Chapter 1607: Hesitation

“The Galaxy Mirror! Wasn’t the Galaxy Mirror gone already?”

Another Spirit Race old man who heard the news came over while staring holes at the direction of the abyss passageway.

They decided not to wait for a decision from Great Sage Tian Qi. They were going evacuate through the abyss passageway first before the Abyss Devils from other Abyss levels could come over to the rescue.

Once they were inside the abyss passageway, they had countless ways to return to the Spirit World at their leisure.

“What is the Galaxy Mirror?” asked Indigo in puzzlement.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time beneath her might have been the first to sense the sacred artifact, but Indigo herself hadn’t returned to the Spirit World for long. She didn’t know enough of the ancient history of the Spirit Race.

She had never heard of a sacred artifact belonging to the Demon Spirits...

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