Chapter 1606: Galaxy Mirror

A cold glint entered Qin Lie’s eyes as he stared at the Ancient Life Tree.

There was an imprint made of crimson light at the root of the Ancient Life Tree. It came from his maternal grandfather in name, Lieyan Yuan.

That imprint would’ve fused with his bloodline while he was refining the Ancient Life Tree.

He could sense a bit of the power of control from the imprint…


Maybe the Ancient Life Tree really was beneficial to him, but that imprint would also add a layer of restriction to his bloodline.

That imprint would’ve taken take root in his bloodline and enable Lieyan Yuan to take control of him when the time was right.

“I knew I couldn’t trust him completely…”

He finally realized why the six Spirits of Void and Chaos were stopping him from taking the Ancient Life Tree into himself.

He didn’t want to serve a new master out of nowhere either…


He stretched out his hand at the patch of grass, and the Ancient Life Tree vanished...

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