Chapter 1608: Coming and Going as He Pleases

After Qin Lie had left Yellow Springs Purgatory, the nine-headed Abyss Devil who dominated Everardo’s body next to the dried up Nether River was shrinking bit by bit.

The nine heads were also “melting” into the body as it shrank.

A while later, he had transformed into a snake-like Abyss Devil.

This Abyss Devil looked a little similar to the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake. The only difference was that it was covered in purple black scales that were as sharp as blades.


After the snake-like Abyss Devil was done digesting Everardo, it let out an earthshaking roar that slammed into the nearby mountains like a terrible storm.

Every mountain within fifty kilometer of him actually crumbled into dust as a result.


The giant snake Abyss...

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