Chapter 1605: Out of Control

"Great Sage! The abyss passageway has been opened!"

In Nine Hells Purgatory, Assad, the Spirit Race patriarch, held the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb and shouted in terror.

Gathered around him were dozens of Spirit Race's strongest bloodline warriors.

These Spirit Race bloodline warriors all had rank ten strength. They were all gathered around the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb with terrified and anxious expressions.

The enormous corpse of many Abyss Devils were scattered casually around the icy plains.

Many Spirit Race warriors were holding weapons as they cut up the Abyss Devils’ bodies. They carefully gathered the sinews, blood, bones, and horns.

It used to be territory of a Great Lord of the Abyss.

The Spirit Race warriors led by Assad didn't have time to cheer after killing this Great Lord of the Abyss before they detected the spatial abnormality.

After that, they realized the closed abyss passageway had opened early.

Originally, they prepared to make huge benefits in Nine Hells Purgatory in this year.

According to their plan, they should easily leave Nine Hells Purgatory using the power of the Great Sage Tian Qi before the abyss passageway opened.

At that time, the abyss passageway would be closed and the Abyss Devils of the other levels could not enter.

With the full power of the Spirit Race, taking over the entire Nine Hells Purgatory shouldn't be hard.

But if they were fighting the Abyss Devils of all of the Eight Purgatories, they definitely could not win.

They knew that when the Abyss Devils of the upper hundred levels realized the Spirit Race invaded, they would swarm, and the Spirit Race army would immediately collapse.

The premature opening of the abyss passageway caused the Spirit Race to panic immediately.

They started to feel terror...

Tian Qi's face gradually appeared in Assad's Profound Heaven Spirit Orb.

"What? The abyss passageway opened?"

In the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb, Great Sage Tian Qi's expression suddenly changed as though he just learned the situation.

"I can feel that the abyss passageway has been reopened. Soon, the Abyss Devils will flood into Nine Hells Purgatory." Assad had a dark expression as he said, "Great Sage, please think of a solution. We have to leave Nine Hells Purgatory before those Abyss Devils arrive!"

"In order to send you and the God Race into the two purgatories, Lieyan Yuan and I used up too much energy. I fear we cannot do it again in the short term." The expression of Great Sage Tian Qi was unusually bad from within the Profound Heaven Spirit Orb. "Since the abyss passageway has opened, Lieyan Yuan must also be in panic. However, both he and I have to work together to open another passageway to help you leave Nine Hells Purgatory if we do not want to pass through the abyss passageway. At least, we need three months to prepare."

"Three months, three months?" A tall and thin Spirit Race elder murmured soullessly, "We may not be able to last until then."

All the Spirit Race elders were silent at this time.

They did not know what happened. Why would such an accident happen to ruin their plan?

The early opening of the abyss passageway meant that Nine Hells Purgatory and Yellow Springs Purgatory could invite Abyss Devils of other levels to fight.

They were also certain the Abyss Devils from the other six purgatories would be willing to help.

Eight Purgatories were the holy land of the Abyss Devils. The invasion on the Eight Purgatories meant a challenge to all the races of the Abyss.

With the Abyss Devils' temper and savagery, they definitely would not tolerate this and would seek revenge.

When the Abyss Devils flooded into Nine Hells Purgatory, they most likely had no hope of victory with their race's strength alone.

"Either you charge into the abyss passageway without regard for the cost before the Abyss Devils gather, and leave before they reach Nine Hells Purgatory, or you delay three months." Great Sage Tian Qi thought calmly and said, "However, three months... I fear it will not be enough. Gather all your forces and attack the abyss passageway in Nine Hells Purgatory. I will immediately depart and meet you in the abyss passageway!"

"We can only do this!" Assad shouted.

All the Spirit Race bloodline warriors had faces drained of blood after hearing Great Sage Tian Qi's decision.

But they knew that this was the correct choice.

In another place in the abyss passageway.

A strange dot of light formed and turned into blue flames. The blue flame expanded urgently and turned into a blue ball of fire hundreds of meters in diameter.

The enormous blue ball of flame gave off spatial presence. As it burned, it formed a power vortex.


Great Sage Tian Qi flashed through the vortex and immediately appeared in the abyss passageway.

He focused and found a Galaxy Spirit Crystal hundred meters in diameter attracted by a certain force to fly towards one entrance leading to a purgatory.


Great Sage Tian Qi's figure continued to flash. He passed over that enormous Galaxy Spirit Crystal, but then he saw even more Galaxy Spirit Crystals.

A bright circle of light formed around an abyss passageway entrance as the Galaxy Spirit Crystals flew out.

Around that circle of light, the Great Lords of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory roared as they gathered from all over.

Great Sage Tian Qi looked calmly at the light circle. He looked at the Abyss Devils, and the Galaxy Spirit Crystal. He felt with his secret art.

A moment later, his eyes lit up, and he shouted, "Yellow Springs Purgatory, a change in space-time, it's that Qin Lie!"


In Yellow Springs Purgatory, Qin Lie roared as he turned into a thousand meter tall Lord of the Abyss.

The Abyss Devil Race bloodline wildly erupted in his body.

"Boom boom boom!"

The surrounding earth shook, cracks and gorges appearing. Nether River’s waters dried up.

The thick abyss devil energy in this purgatory level seemed to be growing thinner by the second for some inexplicable reason.

The Galaxy Spirit Crystals floating around him shone with light. There seemed to be dots of white light gathering and flashing within each Galaxy Spirit Crystal.

The newly formed lights were the scattered dead souls secrets.

They flowed and slowly gathered together to form unique runes.

Those runes were the bloodline imprints of the Demon Spirit of Space and Time.


The fan-sized seals flew out of the Galaxy Spirit Crystals and glued onto Qin Lie's enormous body.

When his thousand meter tall body received the Demon Spirit of Space and Time seals, the bloodline presence of the Abyss Devil Race seemed to fade slightly.

His body slowly shrunk.

His dazed gaze gradually recovered clarity. His soul perception seemed to multiply.

He suddenly looked toward the Ancient Life Tree that the six Spirits of Void and Chaos had moved to the side.

Lightning criss-crossed in his eyes.

Suddenly, the unique Ancient Life Tree turned into pure mass of energy in his eyes.

The thousands of thin lines formed the Ancient Life Tree. Each line of light seemed to contain great vitality.

However, there were some crimson red lines at the roots of the Ancient Life Tree that clearly did not belong to the Ancient Life Tree.

The crimson red lines seemed to be the runes of the Blaze Family and carried a bewitchment spell.

"I understand."

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