Chapter 1609: Gate of Prohibition!

“Galaxy Mirror…”

The secret techniques relating to the Galaxy Mirror instantly appeared in his head.

When the Galaxy Mirror was reforged, this knowledge had already become fused with his bloodline and his soul.

Anytime he had use of them, the sea of knowledge would naturally surface into his head.

“Galaxy Mirror—Gate of Prohibition!”


A memory related to the sealing of the Abyss levels leaped around in his head like lightning and gradually grew clearer.

In that instant, his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline came alive.

His pupils instantly turned gem white in color.


Dazzling balls of light burst out of his one-level Soul Altar as his bloodline unleashed its energy.

The Galaxy Mirror was a multifaceted prism that had shrunk down to the size of a palm not long ago.

But in this moment, the Galaxy Mirror suddenly swelled a million times bigger!

It was as if the...

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