devil closest to Qin Lie thought that he was just an ally. But a fraction of a second later, he discovered in shock that Qin Lie had transformed into a God Race warrior.


The rank eight Golden-armored Battle Devil thumped his chest, howled in fury and charged him in a straight line.

Gold-colored thorns burst out of the Abyss Devil’s body towards Qin Lie’s chest like golden lightning.


A series of metallic clangs later, the golden thorns dropped harmlessly on the ground.

Qin Lie didn’t even look down at his chest to see if he was okay. He calmly flew past the Golden-armored Battle Devil as if he didn’t even notice the attack.


Although he had ascended to rank nine using the Abyss Devil Race bloodline, his physical body had still been tempered from head to toe during the moment of breakthrough.

Even if he wasn’t in his Abyss Devil form, his physical body wasn’t so weak that it could be damaged by a mere rank eight Golden-armored Battle Devil.

Moreover, he had just killed a bunch of famous rank nine Lords of this very purgatory and consumed their hearts using devil devouring.

He might not be as strong as a real Great Lord of the Abyss, but only existences of such level could threaten his life.

Why would he care about a rank eight Abyss Devil when even a rank nine Abyss Devils were nothing to him?

“Whoosh whoosh!”

Qin Lie continued to fly past the rank eight Abyss Devils like a living fireball. He completely ignored the low level attacks around him.

“Qin Lie!”

“Is that Qin Lie?”

“It is him!”

Gan Xing, Liu Yang, Mia, and a couple more younger God Race warriors exclaimed in surprise when they saw who was behind the fireball flying towards them.

Gan Xing and Liu Yang especially were so excited that they called out to their seniors again and again.

However, Lieyan Zhao, Han Che, and An Hao were all busy dealing with the rank ten Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory. They didn’t hear their cries at all.

Still, someone had noticed Qin Lie. It was the Blaze Family’s clan elder, Lieyan Ge.

Once, he was a peak rank ten bloodline warrior as well.

However, he was severely injured during a bloody battle. He had never returned to peak strength since.

That was why he wasn’t needed to deal with the Great Lords of the Abyss. His current role was to serve as a backbone to his army and fight against the rank eight and rank nine Abyss Devils.

“Are you Qin Lie?”

Lieyan Ge abruptly appeared in front of Qin Lie before asking the question with a solemn expression on his face.

“I am. And you are?” Qin Lie asked tentatively.

“My name is Lieyan Ge. Even your grandfather, Lieyan Yuan, is my junior.” Lieyan Ge introduced himself and his age proudly before continuing, “I heard from Han Che that you… transformed into a actual Lord of the Abyss. Is that true?”

Qin Lie nodded and said, “That’s right.”

“What? You, you transformed into a Lord of the Abyss? What is going on, Qin Lie?” Gan Xing asked urgently.

Liu Yang also exclaimed in surprise and said, “That’s impossible. I don’t smell an Abyss Devil scent from you at all.”

“Kill them all!”

A lot of Abyss Devils were charging them like hungry animals while they were conversing with each other.

Lieyan Ge frowned and brought Qin Lie deeper behind the Blaze Family’s line, leaving it to the rest of the Blaze Family warriors roared and charged the incoming Abyss Devils.

“What happened to you really?” Lieyan Ge asked solemnly.

Qin Lie frowned a little before replying, “I don’t have time to explain everything. All I can tell you is I’ve once again sealed the abyss passageway of Yellow Springs Purgatory temporarily. You are free to kill the Abyss Devils of this purgatory however you wish, and I can help you leave this place after you’re done!”

“What? What did you say?!” Lieyan Ge shuddered once.

“I said I’ve temporarily sealed the abyss passageway!” Qin Lie shouted at him.

Right now they were in the middle of the battlefield, and both sides were screaming on top of their lungs as they clashed against one another. That was why they had to shout to catch each other’s words.

“But how is that possible? How can you possibly seal off the abyss passageway? How do you do it?” Lieyan Ge shouted.

“I have the Galaxy Mirror!” Qin Lie shouted back.

“The Galaxy Mirror…” Lieyan Ge’s eyes went blank for a second before he abruptly realized what Qin Lie was talking about. “You mean the Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s sacred artifact?”

Qin Lie nodded strongly in response.

A look of wild joy suddenly entered Lieyan Ge’s eyes. He was so excited he actually started dancing on his feet. “The Galaxy Mirror! The Galaxy Mirror, you say? Hahaha! The heavens are watching over our race today!”

A second ago, he was still worrying about their future and the rashness behind their decision to invade Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Every God Race expert including him had been worried when the abyss passageway had become unsealed earlier.

They had a clear grasp of the battle situation even before they entered the war. They knew full well that they were strong enough to take down the entire Yellow Springs Purgatory, but absolutely not the entire Abyss Devil Race.

The fact that the abyss passageway had reopened meant that enemy reinforcements from other purgatories would soon pour into Yellow Springs Purgatory. Even the Abyss Devils from the upper levels would pour into both Yellow Springs Purgatory and Nine Hells Purgatory like mad.

Since they couldn’t leave Yellow Springs Purgatory immediately, they were stuck fighting an infinite amount of enemies.

At the time, the only path of survival they had was to leave this damnable place as soon as possible.

That was why they had risked everything and mounted this charge against the abyss passageway.

However, when Grom said that the Abyss Devils of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory were soon to arrive, even he thought that this seemingly wise decision was going to end in a catastrophic failure.

He was about to give up hope when Qin Lie suddenly showed up and told him that the Galaxy Mirror had resealed the abyss passageway once more.

There was literally nothing that brought him more hope today than this one line!

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