Chapter 1599: The Number Six Great Devil!

Inside the Nether River, Qin Lie was absorbing the fragments of power of the dead souls using the purple crystal.

His goal was to gather all of the fragmented secrets inside the river quickly and empower his purple crystal.

More than half of his body was submerged inside the Nether River. His head was the only thing that was above the surface.

“Boom! Boom boom boom!”

Terrible shockwaves of power came from very far away from him. The shockwaves were so powerful that even he could sense them clearly.

He knew that somewhere in Yellow Springs Purgatory, the bloodline warriors of the God Race were fighting against the Abyss Devils of the purgatory.

Judging from the intensity of the shockwaves, the clashing parties were probably both at peak rank ten bloodline.

When rank ten God Race warriors and rank ten Great Lords of the Abyss clashed against each other, their battle was noticeable by all powerful lifeforms in an Abyss level, no matter where they were.

He also noticed that the conflict between the God Race and the Abyss Devils was actually getting fiercer and fiercer.


Suddenly, Qin Lie was struck by a great sense of danger.

Even his submerged body was shivering a little in anxiety.

He instantly stopped whatever he was doing and concentrated on his surroundings. Soon, he had found his target.


He flew out of the Nether River and floated slowly towards the river bank.

A figure was standing above Lawton’s castle by the river side.

He knew that Lawton had gone to the other side of the Nether River, and that he wouldn’t be returning in a short while.

Still floating above the Nether River, he stared at the unfamiliar figure with a deep frown on his face.

“It can’t be the Yellow Springs Monarch, can he?” he thought to himself.

“I am not him,” said the figure on the castle in a soft and melodious voice.

The woman’s blurry figure slowly became clear.

It was as if she had walked out of an unknown space the moment she started talking.

She was a graceful and beautiful woman. She looked like she was in her twenties when Qin Lie first saw her, but when he looked at her again she seemed to have aged into her thirties in an instant.

In fact, the longer he stared into her eyes, the more she seemed to age right in front of him.

It was an incredibly strange and profound feeling.

It was as if she would keep aging if Qin Lie kept staring at her.


Qin Lie sucked in a deep breath and moved his gaze away from her. In that moment, his face actually turned pale in an instant.

Qin Lie abruptly noticed that he was losing lifeforce at a rapid pace.

Every time he stared at the woman, it was as if his life essence and lifespan were sucked right out of his body and into her.

“What a terrifying bloodline ability!” he exclaimed in shock.

It was only now he noticed that that beautiful woman had purple hair and purple eyes. She was a high rank Abyss Devil.

He closed his eyes and tried to examine the woman’s bloodline rank with his soul perception.

However, he discovered that he couldn’t detect the beautiful woman with his soul senses at all. She didn’t leak even a trace of bloodline energy.

“It’s no use,” said the beautiful woman before chuckling. “The Yellow Springs Monarch is the one who requested me to kill you.”

Qin Lie abruptly sank back into the Nether River until everything beneath his neck was underwater. He asked in a wary tone, “Who are you?”

“My name is Metcina. I am ranked sixth in Yellow Springs Purgatory,” the beautiful woman said gently.

“Ranked sixth! You’re the number six Great Lord of this purgatory?!” exclaimed Qin Lie.

The woman who called herself Metcina nodded lightly before saying, “That fellow has suffered a bit of injury while fighting against Kuang Jue, patriarch of the Bloodthirst Family. He needs more dead soul power to deal with the God Race’s invasion, and you… have exactly what he needs.”

She made a grabbing motion at him from the distance, and in that moment Qin Lie shuddered at the violent surge of bloodline energy pouring out of her!

Metcina hadn’t transformed into a giant Abyss Devil yet, but her aura was undoubtedly that of a Great Lord of the Abyss!

“Boom boom boom!”

Huge tidal waves and giant water pillars instantly appeared where Qin Lie’s body was submerged.

The gigantic water pillars that looked like they were supporting the heavens themselves abruptly pressed towards Qin Lie after they were created.

A terrifying force of restriction surrounded Qin Lie and kept him nailed in place no matter how he struggled.

“Crack! Crack!”

Although the water pillars were still dozens of meters away from him, his fragile bones were already breaking under pressure.

The invisible pressure Metcina was applying on him alone was almost enough to crush his bones and implode his innards!

Qin Lie urged out his bloodline power madly!

“Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!”

Purple lightning leaped all over his body, and he growled in an attempt to undergo devilization.

At the same time, his God Race bloodline had also surged to life.


The Blaze Family’s Flesh Filling Tombstone suddenly flew out and became joined with his flesh and blood.

His suppressed bloodline power was finally able to unleash their might. Although his bones were breaking all over the place, he was also growing bigger at a rapid pace!

He was trying to take on the full form of a Lord of the Abyss.

“How strange. To think that the Abyss Devil Race bloodline and the God Race bloodline would both exist in single person…”

Metcina was a little astonished and very curious about the oddities of Qin Lie’s bloodline, but she didn’t pause her attacks for even a second.

Deep purple-colored blood flew out of Metcina’s palm and spun in midair like purple gems.

When the blood droplets started flying towards Qin Lie’s, they glowed brightly and released countless amount of ancient and mysterious imprints of the Abyss Devil Race.

These Abyss Devil imprints kept flying around Qin Lie’s expanding body like brilliant meteors.

When a mysterious bloodline power had taken form, it immediately covered up the battlefield and spread even further towards the surroundings.

“Uuuu! Woo woo woo!”

The Nether River’s phantoms and wraiths trapped within that bloodline power instantly dissolved into nothingness.

Even the Nether River trapped inside that bloodline power seemed to be evaporating and drying up at a visible rate.

Eventually, Qin Lie’s body was completely exposed into view.

At the same time, the pitch black water pillars rushed toward Qin Lie from every direction and threatened to crush him with sheer power.


Qin Lie’s growing body kept exploding as flesh and blood flew all over the place.

It looked like he was incapable of resisting Metcina’s bloodline power at all despite reaching rank nine not long ago.

“Young master!”

It was at this moment a bloody ray of light descended right between Qin Lie and Metcina before transforming into Blood Emperor Li Xin.

A rank eight Soul Altar made of blood jades abruptly flew out of Li Xin’s glabella.

His eight-level Soul Altar instantly fired billions of bloody beams at Metcina.


The castle the Great Lord of Yellow Springs Purgatory was standing on crumbled into bits in just a second.

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