Chapter 1600: Way Blocker

“Bang bang!”

The giant pillars of water compressing Qin Lie abruptly exploded and returned back to the Nether River.

The terrifying pressure Metcina was exuding on Qin Lie instantly vanished the moment Blood Emperor Li Xin showed up.


Qin Lie roared and unleashed the full power of his Abyss Devil Race bloodline. He quickly turned big again.


His body instantly grew from three meters to a thousand meters and more in just a short time.

A rich torrent of flesh and blood energy poured out of Qin Lie’s body. It swept away the domain Metcina had created with her bloodline ability by force.


At the same time, the self-proclaimed Blood Emperor landed on his eight-level Soul Altar and stared coldly at the rubble where Metcina used to stand on.

He seemed to know that there was no way he could’ve killed a rank ten Great Lord of the Abyss in a single move.

“Where do you come from, outsider?”

Metcina’s soft and charming voice came from the rubble. She was swelling up like a balloon just like Qin Lie.

Countless devil vines surrounded her giant body like dark purple vipers as she grew bigger.

Veins could be seen popping out of Metcina’s head and writhing like they would burst open at any moment.

Beside the Nether River, the cold and desolate ground suddenly grew soft and loose.

Then, a myriad of vines started to crawl out despite the inferior environment.

These vines grew at a mad pace right before Qin Lie and Li Xin as if some sort of power was fueling its growth.

A short while later, the destroyed castle was completely crawling with vines.

It had taken at most dozens of seconds for the vines to crawl out of the earth and transform into a sinister-looking, hundred-meter tall plant of the Abyss.

A bizarre lifeforce became formed inside the vine area. They seemed capable of absorbing any life energy within their range.

“Inescapable Blood Net!”

The Blood Emperor made ripping motions with his arms and weaved a bloody net on top of his eight-level Soul Altar.

As he was conjuring the spirit art and unleashing his blood spirit energy, his hands slowly wilted until they looked like claws.

It was almost as if all flesh and every drop of blood had been drained away from his hands, and the only thing left were skin and bones.

A sickening blood stench slowly spread out and transformed into a bloody net in the sky.

The gigantic net that seemed to be made of literal blood brimmed with a terrifying power that could destroy one’s mind.


Suddenly, the giant net fell right on top of the hundred-meter tall vines.

Every point of contact between the blood net and the vines immediately sparkled brightly in red or deep purple.

Li Xin kept conjuring spirit arts such as the Blood Demon Art, Blood Arts: Soul Shackle, and Blood Arts: Explode and throwing them at the vines in the form of blood imprints.

The rank ten Metcina suddenly vanished into a mass of vines mid-transformation.

Qin Lie actually failed to detect her soul presence after that.

Despite Li Xin’s blood net and countless Blood Fiend Sect spirit arts he was throwing at the vines, the plant continued to grow persistently under the barrage.

A while later, the vines had grown another fifty meters longer.

Although the tyrannical energy of the Blood Spirit Art had destroyed much of the vines, they quickly regrew themselves and regained their original appearances in no time.

Qin Lie floated above the Nether River, probed his surroundings using the Soul Race’s unique secret art and immediately turned pale with shock.

He discovered that the plant life within a range of five hundred kilometers were wilting at a rapid pace.

He could even see lush forests and Abyssal plants dying at an obvious rate four hundred kilometers away from them.

He immediately figured out that Metcina’s influence had spread beyond five hundred kilometers even though her body was concealed behind the vines.

“Your true objective is the thing I’ve brought with me, not Qin Lie! Am I right?”

Blood Emperor Li Xin stared coldly at the tidal wave of vines, his expression turning serious.

Metcina’s figure was nowhere to be seen, but her voice came out of the vines as she said, “The Yellow Springs Monarch did ask me to kill that boy who had learned the power of dead souls. However, I am the number six Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory. If this was another time, then I would have had obey my monarch’s order. But the God Race is invading, and his strength had diminished greatly after he was wounded in battle. I am no longer afraid of him.”

“But you, I noticed you immediately after you had appeared in this purgatory.”

“You’re carrying a treasure with you!”

“I can tell you that I’m incredibly attracted to that thing. I promise to leave immediately if you give it to me,” bargained Metcina.

She was speaking, but her battle with Li Xin hadn’t paused for a second.

The Abyss Devil vines were still being bombarded by Li Xin’s power.

Countless vines were blasted into pieces by his attack.

But overall, even more devil vines were growing until they reached over two hundred meters tall.

A strange bloodline ability seemed to be growing from inside the vines. It seemed capable of devouring any lifeforce.

“You want this?”

The Blood Emperor stared at the vines with crimson eyes as a small patch of grass appeared in his palm.

At the center of the grass patch was a bright green tree. The smell of grass and wood immediately grew several times thicker with the tree’s appearance.

“The Ancient Life Tree!”

Qin Lie couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise when he saw the small tree.

He suddenly realized that the Blood Emperor didn’t just happen to be passing by the area. He had purposely come to deliver him the Ancient Life Tree.

He was very curious to know how exactly the Blood Emperor had carried the Ancient Life Tree from the Frost Desolation Abyss to Yellow Springs Purgatory.

“That’s it!”

Metcina suddenly grew excited. The vines she was hiding in suddenly started swinging madly like a Abyss Devil had awakened in them.

“Qin Lie! Keep it safe with you!”

Li Xin let out a snort and throw the small patch of grass toward Qin Lie all of a sudden.

At the same time, Li Xin and his eight-level Soul Altar dove straight into the mass of devil vines.

“That thing belongs to me!”

Metcina screamed as millions of Abyss Devil vines flew out and wrapped around Li Xin’s eight-level Soul Altar like unbreakable ropes.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Even more vines still flew out and wrapped around Qin Lie’s body.

“Give me that thing, and I can let you live!” said Metcina harshly.

Qin Lie paid no heed to her threats. He grabbed the patch of grass with his gigantic hand and threw it into his spatial ring just like he did with Lawton’s eye earlier.

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