Chapter 1607: Hesitation

“The Galaxy Mirror! Wasn’t the Galaxy Mirror gone already?”

Another Spirit Race old man who heard the news came over while staring holes at the direction of the abyss passageway.

They decided not to wait for a decision from Great Sage Tian Qi. They were going evacuate through the abyss passageway first before the Abyss Devils from other Abyss levels could come over to the rescue.

Once they were inside the abyss passageway, they had countless ways to return to the Spirit World at their leisure.

“What is the Galaxy Mirror?” asked Indigo in puzzlement.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time beneath her might have been the first to sense the sacred artifact, but Indigo herself hadn’t returned to the Spirit World for long. She didn’t know enough of the ancient history of the Spirit Race.

She had never heard of a sacred artifact belonging to the Demon Spirits of Space and Time because they were… practically extinct according to her knowledge.

Although their Eight-eyed Demon Spirits technically had the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline running through their veins, they were really demon pets raised to adulthood by the Spirit Race. They didn’t really count as true Demon Spirits of Space and Time.

Moreover, she had heard from the Great Sage that there were no Demon Spirits of Space and Time left in the abyss passageway since a long time ago.

This meant that the race no longer existed in this world.

“The Galaxy Mirror is the sacred artifact of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time.” Assad stared seriously at the Eight-eyed Demon Spirit beneath Indigo and asked, “Are you sure you had sensed the sacred artifact’s aura?”

The Eight-eyed Demon Spirit nodded repeatedly.

“This is bad…” The eyes of the Spirit Race old man named Hawke flashed with fear. “We cannot charge into the abyss passageway if it really is the Galaxy Mirror!”

Assad fell silent after hearing this. A couple of Spirit Race experts wore uncertain looks on their faces as well.

“Why’s that?” Indigo asked.

“The patriarch of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race had perished in the abyss passageway connecting the Eight Purgatories because of the Abyss Master. The Galaxy Mirror… was destroyed alongside it as well.” Hawke sucked in a deep breath before continuing, “The Abyss Master was the one who killed most of the powerful Demon Spirits of Space and Time. He was the real reason behind their decline. However, we are the ones who ultimately drove them to extinction. After more than half of the Demon Spirits of Space and Time were killed off by the Abyss Master, we captured the remnants as the Great Sage had planned and brought them all back to the Spirit World for our demon pet project.”

“We are the ones who drove them to extinction.”

“The fact that the Galaxy Mirror had reappeared must mean that a great change has happened to the Demon Spirits of Space and Time. A Demon Spirit of Space and Time with control over the Galaxy Mirror is practically invincible in the abyss passageway!”

“Even if we managed to overcome the Abyss Devils and reach the abyss passageway, we will be killed by that Demon Spirit of Space and Time with the Galaxy Mirror.”

Hawke suddenly came to realization and exclaimed, “This demon spirit must also be the reason why the abyss passageway had come unsealed!”

“I understand now, this is their revenge against the Spirit Race.” Assad sighed deeply.

The Spirit Race experts wore heavy looks and even heavier hearts inside their body.

Most of them had participated in that plan. Most of them had killed at least one Demon Spirit of Space and Time in their life.

That was why they knew that any Demon Spirit of Space and Time who somehow survived that attack must have borne deep, boundless hatred towards their race.

“Turn back! We must turn back immediately! Holding out three months against the Abyss Devils is still a better choice than charging into the abyss passageway right now!” Assad ordered hurriedly.

The Spirit Race warriors retreated like receding tide under his orders.

Originally, the Abyss Devils guarding the abyss passageway was planning to stop the Spirit Race’s onslaught with their life. However, they didn’t expect the Spirit Race’s sudden and unexpected retreat.

The giant Abyss Devils floating above the sky were staring at the retreating Spirit Race warriors in puzzlement as well.

They discovered that the Spirit Race’s movements made no sense to them at all.

At the entrance to the abyss passageway.

Hovering alone in the abyss passageway, Qin Lie stared at the giant Abyss Devil in the sky in astonishment.

He knew that these Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory were all rank ten existences.

However, not a single one of these Great Lords of the Abyss seemed to have noticed his arrival even though they were all gathered next to abyss passageway.

A moment of hesitation later, he slowly moved forward.

Suddenly, an idea entered his mind. The miraculous Galaxy Mirror returned to his body and merged with his Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

Then, he stepped out of the abyss passageway as a high rank Abyss Devil with purple hair and purple pupils.

The second he left the abyss passageway completely, he immediately felt a couple of terrifying soul thoughts enveloping like a falling sky.

He immediately understood that the sensation was the Great Lords of the Abyss of this purgatory probing him with their souls.

He also realized that the reason the Great Lords of the Abyss hadn’t detected him earlier was because he hadn’t left the abyss passageway completely until now.

“Rank nine…”

A sinister-looking demon dragon at least ten times Barett’s size suddenly flew towards Qin Lie.

“Hmm? I sense a bit of my race’s bloodline in him…”

The gigantic dragon with eyes bigger than a basin stared coldly at Qin Lie before asking, “Which Abyss purgatory do you come from? Why are you the only one who showed up?”

“A demon dragon…”

Qin Lie shot the gigantic dragon a glance and realized that the Demon Dragon Race of Spirit Realm did descend from the Abyss.

Back then, after absorbing a drop of Barett’s refined blood into himself, he noticed that it had become fused with his Abyss Devil Race bloodline.

At the time, he already knew that the Demon Dragon Race’s bloodline came from the Abyss.

It was obvious at first glance that the terrible demon dragon before him was a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss, so Qin Lie answered after some thinking, “I hail from Phantom Purgatory.”

“Why are you the one who showed up first?” the demon dragon asked loudly.

“I was hanging around the abyss passageway of Phantom Purgatory when I received the message. After that, I charged into the abyss passageway immediately,” replied Qin Lie.

By now, Qin Lie already knew that the Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory had summoned reinforcements from other Eight Purgatories after the abyss passageway had become unsealed.

He also knew that Phantom Purgatory was very close to Nine Hells Purgatory, just like Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory was close to Yellow Springs Purgatory. That was why he had used Phantom Purgatory to dress up his excuse.

“Who’s that, Azgalo?” A deafening roar came from the distance.

“It’s an Abyss Devil from Phantom Purgatory, but he’s only at rank nine bloodline. He happened to be lingering around the abyss passageway of Phantom Purgatory when it came unsealed, so he was the first to show up here,” answered Azgalo the demon dragon.

“Well, leave him. We’ll wait for the rest of the Great Lords of the Abyss.”


The demon dragon named Azgalo stopped wasting breath on Qin Lie and returned to the air after that.

Qin Lie in his high rank Abyss Devil form stood next to the abyss passageway and observed his surroundings.

He noticed that the Spirit Race clansmen were receding like a tidal wave. He could also see a tonne of Abyss Devils standing guard around the abyss passageway.

“Now that the Galaxy Mirror had been reforged, and the abyss passageway opened, both the Spirit Race and the God Race… are in great danger.”

He realized that the five God Race families at Yellow Springs Purgatory must be in the same trouble as the Spirit Race.

If the God Race couldn’t retreat from Yellow Springs Purgatory in time, the reinforcing Abyss Devils would definitely deal them a terrible blow.

Seeing as the Spirit Race were retreating, and the Abyss Devil were deeply entrenched around the abyss passageway, Qin Lie knew that the Ling Family was probably safe and unharmed.

“No matter what Lieyan Yuan was planning, the five families must’ve entered Yellow Springs Purgatory to save us.”

His eyes grew determined after that thought.

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