Chapter 1609: Gate of Prohibition!

“Galaxy Mirror…”

The secret techniques relating to the Galaxy Mirror instantly appeared in his head.

When the Galaxy Mirror was reforged, this knowledge had already become fused with his bloodline and his soul.

Anytime he had use of them, the sea of knowledge would naturally surface into his head.

“Galaxy Mirror—Gate of Prohibition!”


A memory related to the sealing of the Abyss levels leaped around in his head like lightning and gradually grew clearer.

In that instant, his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline came alive.

His pupils instantly turned gem white in color.


Dazzling balls of light burst out of his one-level Soul Altar as his bloodline unleashed its energy.

The Galaxy Mirror was a multifaceted prism that had shrunk down to the size of a palm not long ago.

But in this moment, the Galaxy Mirror suddenly swelled a million times bigger!

It was as if the Galaxy Mirror had transformed into a mountain of Galaxy Spirit Crystals and clogged up this level’s abyss passageway completely.

The path was blocked in almost a blink of an eye.

Inside the abyss passageway, there were several Abyss levels above and below the entrance to Yellow Springs Purgatory.

However, the Galaxy Spirit Crystal had grown large enough to block off the abyss passageway itself, forbidding any life from entering Yellow Springs Purgatory through the abyss passageway.

Qin Lie suddenly saw a giant Abyss Devil descending from above.

It was the same Abyss Devil he had sensed earlier. This Abyss Devil came from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory, and it was roaring and unleashing all kinds of dazzling energies in attempt to break the crystals blocking his way apart.

Unfortunately, no matter what the Abyss Devil tried, the Galaxy Mirror remained unmoved like an impenetrable rock.

It was as if the Galaxy Mirror had merged with the entire abyss passageway itself after transforming into a pile of Galaxy Spirit Crystals.

The Galaxy Mirror could draw an inexhaustible amount of power from the abyss passageway and sustain itself indefinitely.

It was because the Galaxy Mirror had belonged to the abyss passageway and the Demon Spirits of Space and Time in the first place.

Since ancient times, the Demon Spirits of Space and Time were a native race born to guard the abyss passageway.

“Bang bang bang!”

Another two Abyss Devils descended from above and attacked the Galaxy Mirror madly while roaring.

They looked impatient and frustrated, but a while later it seemed like there was nothing they could do against the Galaxy Mirror.

Moreover, they could see a high rank Abyss Devil watching them from behind the half-transparent Galaxy Mirror.

They didn’t know who that high rank Abyss Devil was. All they know was that he was definitely connected to the Galaxy Mirror since he was able to move inside it.

“Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory…”

Qin Lie stared coldly at the three Great Lords from inside the Galaxy Mirror. He had a rough idea who they were.

Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory was the Abyss level directly above Yellow Springs Purgatory, so these three Great Lords must be one of the earliest reinforcements summoned by the Yellow Springs Monarch.

If he wasn’t mistaken, even more Great Lords of the Eight Purgatories were making their way over.

As long as the Galaxy Mirror could maintain the prohibition and prevent all these rank ten Abyss Devils from making it into Yellow Springs Purgatory, everything should still be in the God Race’s control, and they could continue their conquest as planned.

The treacherous Lieyan Yuan aside, everyone else in the God Race actually treated him quite well.

Moreover, they had promised to cease their invasion of Spirit Realm and help Spirit Realm join the ranks of the galactic races just so that he would return to God Realm.

This offer alone had improved his impression of the God Race.

The Yellow Springs Monarch on the other had, was a Great Lord of the Abyss who allowed his children to kill each other and had used them to cultivate his power. He had no affection for the Abyss Devil whatsoever.

Moreover, the purple crystal he had obtained was tied to the power of dead souls as well. It marked him as a thorn in the Yellow Springs Monarch’s side.

As long as the Yellow Springs Monarch was alive, he would do everything in his power to obtain that purple crystal.

In that case, he had no reason not to help the God Race score the best conquest results in Yellow Springs Purgatory… If they could kill the Yellow Springs Monarch in the process, then all the better.

Perhaps he might even be able to isolate the truth fragments of dead souls inside the Yellow Springs Monarch and absorb it into his own…

His plan came to full form in his mind after that.

“You guys can stay right there.”

He muttered while staring at the Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory. Then, he slowly moved away from the Galaxy Mirror.

Just like before, he was watching the battle with half his body still inside the abyss passageway.

He immediately noticed that the battle between the God Race and the Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory were growing more and more intense.

Countless rank nine and rank eight Abyss Devils had been killed in action. Their giant bodies littered the cold, icy ground like little mounds everywhere.

“Grom! If you order all your Abyss Devils to leave the abyss passageway now, we promise to leave your purgatory immediately!” A huge man overflowing with murderous aura and a seemingly infinite thirst for battle shouted angrily at a Great Lord of the Abyss, “You may be able to kill all of us in the end, but the price will be every powerful Abyss Devil in this purgatory! Even you will perish in this fight, and this purgatory will no longer be part of the Eight Purgatories any longer!”

The huge man with messy hair was the current patriarch of the Bloodthirst Family, Kuang Jue. He was a peak rank ten bloodline warrior.

Giant balls of blood flew out of his body while he was speaking.

Every ball of blood brimmed with an immeasurable amount of murderous aura, the violent emotions and the bloodthirst of his clansmen right before their deaths.

Every blood ball was fueled by these violent auras and a stream of tyrannical bloodline power.

Moreover, the energy waves rippling off the blood balls were extremely unstable. It seemed to be on purpose.

Qin Lie tentatively probed the blood balls with his bloodline power, and he immediately felt as if someone had hit in the chest with a hammer.

His breathing instantly grew difficult, and his heart felt like it was about to explode.

In that instant, he suddenly realized that these blood balls made from the unstable energy of his dead clansmen probably had enough power to destroy a small realm each.

He counted the blood balls carefully and was shocked to discover that Kuang Jue was holding thirty two of them in total!

This meant that Kuang Jue could destroy thirty two small realms in a row with them.

The explosion could probably wipe out outer realms such as Asura Realm, the Dragon Realm, and Ancient Beast Realm as well.

“How terrifying…”

After knowing more about Kuang Jue’s power, Qin Lie couldn’t help but shoot him a respectful glance.

“Do you really think we’re afraid of you, Kuang Jue? To tell you the truth, our kin from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory will be arriving in at most an hour’s time. Once they arrive, the upper hand will swing completely to our side, and every second delayed means that a new group of Abyss Devils would pour in from the abyss passageway, pushing you ever so closer towards death.”

Grom, an Abyss Devil with six wings on each side and a tail as big as long as a giant python, was none other than the Yellow Spring Monarch himself. He was several kilometers tall, and he held a giant scythe of death in his hand. Countless dead souls seemed to be surrounding the weapon.

Grom’s pupils wasn’t purple in color like most other Abyss Devils either. It was as black, deep and frigid as a starless night.

“I know that the God Race is very powerful, but you can’t possibly deal us a critical blow in just one hour no matter how powerful you are, can you!?”

“Hehe, kill all you want. Show me how many Abyss Devils you can kill in an hour’s time!”

But remember, when an hour passes and my allies from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory arrive, the God Race will meet its end!”

“No one dares to invade my Yellow Springs Purgatory shall leave this place alive!”

Grom roared loudly to boost his people’s morale.

The Abyss Devil Race had never been a race that feared death, and his encouragement only made them even more fearless than before.

They charged almost suicidally toward the God Race warriors. Death meant nothing to them, all they wanted was to bury the God Race in the cold soil of Yellow Springs Purgatory forever.

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