Chapter 1604: The Heavens Fall, The Earth Rends

The number seven Great Lord of the Abyss Everardo watched the enormous Galaxy Spirit Crystals pass across the Nether River and successfully take away the scattered truths of the dead souls. He was shocked witless.

The purple lights were like fragmented stars that fell like rain into the Galaxy Spirit Crystals.

He could see that the hidden secrets temporarily imprinting themselves onto the Galaxy Spirit Crystals.

"Dead souls, dead souls..."

Everardo thought for a moment. Then his eyes lit up as though he suddenly understood.

"It is not Lawton and the others, it is that foreign Abyss Devil. Other than the Monarch, only they can merge the dead souls’ power!"

He did not know that Lawton had killed Afra and Daley with Qin Lie's help.

Looking at the abnormality of the Galaxy Spirit Crystals, he suddenly reacted. He knew that something abnormal happened on the other side of the Nether River.

His thousand meter tall body exuded domineering presence, abyss devil energy spilling from his skin.

He let out a bestial roar and charged in the direction of the Nether River.


His enormous body flew into the sky above the Nether River. The mysterious barrier protecting it immediately produced a powerful resistance.

Everardo's body seemed to crash into an invisible ball of energy. The space seemed to almost collapse.

In the Nether River, countless phantoms and evil ghosts flew out and gathered.

In the blink of an eye, countless phantoms and evil ghosts turned into a tall figure of an Abyss Devil.

"That is..."

Everardo's expression changed suddenly. Terror and disbelief appeared in his eyes as though he saw something terrifying.

The Abyss Devil shadow tens of meters tall made from evil ghosts and phantoms suddenly contracted.

In a flash, that enormous Abyss Devil shadow turned into a rice-sized black dot.

That black dot was like a fly compared to Everardo's giant dragon.

Yet when that black dot formed, Everardo retreated in terror.

He attempted to leave the Nether River.


The rice-sized black dot suddenly expanded rapidly and exploded.

In a flash, billions of purple and black lines criss-crossed in the space above Nether River.

Then, the threads reformed into an Abyss Devil again.

When the Abyss Devil shadow appeared, it contracted again, turned into a black dot, and then once again exploded, forming an Abyss Devil.

This cycle repeated nine times.

Each time, the reformed Abyss Devil’s figure changed.

Each time, the shadow was getting smaller, but a head appeared..

After nine times, the Abyss Devil shadow turned into something that was ten thousand meters, tall, coiled together, and had nine blurry heads.

Everardo should have left the Nether River long ago and flown back to the abyss passageway.

But Everardo seemed to be fixed into space by an invisible force.

That nine-headed evil shadow that seemed to be refined from billions of phantoms and evil ghosts flowed towards Everardo's head like a river.


Everardo gave a heart-wrenching scream as though he was pleading for mercy.

"Poof poof!"

His enormous body continued to shatter. His flesh seemed to have shockingly changed after the Abyss Devil shadow entered.

The pitch black Nether River, for some inexplicable reason, gradually became clear, and the water turned to a normal color.

As Everardo screamed, the mountainous Galaxy Spirit Crystals continued to fly out of the abyss passageway and pass the Nether River.

But the later Galaxy Spirit Crystals no longer took away the remnants of the truths of the dead souls as they passed.

It appeared all the scattered secrets in the Nether River had been cleaned away...

"Everardo, Everardo is screaming!"

A rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss suddenly shouted from the abyss passageway.

The thousand meter tall Abyss Devil shadows that floated in the air also felt the abnormality.

"The God Race is about to come!" the Yellow Springs Monarch said coldly. He seemed to have used his soul to transmit this order far and wide.

At his call, countless large and small Abyss Devils appeared from all around and gathered towards the abyss passageway.

Some of those Abyss Devils flew, others moved on land, some were noble and elegant, while others were snarling and vicious.

Millions of Abyss Devils, their bloodlines spanning rank five to rank ten. There were more than a hundred Lords of the Abyss.

There were more than ten thousand rank eight Abyss Devils and countless rank seven and six Abyss Devils.

The Abyss Devils gathered around the abyss passageway under the orders of the Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory and were the frontlines tasked with stopping the God Race from leaving.

Somewhere in the abyss passageway, there was endless darkness that was consuming the world.

Wherever it passed, the gray sky seemed to gradually turn pitch black.

There seemed to be an invisible mouth that consumed the light.

Thick energy spilled from the all-consuming darkness, causing its wild presence to surge and erupt.

"The Darkness Family!"

"Enemy attack!"

"They are coming!"

The Abyss Devils in that area roared angrily but were quickly consumed by the darkness.

When their figures were drowned in darkness, their souls and vitality were immediately cut off.

Their screams halted abruptly.

"Two of you, go," the Yellow Springs Monarch commanded.

Two floating Abyss Devil shadows immediately grew clear and charged towards the endless darkness.

"Sst sst!"

Thousands of purple lights sliced toward the endless darkness like blades.

The darkness was torn like black cloth under the innumerable Abyss Devil blades.

An Hao of the Darkness Family was the first to appear out of the endless darkness.

"Over there!"

"And there!"

"There's some here!"

The Abyss Devils screamed and looked in all directions.

The Light, Bloodthirst, Blaze, and Profound Ice Families also came like a tide.

The fierce battle between the God Race and the Eight Purgatories’ Abyss Devils occurred ahead of the planned time due to the sudden opening of the abyss passageway.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

On the other side, thousands of enormous Galaxy Spirit Crystals floated above Qin Lie's head like glaciers.

Seeming to detect a special presence, Qin Lie's one-level Soul Altar flew out of his eyes.

That purple crystal that had merged into the Soul Altar gave off bright light.

Inside the Galaxy Spirit Crystal, thousands of purple lights flashed and fell down like rain dots.

The truths behind the power of dead souls scattered in the Nether River turned into stars that quickly merged into the purple crystal.

"Crack crack! Snap snap!"

The sky above Yellow Springs Purgatory suddenly gave off strange sounds. The space seemed as though it would crack due to a great burden.

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