Chapter 1601: Trade

Li Xin and his eight-level Soul Altar that looked like a pagoda were pulled into the vines.

Qin Lie’s lower body was trapped by the vines as well.

The vines were covered in tiny little thorns that sank into his flesh as they were wrapping around him.

He immediately felt like teeth were chewing into his flesh.

Moreover, a strange numbness was spreading from his legs and towards his innards.

“It’s poisonous…”

Qin Lie turned pale, but he immediately summoned the Blaze Family bloodline inside him.

Crimson flames immediately covered up his legs like living armor.

The imperishable flames spread towards the vines and ignited them all at once.

“The Blaze Family bloodline!”

Metcina let out a growl from inside the vines. It seemed like she was burned by the imperishable flames.

“Young Master! Leave this place to me, and remember not to contact the God Race for now!”

Li Xin yelled calmly as he conjured all kinds of complicated spirit arts from inside the mass of vines.

Although he and his eight-level Soul Altar were trapped deep inside the vines, he didn’t look afraid in the slightest.

“The God Race is still arguing over your devilization. It’ll take some time for master to persuade them to accept you,” added Li Xin.

Qin Lie shot Li Xin a deep look after he had successfully escaped the vines that were binding him earlier. Then, he flew toward the other side of the Nether River.

Lawton was also hiding on the other side of the Nether River. He also told him that there were only a handful of Abyss Devils who were completely unaffected by it.

These people were him, Dayley, Afra, the Yellow Springs Monarch, and Qin ie.

Not even a rank ten Great Lord could pass through the Nether River unscathed.

As powerful as Metcina was, even she could only manipulate the Nether River and the barrier around it from a distance.

Her true body had never moved out of the vines. She had never tried to fight above the Nether River either.

Apparently, not even the number six Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory was willing to challenge the barrier of the Nether River unless she had no other choice.

Realizing this, Qin Lie flew toward the other shore immediately after he escaped the vines.

He knew that he probably wouldn’t be able to help Li Xin to fight against Metcina in any meaningful way, not to mention that he was sure that Blood Emperor could handle the enemy himself.

After his bloodline had ascended to rank nine, the bloodline systems inside his body had threatened to erupt in conflict at any moment.

Now that Li Xin had brought him the Ancient Life Tree, he needed to fuse it into his body and fix the flaws that existed in the Perfect Blood.

Moreover, he still needed to gather the truth fragments of dead souls scattered inside the Nether River using the purple crystal.

Qin Lie was sure that his strength would climb to a whole new level once he had fixed the flaws in his bloodline and gathered all of the dead soul inheritance inside the Nether River.

When he had completed both goals, he would finally have a chance to stand toe to toe with Metcina.

Even if the God Race’s plans for him had changed after they learned that he could transform into an Abyss Devil, he still could escape Yellow Springs Purgatory with his strength.

Long story short, he needed to increase his power as soon as possible!


Qin Lie ignored Li Xin and Metcina’s howls as he crossed the Nether River and flew towards a secluded, desolate land.

Inside the vines.

The vines wrapping around Li Xin suddenly pulled back.

Li Xin looked calm and indifferent atop his eight-level Soul Altar.

“Swhoosh swhoosh!”

The three hundred meter tall vines suddenly gathered together into a giant ball of vines.

A while later, it contracted into a delicate devil figure.

It was Metcina in her high rank Abyss Devil form.

Seeing his enemy turn back into humanoid form, Li Xin withdrew his eight-level Soul Altar and frowned at the gray sky above him. “Has he withdrawn his soul consciousness?”

“Mn. He’s wounded, so there’s no way he could pay attention to this place for long.” Metcina smiled charmingly at him before holding out her hand, asking, “The seed.”

Li Xin threw a green, star-like seed towards Metcina.

Metcina wrapped her tongue around the seed and swallowed it into the stomach. Then, she said in satisfaction, “This is the Ancient Life Tree’s seed alright.”

“You should leave. He may project his soul to this area again,” said Li Xin.

“I’m not afraid, so what are you afraid of?” Metcina snorted uncaringly before continuing, “Do you seriously think I would disobey his orders for a single Ancient Life Tree seed, if he hadn’t actually suffered a terrible injury? By the way, I’m curious. Why had your master urged the God Race to invade the Yellow Springs Purgatory? They should understand that there was no way they could hold this place for long even if they did succeed in their attempt.”

“Once the God Race departs, this purgatory will return to its original form in just a million years.”

“There is no life or race that can change the purgatory… unless a new master of the Abyss is born in this world,” said Metcina.

“I cannot guess what my master is thinking,” replied Li Xin indifferently.

“Is your master vying for the Yellow Springs Monarch’s dead souls power? Or is he vying for those things scattered inside the Nether River?” Metcina fell into deep thought for a moment before she looked at where Qin Lie had disappeared to. “Is he doing all this for him?”

“I told you I don’t know what my master is thinking. I am simply acting according to his orders,” replied Li Xin again.

Suddenly, Metcina’s expression turned into shock as if she just recalled something. “Is he trying to raise him into a new Abyss Master?!”

“I don’t know,” replied Li Xin.

“Impossible. It should be impossible. He had the God Race’s bloodline and other bloodlines in him, his Abyss Devil Race bloodline isn’t pure enough. There’s no way he could become the Abyss Master,” Metcina muttered to herself. “Wait, that’s not right. How did that Origin World even transform into the Flaming Sun Abyss if his bloodline isn’t pure enough in the first place? The fact that object with the truths of dead souls was able to fuse with his soul also proves that his bloodline is incredibly pure. But he clearly had multiple bloodline systems…”

Metcina felt like her headache and confusion was only growing bigger and bigger. She felt like she had captured something critical, but it didn’t make sense upon deeper scrutinization.

“I’m leaving first if you’re staying,” yelled Li Xin.

Metcina finally broke out of her train of thought and stared at Li Xin for a little while. She said, “Evarardo will take over since I ‘failed’ to kill him. He had already recovered from his battle against An Hao, and unlike me he is absolutely loyal to the monarch. To fulfill the monarch’s wishes, he will not hesitate to make some sacrifices.”

“Thank you for your information. My master will arrange things accordingly,” said Li Xin.

“This intel isn’t free. Remember, this is a favor both of you owe me,” Metcina said.

“Understood,” replied Li Xin.

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