Chapter 1606: Galaxy Mirror

A cold glint entered Qin Lie’s eyes as he stared at the Ancient Life Tree.

There was an imprint made of crimson light at the root of the Ancient Life Tree. It came from his maternal grandfather in name, Lieyan Yuan.

That imprint would’ve fused with his bloodline while he was refining the Ancient Life Tree.

He could sense a bit of the power of control from the imprint…


Maybe the Ancient Life Tree really was beneficial to him, but that imprint would also add a layer of restriction to his bloodline.

That imprint would’ve taken take root in his bloodline and enable Lieyan Yuan to take control of him when the time was right.

“I knew I couldn’t trust him completely…”

He finally realized why the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were stopping him from taking the Ancient Life Tree into himself.

He didn’t want to serve a new master out of nowhere either…


He stretched out his hand at the patch of grass, and the Ancient Life Tree vanished all of a sudden.

This time, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos didn’t stop him.

Moreover, they had gone back to the Soul Suppressing Orb after he was made aware of the truth.

He looked up, and he discovered that the Galaxy Spirit Crystals holding the profound secrets of time and space were floating in the sky. Translucent symbols were flying out of the crystals and entering his bloodline.

“The Demon Spirit of Space and Time’s bloodline imprints!”

He abruptly realized what was going on and started concentrating on them. He immediately sensed that the symbols were entering the bloodline crystals inside his body.

These mysterious symbols had a power that could clear his mind and calm his soul.

That was how he was able to shrink back from a thousand-meter tall Abyss Devil to a normal-sized human.

Not only that, he was no longer in a muddle-headed state.

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline was the weakest bloodline system in his body. Forget about the Abyss Devil bloodline and God Race bloodline, it was weaker than even the Spirits of Void and Chaos bloodline.

But after the Galaxy Spirit Crystals had come down, and the translucent symbols had entered his bloodline, he could clearly sense that it was growing in strength.


At the same time, he noticed that the purple crystal inside his Soul Altar had grown three times bigger than he last remembered.

“Have the truth fragments inside the Nether River all been gathered already?”

Surprised, he flew upwards until he was at the same height as those mountains made of Galaxy Spirit Crystals.

His expression changed drastically when he saw the Nether River.

In just a short time, the Nether River that cut across the entire Yellow Springs Purgatory had dried up completely.

At first glance, not even a drop of water was left inside the Nether River.

A giant, Abyss Devil shadow was roaring noisily on the other side of the Nether River.

Since he was too far away from the Abyss Devil shadow, all he could tell was that it had nine heads and that its body seemed to be transforming constantly.

The purple crystal in his Soul Altar suddenly grew restless the moment he saw the Abyss Devil shadow.

He immediately understood that the nine-headed Abyss Devil shadow had to be related to the purple crystal.

But before he could think any further than this, the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline inside his body suddenly underwent a transformation once it had gathered enough translucent symbols!

A sea of knowledge belonging to the Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race poured into his mind suddenly and became part of his soul whether he wanted it or not.

Countless mysterious inheritances came out of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline as sparkled and imprinted themselves onto his soul.

A new bloodline ability was created while the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline system glowed brightly inside his body.

He abruptly looked towards the giant Galaxy Spirit Crystals to his side once more.

Those floating crystals that were as big as mountains had undergone an unexpected change due to the activity in his bloodline.

They suddenly glowed like the sun as images started appearing from inside the crystals.

In just the blink of an eye, the giant Galaxy Spirit Crystals seemed to have transformed into a mirror of sorts.

Each mirror contained a life-like scenery from many different worlds.

In one giant mirror, Qin Lie could see the God Race, tall mountain peaks, grand temples, and giant starships.

“God Realm…”

He had never gone to God Realm before, but he had heard of it from Gan Xing and Liu Yang. That was why he was able to identify that scenery as part of God Realm immediately.

His face was filled with astonishment. A flash later, he stopped in front of another giant Galaxy Spirit Crystal.

The world floating in the Galaxy Spirit Crystal had incredibly rich world spirit energy. A lot of Spirit Race clansmen could be seen riding on demon pets and taking to the skies.

“Spirit World of the Spirit Race…”

Cheeks trembling, he looked at another giant Galaxy Spirit Crystal.

This Galaxy Spirit Crystal was displaying a world of infinite darkness and thick mist. Many blurry shadows could be seen moving within the mists.

“The Soul Race, Soul World!”

Again, he moved in front of a new Galaxy Spirit Crystal with a serious expression.

This one displayed an icy and desolate land that was covered in many bone-burying grounds that looked like burial mounds. A bunch of Bone Race clansmen were gathered in one place and seemingly discussing some important matters...

“The Bone Race, Bone World!”

He kept passing by the giant Galaxy Spirit Crystals as his expression grew more and more complex. He had seen the worlds of the Winged Race, the Earth Demon Race, the Dragon Lion Race, and other races inside the crystals after that.


Then, one of the sceneries being displayed by a Galaxy Spirit Crystal caused him to turn pale with shock.

It was because that particular crystal was displaying a familiar scenery. He saw the Central World of Spirit Realm and Sky Bearing City...

In that moment, a shudder abruptly course through his soul, and the memories and knowledge regarding the Galaxy Spirit Crystal suddenly became incredibly clear.

“Crack crack crack!”

Several thousands of giant Galaxy Spirit Crystals abruptly gathered and joined together like they were the building blocks of a toy, or pieces of a puzzle.

A long time later, the Galaxy Spirit Crystals had transformed into a giant multifaceted prism.

The full height of the prism stretched several kilometers tall, and it seemed tall enough to reach the next Abyss level. However, it quickly shrank in size until it was just as big as a palm.

The prism floated quietly in front of Qin Lie.

Qin Lie narrowed his eyes and stared indifferently at the prism while absorbing the knowledge and inheritance related to the prism.

“The Demon Spirit of Space and Time Race’s ultimate treasure—the Galaxy Mirror!” 

In that moment, he knew that nothing in the galaxy was inaccessible to him!

He rubbed the multifaceted prism once with his finger and stretched out his soul thought.

One of the many sceneries running inside the multifaceted prism abruptly grew bigger.

Spirit Realm immediately popped into view, and he felt like a passage was formed between him and Spirit Realm in just an instant.

At the same time, his connection to the Dark Soul Beast avatar was finally restored.

His thoughts flashed again, and an incredibly tiny piece of the Galaxy Mirror abruptly swelled up.

In that mirror piece, he could see his Blood Soul Beast avatar flying through a dark corner of space seemingly in search of something.

His connection with the Blood Soul Beast avatar was restored as well.

“With this thing in hand… no world is inaccessible to me, and only a handful of people will be able to impede me from traveling across space.”

Gripping the Galaxy Mirror in his hands, he grinned to himself and vanished from Yellow Springs Purgatory all of a sudden.

In the next moment, a dot of dark light abruptly appeared right on top of Sky Bearing City.

The dark light wriggled and swelled up until it turned into a strange, black hole.

Qin Lie walked out of the black hole with a clear look of joy on his face.

However, he didn’t stay in the airspace of Sky Bearing City for too long. He went back into the black hole a few seconds later, and the black hole itself shrank to the size of a dot before vanishing into nothingness.

“Nine Hells Purgatory…”

When he wanted to move to different destinations, he felt like he was passing through a black-colored passage before light greeted him. 

In the next moment, he discovered that he was standing next to the abyss passageway of Nine Hells Purgatory. Wherever he looked, the world was filled with fighting Abyss Devils and Spirit Race clansmen.

Fifty kilometers away, Indigo’s expression changed a little as she abruptly looked at the direction of the abyss passageway

The Demon Spirit of Space and Time she was sitting on was whistling something softly to her as well.

“What’s wrong, Young Mistress?” Sienna asked from the side.

The tamed Demon Spirit of Space and Time beneath her called the Eight-Eyed Demon Spirit clearly looked a little restless.

“My demon pet said that it had sensed their race’s sacred artifact, the Galaxy Mirror!” Indigo explained.

Shocked, Assad abruptly looked at the direction of the abyss passageway as well and said, “That must be the reason the abyss passageway had opened earlier than expected! But didn’t the Galaxy Mirror explode into bits a long time ago? How is this possible?”

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