Chapter 1608: Coming and Going as He Pleases

After Qin Lie had left Yellow Springs Purgatory, the nine-headed Abyss Devil who dominated Everardo’s body next to the dried up Nether River was shrinking bit by bit.

The nine heads were also “melting” into the body as it shrank.

A while later, he had transformed into a snake-like Abyss Devil.

This Abyss Devil looked a little similar to the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake. The only difference was that it was covered in purple black scales that were as sharp as blades.


After the snake-like Abyss Devil was done digesting Everardo, it let out an earthshaking roar that slammed into the nearby mountains like a terrible storm.

Every mountain within fifty kilometer of him actually crumbled into dust as a result.


The giant snake Abyss Devil suddenly took off to the air and shot a glance at the abyss passageway with its eerie pupils. Then, it flew towards the distance.

Along the way, many rank seven and rank eight Abyss Devils were pulled out of mountain ranges and valleys by his power.

These Abyss Devils cried out in confusion and puzzlement, but none of them could resist the pull before they were devoured in a gulp.

The giant snake Abyss Devil’s already thousand meter long body seemed to be growing even longer after consuming those Abyss Devils…


Inside a forest, Metcina in her high rank Abyss Devil form suddenly looked up at the sky.

“That’s Everardo’s presence, but his soul… is different.”

Metcina carefully scanned the strange Abyss Devil with an odd look on her face. Then, she shuddered as fear poured into her eyes.

On the sky, the giant snake Abyss Devil seemed to notice her presence as well.

He came to a sudden stop, and Metcina suddenly felt like she was sitting on a bed of needles. Then, she discovered that the forest around her was wilting at a visible rate.

An instant later, she recovered from her shock, concealed her presence and escaped using a secret art that was unique to her alone.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

The vines shrank deep into the ground, and Metcina vanished along with the vines just like that.


The giant snake Abyss Devil crashed heavily on the ground. Not a single plant was still alive in this thousand-kilometer wide forest.

He released a tremendous amount of soul energy and probed his surroundings carefully, but in the end he wasn’t able to find Metcina.

A while later, it finally gave up and returned to the sky.

A long, long time later, Metcina finally slipped out from at least ten thousand meters below the ground.

She looked at the direction of the abyss passageway and hesitated for a moment. At first, she was going to head to the abyss passageway and support the Yellow Springs Monarch, but now she suddenly decided to change her mind. She seemed to think that Yellow Springs Purgatorywas going to descend into great chaos very soon.

“I can’t believe that guy actually came back to life…”

Metcina muttered to herself before disobeying the Yellow Springs Monarch’s orders and abandoning the abyss passageway.


At the abyss passageway entrance of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

Qin Lie was holding the Galaxy Mirror with one half of his body still inside the abyss passageway.

From his experience at Nine Hells Purgatory, he knew that the rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss wouldn’t be able to detect him unless he stepped outside of the abyss passageway completely.

That was how he was able to observe his surroundings from the abyss passageway entrance without being detected.

His expression changed after just a single glance.

Unlike Nine Hells Purgatory, the battle between the five families and the Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory had reached its climax.

On the sky, many Abyss Devils at least several kilometers tall were fighting tooth and nail with the God Race’s rank ten bloodline warriors.

Even Han Che was fighting against a giant bat-shaped Abyss Devil.

Han Che’s pupils looked cold and empty of emotion. However, that didn’t mean that it was lacking in wisdom.

“It’s Absolute Zero…”

Engaged in his special state, every movement Han Che made sent ripples that could forcibly alter the laws of the world throughout his surroundings.

Thousand-meter tall glaciers were created from Han Che’s bloodline almost instantly.

Every one of this glaciers was brimming with the power of absolute frost, and they flew the bat-shaped giant Abyss Devil like the sharpest ice spears in the world.

“Crack crack!”

At the same time, Han Che unleashed many secret bloodline techniques and froze the very space surrounding the Abyss Devil.


The rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss roared frenziedly before spitting purple blood balls from his mouth.

The purple blood balls contained a tremendous wealth of violent energies that exploded like giant thunderballs.

The resulting explosion destroyed the frozen space and Han Che’s glaciers to pieces.

“They’re evenly matched.”

Qin Lie commented in his head before shifting his gaze towards other areas.

He immediately noticed that Han Che wasn’t the only one who was engaging a Great Lord of the Abyss. Many God Race bloodline warriors were fighting Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory as well.

As of now, the Abyss Devils from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory hadn’t shown up yet.

Shockingly, the God Race’s bloodline warriors actually held the absolute advantage over the Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

These screaming Great Lords of the Abyss were struck again and again by all sorts of terrifying bloodline abilities until they were bruised and bloodied all over.

Beneath them, the forces made up of rank seven and rank eight God Race warriors were moving against the Abyss Devils of the same rank as well.

Suddenly, he realized that the five families of the God Race would’ve conquered this purgatory if the abyss passageway hadn’t been unsealed ahead of time.

Unfortunately for them, powerful reinforcements from Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory would soon be arriving.

Other levels’ Abyss Devils might be showing their faces as well.

When that happened, the five families would be overwhelmed.

After a moment of observation, Qin Lie gradually realized that the conflict had progressed too far for any persuasion to be effective. It was unrealistic of him to think that he could persuade them into peace and evacuate the God Race from Yellow Springs Purgatory.

After all, the war was literally happening all around him. It was almost impossible for him to stop them from fighting with his strength alone.

“If only I could block the abyss passageway again…”

He looked at the abyss passageway behind him.

Suddenly, Qin Lie’s expression changed drastically.

He sensed that a powerful Abyss Devil with an aura that felt like it could overturn mountains and seas was moving closer and closer towards Yellow Springs Purgatory.

This powerful Abyss Devil was still a ways away from his position.

However, the aura they possessed clearly meant that they were a Great Lord of the Abyss.

There were probably even more rank ten Abyss Devils following behind.

If they were allowed to enter Yellow Springs Purgatory, every God Race expert would perish in this place.

“I need to find a way to stop this!”

He looked at the Galaxy Mirror he was holding.

He already knew that the Galaxy Mirror was the sacred artifact of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time. Its resurrection was also the reason why the seal on the abyss passageway had come loose.

He was certain that the Galaxy Mirror had the power to prevent those Great Lords of the Abyss from entering!

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