Chapter 1602: Bloodline Rebellion

Long after Li Xin and Metcina left.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

Three figures suddenly appeared in the air above the ruins of Lawton's palace.

"A Great Lord of the Abyss has come here."

Han Che, the patriarch of the Profound Ice Family, sensed Metcina's Abyss Devil presence at a sniff.

"Yes, the other person should be... a subordinate of Lieyan Yuan, a foreigner called Li Xin," Lieyan Zhao said

"Qin Lie's presence is across the shore." An Hao of the Darkness Family frowned.

Han Che, Lieyan Zhao, and An Hao had hurried over to search for Qin Lie.

The God Race, after several discussions, decided to bring Qin Lie back.

First, they needed to understand Qin Lie's bloodline abnormality. Secondly, this was to protect Qin Lie from being killed by the Abyss Devils.

Han Che already learned that Qin Lie had caused a great disturbance when he completely transformed into a Lord of the Abyss.

Qin Lie had...

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