Chapter 1601: Trade

Li Xin and his eight-level Soul Altar that looked like a pagoda were pulled into the vines.

Qin Lie’s lower body was trapped by the vines as well.

The vines were covered in tiny little thorns that sank into his flesh as they were wrapping around him.

He immediately felt like teeth were chewing into his flesh.

Moreover, a strange numbness was spreading from his legs and towards his innards.

“It’s poisonous…”

Qin Lie turned pale, but he immediately summoned the Blaze Family bloodline inside him.

Crimson flames immediately covered up his legs like living armor.

The imperishable flames spread towards the vines and ignited them all at once.

“The Blaze Family bloodline!”

Metcina let out a growl from inside the vines....

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