Chapter 1603: Premature Unsealing!

"Boom boom boom!"

The different bloodlines in Qin Lie's body exploded like volcanoes, the different bloodline powers colliding with each other.

His eyes turned blood red, then white, then deep purple.

His body also gave off popping sounds.

In one moment, his skeleton cracked and popped. After a moment, he was multiple meters tall.

Purple hair, purple eyes, thick Abyss Devil presence. The Abyss Devil Race bloodline had the upper hand.

A moment later, he shrunk again. Liquid-like flames poured out of his pores. At this time, the God Race bloodline was on the offense.

A while later, his body turned transparent like he was a soul without flesh.

This time, the Spirits of Void and Chaos turned him intangible.

Another moment later, he seemed to disappear. The space where he was rippled and those ripples seemed to be connected to different realms.

This was the Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline.

His skin, eyes, hair, physical presence, and soul vibrations all changed along with his bloodline as though they were never set.

"Pop pop!"

His bones constantly burst as his bloodline systems changed.

The pain spread across his body and drowned his soul.

He forgot that the Ancient Life Tree that Li Xin had brought him was the crux to calm his bloodline abnormality.

Beside him, the six Spirits of Void and Chaos guarded the wet earth where the Ancient Life Tree was planted and looked nervously at him.

The six Spirits of Void and Chaos knew that his bloodline was malfunctioning. They heard him say that the Ancient Life Tree could help him but still guarded the Ancient Life Tree.

It seemed they knew that if the Ancient Life Tree was merged into his bloodline, the situation... would grow worse.

In a daze, Qin Lie endured unimaginable pain, his consciousness indistinct as he was forced to experience everything.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Once again, Qin Lie's Demon Spirit of Space and Time bloodline took a bit of the initiative.

A kind of twisting power in the place where Qin Lie was located suddenly flared up.

An unknown spatial power exploded out of Qin Lie's body!

At the sealed abyss passageway in the Eight Purgatories.

Thick ice-like crystals filled the entire abyss passageway.

After the boundary above the Nether River recovered, the abyss passageway filled with strange cold crystals suddenly showed abnormalities.

The enormous ice crystals had cracks appear, causing the blocked abyss passageway to reverberate with an earth-shaking, heaven-rending explosion.


The ice crystals containing pure spatial power shot out of the abyss passageway after the explosion.

The enormous glaciers of crystals seemed to be attracted by a certain power and flew in one direction after leaving the abyss passageway.

"The abyss passageway is open!"

"How is it possible? It, it is not time yet!"

"Lieyan Yuan and Tian Qi working together managed to open just one sealed passageway and help us enter Yellow Springs Purgatory. How could that passageway suddenly explode?"

"Who knows!"

In a God Race base, Han Che, An Hao, Lieyan Ge, Kuang Jue, and the other rank ten bloodline warriors frowned.

They sensed the abnormality of the abyss passageway the moment it appeared.

"It, it should be all unclogged now!"

An Hao flew into the sky. His expression was bad when he looked in the direction of the abyss passageway.

Han Che and the others flew into the sky to look towards the abyss passageway.

They saw the enormous glacier-like crystals fly out of the abyss passageway and then fly in one direction.

"What, what is going on with those things?" Han Che was shocked.

The God Race experts saw the crystals flying out of the abyss passageway with dark expressions.

"Ignore them. The reopening of the abyss passageway means the Eight Purgatories are reconnected again. Even the Abyss Devils of the upper hundred levels can come down," An Hao said urgently.

"Oh no!"

The God Race experts immediately understood the gravity of the situation. They were about to face the wild attacks of the Abyss Devils.

"We cannot continue to stay in Yellow Springs Purgatory. We have to leave as soon as possible!" Kuang Jue shouted.

They immediately adjusted their strategy.

Beside the abyss passageway.

Enormous Abyss Devils flew into the air, each of them thousands of meters tall.

They surrounded the abyss passageway, their deep purple eyes staring at the abyss passageway.

They were the Great Lords of Yellow Springs Purgatory.

"The sealed abyss passageway has been opened again!"

"Those damned God Race clansmen are going to die!"

"The early reopening of the abyss passageway means the God Race invaders will endure the wild retribution of the races of the Abyss!"

The enormous shadows laughed as they floated around the abyss passageway.

"The Galaxy Spirit Crystals are flying away!" a Great Lord of the Abyss said curiously.

"The Galaxy Spirit Crystals should merge and turn back into a part of the abyss passageway. But they flew out of the abyss passageway after exploding!"

"They seemed to be attracted by a certain power!"

The Abyss Devils of Yellow Springs Purgatory discussed curiously.

"Everardo, follow those Galaxy Spirit Crystals, and see where they are flying to." A blurry shadow shrouded in dead souls presence ordered coldly, "We will stand guard here and not allow those God Race clansmen enter the abyss passageway. The Sacrificial Ghost Monarch and I have communicated. He will lead the Abyss Devils of Sacrificial Ghost Purgatory here. I just learned that Nine Hells Purgatory has been invaded by the Spirit Race clansmen. The Abyss Devils on all levels have been disturbed. The God Race and Spirit Race will not be able to leave the Eight Purgatories!"

"I will chase the Galaxy Spirit Crystals!"

Everardo, ranking seventh, turned into roiling clouds. He was the first to leave.

Enormous Galaxy Spirit Crystals flew out of the abyss passageway and headed towards the Nether River.

An enormous cloud that covered a hundred miles moved along the Galaxy Spirit Crystals and followed them.


When the cloud neared the Nether River, it exclaimed and slowly turned back into its true form by gathering bloodline power.

A snarling Abyss Devil thousands of meters tall floated beside the Nether River. He watched as the Galaxy Spirit Crystals flew to the other end of the Nether River.

When the Galaxy Spirit Crystals were above the Nether River, the phantoms and evil souls in the water all let out ear-piercing screams.

Even Everardo felt a pain in his soul upon hearing the wild screams.

He observed and found purple lights flying out of the Nether River when the Galaxy Spirit Crystal was near.

Those dots of purple light looked like many miniaturized stars upon closer inspection.

The starry light imprinted itself on the Galaxy Spirit Crystals as they were flying above

"Those are the truths of the dead souls scattered in the Nether River!" Everardo said in terror.

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